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WELCOME! Accredited Business Orientation & Networking Breakfast February 7, 2013 Thank you to BrightStar Minneapolis South West Metro for sponsoring this.

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1 WELCOME! Accredited Business Orientation & Networking Breakfast February 7, 2013 Thank you to BrightStar Minneapolis South West Metro for sponsoring this event

2 Better Business Bureau’s Mission: To be the leader in advancing marketplace TRUST! Create a community of trustworthy businesses Set standards for marketplace trust Encourage and support best practices Celebrate marketplace role models Denounce substandard marketplace behavior

3 BBB Goals for 2013 Put consumers “in the know” Serve businesses better Increase market share Improve operational efficiency Secure our financial future

4 History of the BBB BBB was founded in 1912 in Minneapolis to address problems with deceptive and misleading advertising Advertising Review is the foundation of the BBB and remains one of our most important functions Our BBB was recognized in both 2011 and 2012 as the top ad review program in the country! Our programs and services have expanded significantly for both businesses and consumers over the years

5 The BBB System We are affiliated with the Council of Better Business Bureaus, in Arlington VA There are 114 BBB’s today in the US and Canada We follow national standards for business accreditation, and for our operations In 2012, our BBB won the Marshall A Mott award We also serve on the National Board of Governors to help set policy; our Board chair sits on the National Council Board Your BBB is a national leader in many areas

6 Business Review Accredited Business Website Accredited Business Services

7 Your Business Review Can provide more information about your company New, customizable features: –Photos & Videos –Hours, Maps, Directions –Refund Policy –Special Coupons –Request a Quote Consumers view on avg. 8,000-10,000 reviews/day on our local website!



10 Accredited Business Web Site Designed specifically for your business Username / Password to Access “One-stop shop” Manage your account

11 Log on with your username and password


13 Claim Your Business Review 1. 2. 3.

14 Edit Your Business Review

15 BBB Online Dynamic Seal Highlight your accreditation on your website Available as part of your annual dues Logo is a two way live link to your Business Review Will help to enhance your overall SEO Can track and measure your click through stats Connects (an authority site) to your company’s website



18 Questions about your BBB Accreditation? Accredited Business Hotline: 651-699-0011 888-646-6222 E-mail:

19 BBB Communications, Marketing and Co-Branding

20 BBB Communications Marshall A. Mott Award winner – 2012, 2010, 2008 Our BBB receives media inquiries from reporters DAILY Regularly in top 10 media hits for BBBs in the country Our BBB received about 6,000 media hits last year and distributes information to almost 1,000 media venues throughout MN/ND By being part of the BBB, you are raising your own company’s visibility through our organization

21 BBB Communications Active on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) Like us on Facebook / follow us on Twitter (@thefirstBBB) Read our Blog []

22 Consumer Research Consumers are using multiple online research sites 40% of consumers said the BBB was the first online site they thought of for business reviews and ratings is seen as a more authoritative business review source Consumers say they “have seen BBB logo in ad, online, or at a store” as one of top BBB logo recognitions Only 37% of ABs display the BBB accreditation on their printed materials & ads, 47% on their websites (2010)

23 and SEO is an “authority site” – search engines see it as reliable and trustworthy (giving it a higher weight in searches) A link from your own Web site to an authority site is far more valuable than a typical link Business Reviews are SEO optimized, which helps drive overall SEO for and your company

24 BBB Brand Awareness Twin Cities (2012) Twin Cities Metro Transit Buses – 200 buses (April) All Over Media – 200 bathroom advertisements (April) Billboard Campaign (Sept – Oct) Radio Ads – Clear Channel Radio (Sept – Oct) Pioneer Press Centennial insert (July) Post Bulletin insert (July) Spring advertising blitz (Mar – May) Twins Radio Network – Sunday BBB Tip of the Game (Summer) Minnesota Vikings – Party on the Plaza (Fall)

25 Online Directory Advertising 45,000 views/month Many TOBs have first page SEO with BBB directory All ABs are automatically listed alphabetically in their business category(ies) for consumers to view on the BBB website Can add logos, social media links, coupons, add’l cities, and/or “premium listings” on top of page categories Coming soon: web advertising on web pages!

26 Co-Branding with the BBB Minnesota Twins –June 15: BBB Night @ Twins –June 18: Corporate Kiosk promoting BBB and area ABs –Tuesdays are BBB Night on Twins Plaza ($1,900/game) Premium space on Plaza for pre-game festivities PA messages on Plaza Four 15-sec radio spots on Twins Radio leading up to the game Four game tickets Saint Paul Saints –Front gate booth –PA announcements & Radio interview –Featured on home printed ticket

27 Co-Branding with the BBB Star Tribune @Home –Special BBB section with ABs only –Wed., March 20 –250,000+ readers –Special rates: $350 or $550 Clear Channel Outdoor –“Buy one get one free” billboard opportunity –Choose premium locations on major TC interstates –Can change message daily/weekly

28 Looking to Partner with Accredited Businesses BBB can provide special ad rates for ABs, with several media outlets local and around the state Contact Lisa Hiebert at 651-695-2411 or with ideas!

29 Complaint Process Community Mediation Center Conciliation Services

30 My company received a complaint. Now what???

31 Anatomy of a Complaint Why did I receive the complaint? Why should I resolve it? The positives of a complaint

32 Complaint FAQs Classifying complaints Valid vs. Invalid complaints Complaint process

33 Complaint Process Timeline Complaint received Reviewed by Mediation Coordinator Sent to company Company provides response

34 Response Tips Be fair and reasonable Acknowledge the experience your customer had Stick to the facts Address all issues Provide documentation to support your response

35 Other Things to Know Complaints report period Unanswered and unresolved complaints Ratings can fluctuate


37 Complaint Detail As of March 1, 2012 our BBB has been reporting complaint detail in business reviews! “The text of your complaint will be publicly posted on the BBB website. Please do not include any personally identifiable information in describing the nature of your complaint. By submitting your complaint you are representing that it is a truthful account of your experience with the business. BBB may edit your complaint to remove any personally identifiable information and/or inappropriate language, but it is ultimately your responsibility to remove this information.”

38 Background: Complaint Detail 2008 CBBB board issues policy Consumer research findings Transparency

39 Complaint Detail and Your Business Response Businesses should omit the following: Contact names/numbers, invoices numbers, etc. Banking information, credit card numbers, emails HIPPA information, Social Security information, drivers license number, date of birth Abusive language

40 The Positives of Complaint Detail Individuals are able to form their own opinion Adds transparency and openness to the BBB process Provides both consumers and businesses with hard data backing up a company’s accreditation and rating

41 Community Mediation Center Pre-Complaint Business Assistance Conciliation Mediation Binding Arbitration Court Appointed Mediations Mediation & Conflict Resolution Training Pre-Dispute Arbitration Contract Clause BBB Autoline Program

42 BBB Institute for Marketplace Ethics

43 Institute for Marketplace Ethics The educational foundation of the BBB Center for Character Ethics –Current and Future workforce –Torch Awards & Business Ethics Summit –Ethics Showcase & EE Trust Survey Center for Fraud Prevention –Educating at-risk consumers: Senior, Military, and Youth Outreach –CAMF, Secure Your ID Day, Scam-a-Thon

44 Thank You! Questions and Answers

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