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Breathing Life into Say’t K’ilim Goot Celebrating our Successes, Giving Hope & Inspiring our Communities” First Nations Social Development Conference.

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2 Breathing Life into Say’t K’ilim Goot Celebrating our Successes, Giving Hope & Inspiring our Communities” First Nations Social Development Conference February 10 th, 2011

3 In 2006/2007 the Nisga’a Elect identified the following as barriers to progress: Loss of Nisga’a language and the need to incorporate culture into our way of doing business The importance of economic development The need to ensure that programs and services are meeting the needs of the Nisga’a Nation 3

4 The lack of communication between various levels of government and its effect on trust The importance of education 3

5 4 Nisga’a Lisims Government Nisga’a Village Governments Programs and Services Directorate 30+ Wilp Si’ayuukhl Nisga’a 10 Executive Members 6+ P&S Committee Members 4 Different Governing Systems 4 unique management systems and decision making bodies 4 unique SD Departments. Programs and Services Director NLG SD Advisor Nisga’a Social Development Policy

6 OUR FOCUS Utilizing our culture to empower development 5

7 One heart, one path, one nation

8 In the spirit of Sayt K’il’im Goot, the Nisga’a Nation is a place where

9 Our Ayuuk and Language and culture are the foundation of our identity, Learning is a way of life, We strive for sustainable prosperity and self- reliance, We inspire trust and understanding through effective communications, and Our Governance and Service evolve to meet our peoples’ needs.

10 Looking to our ancestors for strength and guidance An overview of Nisga’a Lisims Government Social Development Change Initiative

11 The Collaborative Began in April 2009, to address the varied and complex issues of operating SD and the desire for a new policy model. The group is comprised of members from each of the four Nisga’a community’s Village Government Administering Authorities. Approximately 10 people particpate in this work. The workplan emphasized the desire to learn and incorporate princples of Nisga’a culture this is where partnerships with the Ayuukhl Department began.

12 Relationship Building Relationships were viewed as essential to becoming a ‘community of practice’. This required numerous dialogue sessions to share information and experiences in a safe enviornment. The overall objective was that all communications between the group were founded upon the principle of respect.

13 Potential Outcomes Public Policy Framework Approach to problem-solving Decisions Actions Work ethics Communications Etc…

14 Potential Outcomes Outcomes Individual Perspectives & Community Culture NLG Culture 4 Village Government Culture

15 Public Policy This work is critical to achieving results for sustainable economic development. The need to view the work holistically is essential to progress. Institutional outcomes and resulting high rates of dependancy should not be left to holders of the social development portfolio to solve alone.

16 Policy Work is Complex and Complicated Work NLG VG’s SD Which require a common guide and understanding to develop comprehensive solutions

17 Valuing the Nisga’a vision and principles. 1.On paper the principles are concepts based on higly innovative and adaptive societies. 2.They are invisible social strengths 3.They are actionable in terms of building ‘community’ cohesiveness an indicator of community health. 4.They are guides for processing issues and ways of thinking.

18 Diversity in the Cultural Mix Outcomes Management Systems Strategic Planning in diverse contexts Public Policy – what we do or don’t do Resourcing Practices How to achieve change How we influence peoples lives

19 Culture ‘On the ground’ there are many different cultures at play. – Different backgrounds, beliefs, attitudes, schools of thought on all of the important issues which can either contribute to or hinder progress. Without a common guide to process the work we do, we are at risk of not achieving sustainable solutions.

20 The Essence of S’ayt K’ilim Goot is Unity There are different perspectives of this vision but the most important one is how do we incorporate into an actionable resource to guide our processes?

21 Unity is difficult to achieve There are many players involved. Unresolved conflict can halt all communications and progress. There are political positions within and without. Resulting in isolation.

22 Isolation is a dangerous place When efforts are halted by conflicting cultural elements – isolation is a result – or silos. Being isolated leads to a different way of being. It leads to: – individualism – competitive mentalities rather than collaborative – destructive rather than positive life giving energies Working in a way that is not as effective as collective action.

23 Threads of Understanding If relationships do not play a significant role in communications it effects the ability to honor self and those we serve. Approaches and processes of different worldviews as opposed to indigenous worldviews are fragmented by isolating symptoms and disecting parts with hopes to arrive at lasting solutions. Assumptions about what is wrong are at the core of these approaches – and results in treatment of symtoms not the root cause.

24 Breathing Life into Sayt K’ilim Goot A Presenation by the Nisga’a Social Development Working Group Quotes on valuing indigenous knowledge

25 Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage: A Global Challenge “Indigenous languages reflect a reality of transformation in their holistic representations of processes that stress interaction, reciprocity, respect, and non- interference.” (Battiste etal, 133)

26 Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage: A Global Challenge “Eurocentric science has made many mistakes in trying to understand the world. Since Einstien, however, the world of knowledge has been viewed through a new lens, which sees all things as being connected and related.” (Battiste etal, p 124)

27 David Bohm, Physicist “extended the scientific proof of interconnectedness. Scientific reflection is moving away from analysis, which splits and fragments experience, toward wholeness and holistic thinking. According to Bohm, “science it self is demanding a new non-fragmentary worldview, in the sense that the present approach of analysis of the world into independent existent parts does not work very well” (Battiste etal, 124)

28 A Dialogue Experiment http://www.david-

29 Special thanks to Abby Stewart, Gingolx Village Government Rachel Robinson, Laxgalt’sap Village Government Margo Munroe, Gitlaxt’aamix Village Government Nita Morven, Ayuukhl Nisga’a Department, NLG To all other group members who could not attend: – Arlene L., Gingolx – Akim O., & Tereasa Y., Laxgalt’sap – Alvin A., Gitwinksihlkw – Ruth R. & Lorna D., Gitlaxt’aamix

30 By Fern Scodane © 2011

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