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Workshop 10 ” “The Internet and Allergy”. Workshop: “The Internet and Allergy”  Welcoming Remarks  WAO Resources on the Internet. Juan Carlos Ivancevich.

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1 Workshop 10 ” “The Internet and Allergy”

2 Workshop: “The Internet and Allergy”  Welcoming Remarks  WAO Resources on the Internet. Juan Carlos Ivancevich (Argentina)  The Internet as a Source of Learning for the Allergist. Ves Dimov (US)  Can Internet Surveys Help Us Understand Allergic Disorders?. Martin Penagos (Mex ico)

3 Juan C. Ivancevich Immunology. Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires Web editor in chief. World Allergy Organization ” “WAO Resources on the Internet”

4 Current problems with information supply Our current information policy resembles the worst aspects of our old agricultural policy, which left grain rotting in thousands of storage files while people were starving. We have warehouses of unused information rotting while critical questions are left unanswered and critical problems are left unresolved. Al Gore

5 Current problems in access to information A picture that captures in one image how doctors feel about information

6 Utility of information Utility=relevance x validity x interactivity work to access

7 /


9 What is the HONcode certification?  Principle 1 Authority Give qualifications of authors  Principle 2 Complementarity Information to support, not replace  Principle 3Confidentiality Respect the privacy of site users  Principle 4 Attribution Cite the sources and dates of medical information  Principle 5 Justifiability Justification of claims / balanced and objective claims  Principle 6 Transparency Accessibility, provide valid contact details  Principle 7 Financial disclosure Provide details of funding  Principle 8 Advertising Clearly distinguish advertising from editorial content The HONcode: Principles

10 WAO’s Mission WAO Web Site Mission Statement The World Allergy Organization (WAO) Web Site supports the WAO mission: ‘WAO is a global resource and advocate in the field of allergy, asthma and clinical immunology, advancing excellence in clinical care, education, research and training through a world-wide alliance of allergy and clinical immunology societies.’

11 WAO website  The WAO website aims to be an up-to- date compendium of information about allergy, asthma and immunology for all physicians, including specialists, other health care professionals and patients.  It also provides a network for global contacts in the field.

12 Information found on the WAO website  A monthly WAO News and Notes E-Letter, translated into seven languages, providing up-to-date reviews of the scientific literature in the specialty from approximately 15 major journals, as well as meeting announcements, postings of educational resources, and reviews of new books.  Up-to-date reviews of allergy, asthma and immunologic diseases, slide presentations for lectures on these subjects, interactive case studies, conversation interviews with world experts, and web-based seminars in basic immunology and allergic diseases.  Links to major web-based allergy, asthma, and immunology resources.  Information about WAO, WAO Member Societies, and the biennial WAO World Allergy Congresses.

13 WAO website - Sections

14 WAO website - Sections

15 WAO website - Sections

16 WAO website - Sections

17 WAO website - Sections















32 WAO web site statitstics WAO Website Activity 2008-2011 (Top 50 Pages) Website Sections2008200920102011 (thru 10-31-11) HitsVisitsHitsVisitsHitsVisitsHitsVisits Home Page163.674133.622183.275149.697197.837154.478197.912125.949 WAO Meetings27.70623.63427.82824.12382.80064.42486.96670.463 Ask the Expert15.42812.6365.4084.441 2.94900 Gloria29.91018.39219.30311.60517.71611.4449.7655.681 Interactive Case Reports72.95326.47367.02630.69249.35813.04910.1781.965 ADRC26.46923.11655.98525.88250.38943.08285.58477.518 e-News6.1463.9624.6933.99411.1633.9864.0242.763 Education9.2218.01514.60611.30820.48612.73787.87420.593 Research7.2016.347000000 World Allergy Forum17.8276.90444.83723.6906.0055.6066.0895.718 Book Reviews6.0595.3065.5314.9064.7424.37400 Total218.920134.785245.217140.641247.100161.651290.480184.701

33 WAO Website Receives MarCom 2011 Gold Award The Gold Award is presented to entrants exceeding the high standards of the industry norm. WAO is proud to be part of the 18% that received the MarCom Gold Award in 2011. In addition, WAO also received an Honorable Mention for the Cancún Insider, the newsletter of the XXII World Allergy Congress (WAC 2011).

34 From web1.0 to web 3.0  “The development of the graphical web from its early days in 1995 to the social web of late 2011 is comparable to the developing brain.”  "Whereas web 1.0 and 2.0 were embryonic, formative technologies, web 3.0 promises to be a more mature web where better ‘pathways’ for information retrieval will be created, and a greater capacity for cognitive processing of information will be built.”

35 Web 1.0  Web 2.0 Web 1.0  Web 2.0 Portal, like Yahoo  Search, like Google Publishing (websites)  Participation (blogs, comments) Stickiness, stay on the website  Syndication, RSS, Podcast, website follows you Britannica Online  Wikipedia Directories, Favorites  Tags - MS WordG Docs & Spreadsheets Ads, like DoubleClick  Google AdSense

36 Current state of the web  Web 2.0 is primarily about the benefits of easy to use and free internet software  Blogs and wikis facilitate participation and conversations across a vast geographical expanse  Information pushing devices, like RSS feeds, permit continuous instant alerting to the latest ideas in medicine  Multimedia tools like podcasts and videocasts are increasingly popular in medical schools and medical journals





41 Finding the best evidence  In medicine, finding the best evidence has become increasingly difficult, even for librarians  Despite its constant accessibility, Google’s search results are emblematic of an approaching crisis with information overload, and this is duplicated by Yahoo and other search engines  Consequently, medical librarians are leading doctors back to trusted sources, such as PubMed, Clinical Evidence, and the Cochrane Library, and even taking them to their library bookshelves instead.  Unless better channels of information are created in web 3.0, we can expect the information glut to continue.

42 Comparison of the features of web 2.0 and 3.0

43 Thank you ! ” “The Internet and Allergy”

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