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Kathleen High, M.Ed. Independent Education/Career Consultant Dream Chasers & Goal Setters.

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1 Kathleen High, M.Ed. Independent Education/Career Consultant Dream Chasers & Goal Setters


3  MY LIFE EXPERIENCE:  Laid off of nine-year position ◦ went to school to finish my degree  From: Secretary – business world (1997)  To: Counselor/professor – Higher Education (the process: 13 + years)  Wanted to make a career change  No one could answer my questions

4 TODAY’S ECONOMIC CONDITIONS:  Too many are unemployed and lost  They often don’t know what to do  Their learning is often distracted “by life”  Difficult to stay focused on learning new skills when worried about meeting needs  Access to education is now limited due to the budget crisis  Colleges/Universities and Unemployment Offices are swamped

5 On what kind of Resources are available On identifying what kind of Support is available Information: Where to get help and referrals for: Work, education and meeting personal needs Resources: Identify what kind of support they need Where to get it Support:

6 How to set appropriate educational goals How to achieve desired educational goals Education How to identify jobs that will help you achieve your goals (now and in the future) Work How to provide for various needs without a regular paycheck Needs

7  To help you figure out what to do next  Change your expectations and perspective: ◦ Today’s Reality ◦ Setting Goals ◦ Meeting Your Needs

8  Education and Career Research Skills: ◦ Identifying Your Transferrable Skills  Are You a Team Player, Problem-Solver, Leader, Great Communicator? ◦ Planning for an Unpredictable Future  How to Respond to a World of Constant Change ◦ Career Assessments ◦ Educational Choices You Won't Regret Later  What You Need to Know and Do To Ensure You are Making Wise Decisions about Your Education

9  Job Search Skills ◦ Job Search Tips for Unique Populations: (Unemployed, Over 40, Over Qualified, Not So Hot Past, Disabled, etc.) ◦ Maintaining a Positive Online Presence (Social Networking, Photos & Videos, Email, Websites, Blogging and "Personal Branding") ◦ Unemployed and Looking for Answers ◦ Resumes ◦ Interviewing

10  Developing Coping and Life Skills for Success ◦ Generational Differences  Four Generations -- Worlds Apart on Perspective, Values, Priorities, and Lifestyle ◦ Help - Asking, Giving, and Receiving  Solving Problems Without Ruining Relationships ◦ Managing Conflicting Priorities  School, Work, Personal Life? (Making Decisions About What is Important and What is Not) ◦ Managing Financial Responsibilities:  Meeting Your Needs By Not "Putting All Your Eggs into One Basket“ ◦ Managing Life's Transitions  Personal, Relationships, Societal, Education, Work, and Military

11  TODAY’S REALITY: ◦ Rapidly-Changing World   The world is changing – how should you respond? ◦ Generational Values  Your generation affects your worldview ◦ Discerning Seasons  Life is like the weather: Seasons change  End of a season: Not the end of the world ◦ Paradigm Shifts  When “reality” is shattered

12  SETTING GOALS: ◦ Dream Chaser’s & Goal Setter’s Journey  A visual of what affects your success ◦ Reaching Career Goals  Career Changes: A two-step process  Types of jobs: Survival, Entry-Level, Transition, Dream Job  Importance of Missions/Values Fit ◦ Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs  Managing multiple needs ◦ Priorities  Identifying what is important and what is not

13 MEETING YOUR NEEDS:  Managing Financial Responsibilities ◦ Lessons learned the hard way:  Change Your Perspective  Establishing a Source of Income  Lowering Your Financial Obligations  Strategies and Tips for Reducing Expenses  Solutions for Emergency Situations  Unemployed Resources ◦ Meeting needs through alternative resources:  Federal and state government, non-profit, and others

14 Guidance Academic Success Education Career Decision Making Job Search Skills (Resumes, Interviewing, etc.) Work Food, Shelter, clothing, etc. Medical, transportation, child/elder/pet care, emotional support, etc. Needs

15  CAREER CENTER ◦ One-On-One Career Counseling ◦ Career Assessments (Personality, Interests, Values, Skills, etc.) ◦ Workshops (Resumes, Interviewing, Studying, Success, etc.) ◦ Handouts (Labor Market Trends, Goal Setting, Choosing Majors, etc.) ◦ Career Research Resources (Online programs, books, etc.) ◦ Computer Lab  COUNSELING DEPARTMENT: ◦ One-On-One Counseling ◦ Counseling Classes (for academic/career success)  Disabled Student Services ◦ Vocational Counseling, Accommodations, Resources, Support  TRANSFER CENTER: ◦ Help/Information for Transfer Planning (future school research)  SEE “UNEMPLOYED RESOURCES” FOR MORE

16  IF YOUR PRIORITY IS TO OBTAIN GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT ASAP: ◦ Local “One-Stop” Center - (Unemployment Office) ◦ Hire a “career coach” – Professional skilled in the job search process ◦ Their objective is to get you back to work ASAP  SEE “MANAGING FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES” ◦ For non-traditional solutions for meeting your needs  SEE “UNEMPLOYED RESOURCES” HANDOUT ◦ For Resources:  State Government  Federal Government  Community/Non-Profit/For-Profit organizations

17 Academic and Career Counselors Academic Success Classes Career Center Resources Disabled Student Services Education Local One Stop Centers (EDD) Job Search Coaches Academic Counselors Career Center Resources Job Placement Office (offered by most colleges) Work Family, friends, networks, counselors, financial aid, support groups, teachers, social service agencies, non-profits, faith communities Needs

18  CAREER COUNSELING ◦ Career Center  ACADEMIC COUNSELING ◦ Counseling Department (or Academic Department)  PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING ◦ Student Health Center  DISABILITIES (Physical, Learning, Etc.) COUNSELING  Disabled Students Programs & Services  FOR VALIDATION OF YOUR JOURNEY ◦ Workshops and Handouts Mentioned Earlier  Often validate what individuals are experiencing  Often leads to healing of some unresolved issues  “UNEMPLOYED RESOURCES” LISTS MORE

19  SEE: ◦ “Managing Financial Responsibilities” ◦ “Unemployed Resources”  YOUR OWN PERSONAL SUPPORT SYSTEM ◦ (See “Dream Chaser’s Journey”)

20  You have three options: ◦ Dream Chasers & Goal Setters: Individual consulting  ◦ Mt. SAC: Enroll in my STDY 80 class  ◦ Cypress:  Counseling classes offered on campus  Outreach activities offered off-campus 

21  What are your needs?  Where are your priorities?  Which resources presented today can help?  What should you do next? ◦ REFLECT: What is your “inner voice” saying to you right now?

22  Let us know what additional information you need  What workshops do you want?  Please fill out the survey

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