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Conducting an Effective Job Search Agenda: Learn how to conduct a successful job search Learn how to create winning resumes Learn how to write various.

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1 Conducting an Effective Job Search Agenda: Learn how to conduct a successful job search Learn how to create winning resumes Learn how to write various letters for job campaigns Learn how to interview for jobs and Learn about RCC’s various placement services.

2 7 Steps to Success 1. Develop clear goals 2. Create a targeted resume and cover letter for each job 3. Establish a network and conduct informational interviews 4. Research employers 5. Practice interviewing 6. Send thank you notes routinely and promptly 7. Stay organized and positive

3 The Crucial 5 “P’s” productive proactive positive persistent polished

4 One out of every 200 resumes results in a job offer. One out of every 12 informational interviews, however, results in a job offer.

5 Classified Ads Employment Offices Web postings Personal Acquaintances Web postings Employment Offices Classified Ads How Most People Get Jobs How Most People TRY to Get Jobs

6 Guidelines for Informational Interviews Identify an Occupation of Interest Identify People to Interview through Friends and Other Contacts Never Ask for a Job—Ask for Information Prepare a List of Questions Ahead of Time Do your Research on the Organization and Job Dress for Success Listen More than You Talk Get Referrals to Other Take Notes Send a Thank You Card

7 Creating a Winning Resume Keep your resume uncluttered Use simple and readable fonts and formats Make your resume concise Design a high impact resume Display important information prominently Make sure your resume is technically and factually accurate Use active verbs and skill words

8 Writing Winning Job Search Correspondence 1. Research the company so you can tailor your correspondence to the organization’s needs. 2. Avoid using too many sentences that start with "I" or writing in the passive voice 3. Do not use contractions 4. Spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes are out of the question! 5. Be sure to sign your letters. (Black ink is best) 6. Keep your letter short and simple. 7. Have a good writer review it. 8. Use good quality paper that matches your resume paper and envelopes.

9 Cover Letter Essentials Inspire action: encourage the employer to act on your application. Note your awareness of the employer’s needs. Specify your qualifications, list a few achievements that used your skills. Be brief and to the point. No jargon or technical language. Focus on what you can do for the employer, not what they can do for you.

10 Layout and Contents of the Cover Letter FIRST PARAGRAPH: This is the "why I'm writing to you” paragraph SECOND PARAGRAPH: This is the "why I'm qualified" paragraph THIRD PARAGRAPH: This is the wrap-up where you thank the reader for his/her time

11 SAMPLE 300 Summit St. Grants Pass, OR 97548 August 17, 2008 Ms. Arianna Rikie Costco Headquarters 225 East 72 nd Street Grants Pass, OR 97548 Dear Ms. Rikie: Laura Flannigan suggested I contact you concerning your marketing position vacancy at Costco. I am inspired to pursue my marketing interests at Costco because of your company’s reputation as an industrious, innovative and growing company. My leadership experience, particularly with the President’s Special Council on Women, is an example of my strong sense of responsibility and motivation. As a council member concerned with the rights of women, I have brought innovate new ideas onto the agenda, such as bringing student leaders together to discuss how to create a more active community at RCC. As a result of this idea, the council along with other student leaders has begun planning a leadership forum for next quarter. In all of my business experiences, my motivation and energy has ignited me to work hard and accomplish goals. I enclosed my resume and transcript. I will contact you August 30 th to schedule a time to further discuss my qualifications for your position. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Marty E. Spruce

12 Exemplary Thank You Notes Express Your Enthusiasm Address any Unresolved Points Are Personalized Reiterate Your Expertise Highlight Your Successes Have Been Proofread

13 Sample Text I'd like to thank you for the time you spent talking with me about the Database Support position you have open. I am very excited about this position and convinced that I would be able to contribute to the company quickly. I meant to mention during the interview that last summer I attended a three-week intensive seminar on Linux operating systems. I know the job description mentions familiarity with Linux, and I wanted to make sure you knew that I am well-versed in Linux basics. Please contact me if you have any questions about my ability with Linux or about any of my other qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you soon about the position, and I again thank you for meeting with me. Sincerely, Susie Smith

14 Crucial Interviewing Elements First Impression Do your homework first ◦ Research well the company, the job, and the industry trends Look at this as a mutual evaluation ◦ Come prepared to ask key questions Stay organized ◦ Keep complete and thorough records Mirror your interviewer ◦ Posture, tone, and style

15 Successfully Interviewing: 6 First Impression Keys to Success Posture Eye contact Handshake Personal Grooming Clothes Body Language

16 Employers’ Perspective: Effective Interviewees Do their research Rehearse for the interview Know their strengths and weaknesses Bring needed documentation Prepare for behavioral questions (“Tell me about a time you failed to achieve something important to you”) Dress for success Arrive early Master the 6 Keys Take notes Come with two thoughtful questions for the interviewer Send thank you notes

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