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XUNDL status report (Includes compilation of recent mass measurement papers) (April 1, 2011 – Jan 31, 2013) Balraj Singh (McMaster University) IAEA-NSDD-2013.

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1 XUNDL status report (Includes compilation of recent mass measurement papers) (April 1, 2011 – Jan 31, 2013) Balraj Singh (McMaster University) IAEA-NSDD-2013 KFAS, Kuwait, Jan 27-31, 2013

2 Purpose and scope of XUNDL Provides prompt and convenient web access to current publications in experimental nuclear-structure data through on-line retrieval systems at BNL; RADWARE at ORNL and Isotope-Explorer at LBNL. Aim is the same as defined in 1998 after deliberations with several researchers at different labs in the U.S. Regular scanning (independent of NSR) of PRL, PR-C, PL- B, EPJ-A, NP-A, JP-G, IJMP-E, CPL, and others. Complements ENSDF database since data for many nuclides in ENSDF are quite outdated (i.e. more than 10 years old). Corrections in existing datasets in ENSDF database based on compilations. Inclusion of data for newly discovered nuclides and for those nuclides for which excited-state data have become available Frequent communications with authors of papers to resolve inconsistencies in data, and to obtain additional details of data. Some authors send submissions to XUNDL database for repository of data, which do not appear in their papers, but are referred to XUNDL.

3 Participants and Effort in XUNDL work McMaster: M. Birch(*)(since Mar 11 ), E. Thiagalingam (*)( since Mar 12), J. Chen (until Mar 12), B. Singh: 0.25 FTE TUNL: J. Kelley, G. Sheu, J. Purcell : A=2-20 mass region: 0.10 FTE ANL : F. Kondev, J. Chen (since Apr 12), J. Modica (*)(since Aug12), W. Murrey (*)(up to July 12): NP-A, PL-B, JP-G journals: 0.10 FTE BNL: Database management: J. Tuli: 0.05 FTE D. Kulp (until Feb 12): 0.05 FTE (*): undergraduate student TOTAL EVALUATOR EFFORT: 0.50 FTE (~0.25 FTE probably gets back to ENSDF)

4 Current Contents of XUNDL Since the start in December 1998, 5065 compiled datasets added up to Jan 31, 2013. Covers mainly high-spin structures up to 2004. Almost all experimental structure papers from major journals between 2005 - 2013. 2160 nuclides: 1 H to 294 118, spread over 273 A-chains; Data from 3250 primary journal articles published during 1995 – 2013 About 650 communications with the original authors to resolve data inconsistencies and to obtain additional data details. Also XUNDL submissions by authors.

5 Compilations during April 1, 2011 to Jan 31, 2013 1002 datasets compiled from about 350 publications McMaster: 796+ 42 datasets with D. Kulp (through BNL) 164 from TUNL and ANL reviewed, and edited if necessary. ~25 updated for new papers from previous authors or additional data. TUNL: 116 ANL: 48 BNL (D. Kulp)+McMaster: 42 A computer code was developed in 2012 by M. Birch to replace temporary key- numbers in XUNDL compilations to permanent ones in NSR database.

6 Compilation of Atomic mass measurements since AME-2003 41 mass measurement papers (mainly in PRL, PRC) from Nov 2010-Oct 2012 were compiled with about 325 data points. These data are made available on an ORNL webpage:

7 XUNDL Compilations EXAMPLES

8 Authors’ submission to XUNDL From: Sean Freeman Subject: XUNDL Submission Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 09:18:26 +0000 Dear Dr Singh: We have just submitted a manuscript on neutron-adding reactions performed on stable N=50 isotopes. We would like to make the raw cross section data available for the XUNDL data base, as we have done in the past with such work. I've attached tables of the relative cross sections and a short description of the experiments that were prepared by my student. I'll let you have the reference to the paper when it is published for cross referencing. With best wishes Sean

9 2012SHZZ: Priv. Comm. (5 pages)

10 Statement in 2013Sh02: PRC 87, 0143312 (2013)

11 XUNDL: 2012Do07: PRL 108, 262502 R(DCO)=[I(~0 deg)+I(~180 deg)] / I(~90 deg)

12 XUNDL: 2012Do07 : PRL 108, 262502 31 S and 31 P: mirror Nuclei: Several problems in spin- parity and energy matching. However, such issues are not commented in XUNDL dataset or communicated to the authors

13 XUNDL: 2012De11: PRC 86, 014326 215 Rn structure: minor problems NO MULT

14 Example of calculation errors 2012Ho16: PRC 86, 014328: July 2012: Reply received from authors August 1 Matter resolved 18 +7-8 44 +22-23 corrected +-14, not +4-3

15 Example: Additional (useful) data 37 Ar: from ( 3 He,t): Gamow-Teller transitions 2012Sh25: PRC 86, 024312 (2012) Numerical data for σ(θ) ratios obtained for 148 levels + several corrections

16 Example: serious corrections to level scheme 2012HE17: PRC 86, 047302 (Oct 2012)

17 2012He17: PRC 86, 047302

18 2012HE17: PRC-Oct 12

19 XUNDL : 2012Ba58: PRC 86, 064311 (Dec 2012) Decay of Ag-120 to Cd-120 A level at 3107.8(5) keV has 1907.6(5) γ to 1203.1(1) level and a 2595.3(6) γ to 505.6(1) level. From given level energies one gets: E γ =1904.7(5) and 2602.2(5); difference of 2.9 and 6.9 keV, respectively. Too large to be consistent with cited precision! Suggested two separate levels to author. In e-mail reply of Jan 18, author seems to agree. Still other issues remain unresolved.

20 XUNDL: 2012Ba58: PRC 86, 064311 (Dec 2012) In ENSDF, branching ratio from 7(-) isomer: ~37% IT, ~63% β- based on 1971Fo22: Phys. Lett. 36B, 334 (1971). No details in 2012Ba58 about their measurement and large difference in two values!

21 2012Ba58 : Problems with Logft values Still unresolved issues! Ref 15 : 2003Wa13: PRC 67, 064303 Also wrong LOGFT values

22 Zn-62: Level scheme: co-existence of shapes 2012Ge04: PRC 86, 034304 (Sept 2012) 460 γ -rays, 250 levels; 1100 records of data: everything good!

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