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Emotional Health Why is it important to know how to deal with conflicts?

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1 Emotional Health Why is it important to know how to deal with conflicts?

2 Emotional Health Terms Support System-network/ group which identifies/exchanges emotional support Mentor-wise person who gives advise/assistance Conflict-struggle/opposition between people Violence-brutual physical force intended to damage or injure another Tolerance-accommodation and acceptance of differences between oneself and others Mediator-neutral third person helps two people in conflict communicate more effectively Communication-two-way exchange of ideas/thoughts

3 Communication Techniques 3 Types: Assertive- possessing the characteristic of appropriately expressing feelings, key to obtaining cooperation Aggressive-being insulting or overly demanding to others, inappropriate expression of feelings Passive-not expressing feelings appropriately, remaining silent

4 Conflict Resolution Strategies 1. Giving In: Yield to other person’s wishes Good Use/Pros: Bargaining Chip, give in for something you want & need, saves time &hassles, flexible Caution/Cons: Needs maybe overlooked, may feel cheated, angry, manipulated, or resentful, or like gave in 2. Walking Away: Physically leave conflict Good Uses/Pros: Cooling off is needed, anger arise to avoid violence, time to think about other options Caution/Cons: Conflict may continue unresolved, worsen if not addressed, mediator: step in and help get problem-solving underway

5 Conflict Resolution Strategies 3. Doing Nothing: Both sided ignore problem Good Uses/Pros: Time cures problem, example: person is leaving town/changes classes, problem unimportant to both parties Caution/Cons: Hostility go “underground”, silently grow worse 4. Fighting Dirty: Person attempts to “win” by under handed means (lying, manipulating, threatening, blaming, and calling names) Good Uses/Pros: NONE Caution/Cons: Clouds issues & worsens conflicts

6 Conflict Resolution Strategies 5. Constructive Problem Solving: Both parties realize gain to resolve conflicts, work towards solution Good Uses/Pros: Both parties compete for some resources, issues critical to personal needs(important), urgent resolution, solve together Cautions/Cons: Solution takes work & compromise, willing to give in order to come to solution, must have positive attitude Which of these strategies is best for you? Explain your choice.

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