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A web quest created by Chris Leonard for 5 th Grade. OverviewOverview Introduction Task Resources Process Evaluation Conclusion CreditsIntroductionTaskResourcesProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits.

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1 A web quest created by Chris Leonard for 5 th Grade. OverviewOverview Introduction Task Resources Process Evaluation Conclusion CreditsIntroductionTaskResourcesProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits

2 Overview This Science web quest challenges students to become a consultant for a firm that recommends places for people to build towns. The Georgia Performance Standards addressed in this web quest are; –Science S5E1. Students will identify surface features of the Earth caused by constructive and destructive processes. S5CS5. Students will communicate scientific ideas and activities clearly. S5CS6. Students will question scientific claims and arguments effectively. S5CS8. Students will understand important features of the process of scientific inquiry. – Language Arts ELA5R1 The student demonstrates comprehension and shows evidence of a warranted and responsible explanation of a variety of literary and informational texts. ELA5W1 The student produces writing that establishes an appropriate organizational structure, sets a context and engages the reader, maintains a coherent focus throughout, and signals a satisfying closure. ELA5W3 The student uses research and technology to support writing. ELA5LSV2 The student listens to and views various forms of text and media in order to gather and share information, persuade others, and express and understand ideas.

3 Introduction Geoscience Ltd. is a company that is hired to make recommendations on places and designs for towns. They look at the land forms and what possible natural forces could effect them. They then make a recommendation to the town planners about whether a town should be built there or not. –Some of the things that Geoscience Ltd. look at is seismic activity (earthquakes), volcanic activity, rivers, oceans, and lakes nearby, local weather patterns. –They also make recommendations about things that could be done to make towns safer such as building levees, earthquake proofing buildings, flood control, or ways to evacuate in the case of a natural disaster such as a volcanic eruption.

4 Task You have been hired by Geoscience Ltd. as consultants to look at the planning for the town Rumbletown. Look at the local landforms and assess what natural forces could occur in that region. Then make a recommendation to the town planners. Should they build their town where they want to? Back your recommendations up with information you have researched about the local conditions. Rumbletown’s location.Rumbletown’s location

5 Rumbletown


7 Resources /Continents.shtml /Continents.shtml s1.html s1.html Ask an expert –

8 Process You will use the thinking hats to help you make your recommendation. Each person in your group will take responsibility for one of the hats with everybody contributing to the final recommendation under the blue hat. –White Hat – facts and informationWhite Hat – facts and information –Black Hat – weaknesses, bad things.Black Hat – weaknesses, bad things. –Yellow Hat – strengths, good thingsYellow Hat – strengths, good things –Blue Hat – reporting, conclusions.Blue Hat – reporting, conclusions

9 White Hat Possible questions to answer: –Where is Rumbletown located? –What are the features of the landforms? –Are there any historical events which might effect the town? –What are some geological features that can cause problems?

10 Black Hat Possible questions to answer: –What negative things could occur in the location chosen? –What would cause those negative effects?

11 Yellow Hat Possible questions to answer: –What positive things could occur in the location chosen? –What would cause those positive effects?

12 Blue Hat Its time to prepare your report, your headings will be: –Reporters (names) –Reason for report – who is the report for? This should be one to two sentences in length. –Purpose of report – why has the report been written? This should be one to two sentences in length. –Recommendations of report – what do you recommend? This should be one to two sentences in length. –Reasons for recommendation – in bullet points, why you gave the recommendation that you did? –Main Body of Report – this has the detailed evidence to support your report - 4 to 5 paragraphs with graphics. –Sources of further information – where the report readers could go to find more information. –Bibliography – Where you found your information.

13 Evaluation Accomplished Consultant Developing ConsultantBeginning ConsultantSelf Evaluation Chief Consultants Evaluation Required Elements (20 points) All details required details were covered thoroughly and the consultant took a great interest in the topic. Most of the required details were covered. Some of the ideas could be explained in greater detail. Some required elements may be missing. Further research is required to make this a final report. Writing Skills (20 points) The writing is informative with clear recommendations and reasons. Three or fewer errors were made in structure, grammar, or spelling. The writing is informative. The consultant could spend more time developing their recommendations and structure of their writing. Three to six errors in the piece. The writing is off to a good start. More time needs to be spent on revision. Six or more errors interfere with meaning, work with other students/teacher to revise this as a final report. Technology Skills (20 points) Technology was used appropriately and successfully. The report is professional and new skills were learned. The consultant gained new technology skills by completing this report. The product is basic and could be developed further. The consultant is learning to use the technology required to complete the report. Some one-to-one assistance may be required. Presentation Skills (20 points) The consultant had a meaningful role in the groups presentation. The speakers were confident and prepared. The consultant had a limited role in the group presentation. Continue to practice speaking skills. The consultant had little or no part in the presentation. Further practice and planning is needed. Team Co- operation (20 points) My team worked well together. If there were any problems they were resolved quickly with minimum teacher intervention. My team struggled at times, but it did not have a negative impact on the final product. We resolved conflicts eventually and may have needed some assistance. My team struggled to work together and this made the project difficult to complete. Some problems were unresolved. The group will require more time and teacher conferences to resolve differences and complete the task.

14 Conclusion Congratulations on a successful job. The town planners have taken your report and are considering your recommendations. Complete a learning journal –In your learning journal reflect on things you learned, focus on skills and information. You may represent ideas in your learning journal with pictures, idea maps, words, or a combination of all of these.

15 Credits ing.htm ing.htm See resources page.See resources page

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