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Unsolved mysteries. Mystery 1 : It is a manuscript written in the Middle Ages (carbon dating 1404-1438) in an unknown language using an unknown alphabet.

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1 Unsolved mysteries


3 Mystery 1 : It is a manuscript written in the Middle Ages (carbon dating ) in an unknown language using an unknown alphabet system. Its pages are also filled with colorful drawings of strange diagrams, odd events and plants (with some of them being unknown to modern botanists) Some people believe it was meant to be a pharmacopoeia, to address topics in medieval or early modern medicine. Others think that that the book may have an alien origin.

4 The Voynich Manuscript

5 Hypothesis It is unlikely to be a hoax, given the amount of time, money and detail that would have been required to make it. It is possible that the book is the work of an alchemist who used codes to keep his discoveries a secret but, until the book is decoded, no one knows for certain.

6 Mystery 2 : It is believed to have been the crowning city of Neptune, where mermaids and mermen lived. According to Plato’s account, written around 360BC, it was a major sea power located in the ********. Over 11,000 years ago this island nation located in the middle of the ******** ocean was populated by a noble and powerful race.

7 The lost city of Atlantis

8 Hypothesis It is a Greek myth: it is likely to be in the Mediterraneen Sea. Hypothesized location of Atlantis worlwide

9 Mystery 3 : This civilization is responsible for some of the most fascinating geoglyphs on the face of the Earth. They include everything from spiders, monkeys, sharks, orcas, and flowers. The precision of which is incredible given that the Nazca had no way of examining their work from above.

10 The Nazca civilization

11 Hypothesis Maybe have been designed to help landing UFOs. They had very powerful Mathemetical tools.

12 Mystery 4 : It takes place in Racetrack Playa which is a seasonally dry lake located in the northern part of California, USA (Sierra Nevada Mountains). Nobody has ever witnessed or filmed this phenomenon. It’s a non living thing which can move.

13 Living rocks

14 Hypothesis Early investigators explained the phenomenon as the result of the rocks being embedded in an ice sheet in the coldest storms of winter. However, experiments to set up similar phenomena in 1996 did not fully support this theory Nevertheless, further measurements using very accurate GPS measurement instruments have found that there is a general movement trend towards the north-north east, which is the same direction that the prevailing winds move towards.

15 Mystery 5 : It is an island in the southern Pacific Ocean, 2,300 miles west of the coast of Chile and 2500 miles southeast of Tahiti. It was almost uninhabited when it was discovered on Easter Day in 1722 by a Dutch captain. It is covered with hundreds of giant statutes, each weighing several tons and some standing more than 30 feet tall.

16 Easter Island

17 Hypothesis For centuries, scientists have tried to solve the mystery of how the colossal stone statues of Easter Island moved. But they found another ones that were too big to be moved with this technic.

18 Mystery 6 : This legend dates back to the 17th century. It was a thing that flew over oceans and was seen and later recounted by lots of sailors. It was a sign for sailors that a terrible storm was coming.

19 The Ghost Ship Flying Dutchman

20 Hypothesis They're just falling victim to an optical illusion called fata morgana wich happened in cold water when atmospheric conditions were perfect to creat it.

21 Mystery 7 : It’s a legendary expanse of ocean. Pilots often tell of their instruments going haywire and numerous ships have been lost at sea. It can be found between the points of Miami, B******, and Puerto Rico.

22 Bermuda Triangle

23 Hypothesis

24 Debate Do you believe these things? How do all these unsolved mysteries make you feel? Are you reassured by the explanations/theories provided? Why do so many people like mysteries and conspiracies? What about considering the Malaysian airplane as a new mystery of our world? What other unresolved mysteries/conspiracies do you know? Share them with your group

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