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As we all know, the industry has faced more than its share of challenges over the last few years.  We simply are not selling ads like we used to.  Inbound.

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2 As we all know, the industry has faced more than its share of challenges over the last few years.  We simply are not selling ads like we used to.  Inbound call volumes are decreasing at alarming rates.  We need to be more aggressive with the competition.  Renewals are low hanging fruit, but getting all the call backs done is a real challenge.  We’re using a CRM, and we are collecting a lot of data, but it doesn’t seem to have an impact on revenue.  Our account executives spend too much time on non-revenue generating tasks.

3 Although the classified revenue stream is diminishing, most still see it as revenue we cannot afford to give up on. That said, given the current climate, any investment in the classified advertising franchise must have real, measurable ROI that will be achieved very quickly, if not immediately.

4 With the decrease of inbound calls, we must use all means possible, including process and technology improvements, to transform call centers and inside sales teams into highly effective OUTBOUND sales teams. Furthermore, we must keep our account executives on the telephone (selling) as much as possible.


6 Supplying account executives with warm, fresh leads is perhaps the single most important element in keeping them “selling” as much as possible. Classified Ranger is designed to do just that by collecting and delivering contact information for individuals and organizations that are advertising in your market. The data is collected at regular intervals and becomes a very warm lead list for your new business acquisition efforts.

7 Advanced options are available to ensure that duplicate advertisers are not contacted too many times.

8 Autotrader Careerbuilder Craigslist Dice eBay Classifieds (formerly Kijiji) Monster PennysaverUSA Regional Help Wanted Trulia Kaango Add to this list any local sources that are unique to your marketplace.


10 Questions?

11 Revenue Will Increase …….Guaranteed

12 An “active engagement” process combined with “single click feedback” allow for the following:  Increased revenue & productivity  Absolute accountability  Outbound calling effectiveness tracking  Importing of leads from any competitor or source  Isolation of problems quickly and efficiently  Time savings

13 Dallas Morning News (Belo – circ. 264,459 daily) In 2010 increased revenue from renewals by over $100,000 against prior year In 2011 tracking to increase renewal revenue by more than $200,000 over 2010 Before Outbound Ranger, we had no accurate and/or efficient way of managing and tracking renewal sales. Ranger has made that process easy and has given us tremendous insight into how effective our classified ads are for our clients as well as the revenue potential associated with renewals. In 2010, we increased revenue from renewals by over $100,000 against prior year. In 2011, we are already tracking to increase renewal revenue by more than $200,000 versus 2010. We get monthly support from their Marketing and Customer Service Director which is a tremendous strategic and analytical added value. Outbound Ranger has helped us improve customer satisfaction and take fuller advantage of some low-hanging revenue streams! Keith Pullias Dallas Morning News

14 Calgary Herald (PostMedia Network) circ. 125,578 daily) (Doubled Revenue In The First Month) “If you think your staff is doing all they can with their callbacks on expired ads, I suggest checking again. It’s very likely they are leaving real dollars on the table. You could check every callback every day or, know its getting done timely and efficiently with the help of Ranger Data.” Gary Cobb Calgary Herald

15 Shaw Media Network “I have been managing classified advertising for more than 20 years, and have never worked with a tool as efficient and effective as Outbound Ranger. The product helps focus our sales time on what matters most. The reporting not only measures our success, and identifies areas for development, it also provides a measurable ROI. Never have I worked with a vendor who provided more support. Grace Shields spends time with me every month ensuring that we are getting the most out of Outbound Ranger. She reviews our success, points out growth potential and shares experiences from other newspapers that she works with throughout the county. Grace is what sets Outbound Ranger apart from any other product.” Shelly Bissell Shaw Media

16 YearTotal Leads % of Total Leads Called Closing Ratio Potential Revenue Sales % of Potential Revenue 200943,13322%52% $4,413,537 $655,70915% 201031,75749%34% $2,943,667 $761,46226% 201126,01452%43% $2,646,397 $947,48936%


18 Outbound Ranger automatically displays and calculates earned bonuses.

19 All customer contact details are displayed.

20 Real-time statistics are displayed, allowing Account Executives to track their own progress.

21 Each button is used to log a unique action against a lead.

22 Progress towards management-defined daily goals is displayed to each Account Executive in real-time. Dashboard color indicators change based on success to goal.

23 Management can set up multiple category- specific scrolling marquees to communicate promotions or offer encouragement. These messages will scroll when displayed to Account Executives.

24 Managers can load category-specific sales scripts and objection handling assistance for Account Executives. Sales help could also be used to display special offers and rates for certain types of ads.

25 Account Executives can easily view actual ad text for all expiring ads. Up to 10 user-defined fields are available for customized information.

26 All historical customer contacts are archived, allowing Account Executives to view with a single mouse click.

27 Account Executives choose the date and time for automatic call back prompting and tracking.

28 Contacting a lead can be deferred by schedule a future call back and reminder.

29 Reminders can, informing Account Executives of upcoming call backs

30 The “Resolve Ads” button is used to indicate final disposition. Ads can be resolved individually or en masse, allowing Account Executives to quickly renew a single ad or multiple ads on the same call.

31 The “Resolve Ads” button is used to indicate final disposition. Ads are resolved individually, allowing Account Executives to renew a single ad or multiple ads on the same call.

32 A reason must be selected when a customer expresses no interested in buying or renewing an ad. Outbound Ranger will generate a “No Interest” report to be used for planning and strategic training.

33 Ads marked as TFN will not generate renewal call backs except as required.

34 There are a finite number of reasons to delete ads or leads. Outbound Ranger will track and report on delete reasons, assisting management in sales training and coaching.

35 Outbound Ranger will prompt Account Executives to schedule a call back if any ads remain unresolved, ensuring all ads have been contacted or scheduled for future contact.

36 Launches the default email program and inserts ad data into a blank email.

37 Account Executives can add new leads to the system anytime.

38 Allows Account Executives to forward a lead to another Account Executive, or to a manager for reassignment.

39 Notes entered by Account Executives are chronologically archived for future reference.


41 Allows Account Executives to select a specific lead from the uncalled or unresolved lead lists and act on it immediately.

42 Marking a phone number as “Do Not Call” will place the number on the Internal Do Not Call list, ensuring no future call backs will be generated.

43 Manager Main Application “Action Needed” notifies management that something requires your attention. The results of today’s calls are displayed prominently Statistics describes how your leads are assigned and distributed Individual Account Executive statistics are displayed Sales and other resolve counts are displayed, separated by ad/lead type Icons allow access to features and display login status.

44 Real-time statistics for each account executive are displayed onscreen.

45 Items that require a manager’s attention are displayed here.

46 Leads are assigned directly to account executives or placed in a first-come first- serve pool.

47 All of today’s activity is displayed onscreen in real time.

48 Categories are used to subdivide between different types of ads.

49 Here various settings and optional features can be adjusted and configured.

50 Managers have full access to reassign leads between Account Executives, and to delete unneeded lead data.

51 Assigning backups is a simple one- time setup feature.

52 Onscreen real- time notifications ensure management is aware of predetermined benchmarks an other critical data. Management can also receive notifications by email when offsite.

53 Clicking a name will drill- down, displaying only that Account Executive’s Dashboard and recent calls.

54 Report Examples Because It’s Been Measured – You Can Manage It!

















71 Within the management application the Dashboard displays the entire team’s progress towards goal. Management can also drill-down to review a single Account Executive’s dashboard.


73 Because the Outbound Ranger system is web- based users only need access to a web browser and an internet connection – no software installation necessary. Because Classified Ranger is a service there are no special requirements. Leads can be deployed directly to your team.


75 Managers can monitor the team’s progress towards management-defined daily goals. Dashboard color indicators change based on success to goal. Managers can view a “Team” dashboard and can drill-down to specific team members.

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