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The Road to War The World Sets the Stage for World War II.

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1 The Road to War The World Sets the Stage for World War II

2 Causes of World War II Unresolved issues from World War I World-Wide depression Militarism and Nationalism Powerful Dictators

3 The Effects of WWI The Treaty of Versailles left Germany in deep debt to other nations This led to economic failure and deep depression in Germany

4 THE TERMS OF THE TREATY OF VERSAILLES 1919 WAR GUILT CLAUSE GERMAN NATIONAL TERRITORY GERMANY’S MILITARY FORCES REDUCED GERMAN OVERSEAS TERRITORRIES NO UNION WITH AUSTRIA REPARATIONS Germany had to accept blame for starting WW1 - Army restricted to 100,000 men. - No modern weapons such as tanks, military air force. - Navy could not have battle ships over 10,000 tons and no U-Boats. - Germany lost national territory which was given to Belgium and Denmark, most went to Poland. Germany lost Chinese ports [Amoy and Tsingtao], Pacific Islands, and African colonies [Tanganika and German SW Africa]. RHINELAND TO BE DE-MILITARISED Germany forced to pay massive fine for war damages - 1,000,000,000 Marks (6.6bn pounds). The Treaty was designed to cripple Germany militarily, territorially and economically

5 World Wide Depression All countries throughout the world experienced economic depression in the 1930s Poor conditions in European Countries allowed for political change and unrest

6 Militarism and Nationalism Germany and Japan work hard to develop military strength in the 1930s National Pride Increasing Tensions

7 Dictators Adolf Hitler – Germany Benito Mussolini – Italy Hideki Tojo – Japan Francisco Franco – Spain Joseph Stalin – Soviet Union

8 Rise To Power Adolf Hitler in WWI Hitler Video Adolf Hitler in WWII Hitler’s Book “Mein Kampf” or “My Struggle”

9 Fascism Extreme Conservatism Government-controlled strict social order –Censorship –React harshly to critics Relies heavily on military strength Very Nationalistic Very Anti-Communist

10 Hitler and Mussolini Join Forces

11 Benito MussoliniAdolf Hitler Fascism in Europe German Formed a totalitarian government Invaded Ethiopia in 1935. Italian Anger over the Versailles treaty Blamed the Jews for Germany’s problems. Believed Germans were a superior “Aryan” race. Used economic unrest and fears of communism to gain support. Used nationalism to gain support.


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