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February 24, 2015.  Review Timeline  Review RFP and Application  Questions.

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1 February 24, 2015

2  Review Timeline  Review RFP and Application  Questions

3 RFP release2/20/2015 RFP training2/24/2015 RFP Deadline3/19/2015, 4:00PM Deficiency corrections4/2/2015 Deadline – corrections4/9/2015 Preliminary Selection4/14/2015 End of 7 day protest4/30/2015 Final Awards to MFA Board5/20/2015 Contracts sentTBD-contingent on actual receipt of HUD award

4 Must be one of the following entity types: non-profit – submit proof of 501(c)(3) Primary mission to provide shelter and services to persons experiencing homelessness, including DV Unit of general purpose local government or proof of status as a gov’t agency Tribal government

5 If non profit, submit letter of support from unit of local govt Submit proof of current registration with NMAGs office for FY2015 Supports application to MFA Dated no more than 180 days prior to application date Signed by authorized local govt official in the city, town, village or tribe program activity takes place. If unincorporated area, the county is the unit of local govt. Must specifically endorse the project/activity being proposed. MFA will accept proof that certified letters were sent from the Offeror to the unit of local government.

6 Submit independent CPAs auditor report dated FY2014 or FY2015 NOTE: FY2014 Audits will only be accepted if fiscal year ending on or after March 31, 2014. Otherwise, agency must submit a FY2015 Audit. No repeat or unresolved audit findings Funds greater than $500,000 - Single Audit (For FY2015 the Single Audit Threshold increases to $750,000) Single Audit submission to Federal Audit Clearinghouse If gov’t entity, proof of audit submission to Office of NM State Auditor If referenced as separate communication, submit Management Response letter that addresses concerns Auditing Firm must be on State Auditors approved list New RAP agencies – provide either audit to above standards or independent CPAs review of financial statements.

7 Must have been operating as an agency for minimum of one (1) year –sufficient to have one (1) full year covered in annual financial statements. Be in “good standing” – not be debarred, suspended or HUDs Limited Denial of Participation Provide print screen from and https:/ https:/ Submit application as directed in Section 2.3 Offeror Certification must be signed by authorized official.

8 Must have sufficient score to obtain a minimum contract of $10,000 Disclosure statement – see page 9 of RFP for directions Bylaws or Board Resolution requiring Board fiscal oversight Fiscal Policies and Procedures – must demonstrate checks and balances (segregation of duties) New Agencies Only – 1 st Time Responding to RFP - Please submit the following: Brief statement describing # of yrs experience of ED, Financial Manager, Program staff and other key staff to demonstrate capacity Mission Statement Executive Summary (less than one page)

9 Criteria Maximum Score Performance (Benchmarks, monitor findings, reports and invoicing, letters of good standing – new agencies only) 25 Agency Experience & Capacity (experience as RAP provider, staff experience, certifications, Audit findings) 35 Community Need (# of categories to be served, # of counties to be served, collaboration with other services) 40 Total Maximum Points100

10 To Download RFP: al-assistance-program-rap-request-for-proposal al-assistance-program-rap-request-for-proposal QUESTIONS? After today, all questions must be submitted through MFA RFP Q&A webpage rfp-submit-a-question

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