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3-5-7 Implementation Kern County 3-5-7 Model Originated By Darla Henry.

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1 3-5-7 Implementation Kern County 3-5-7 Model Originated By Darla Henry

2 Did you know? Average Statistics for youth entering Foster Care: * Over 20% of children in care will have at least 3 placements many with 7 or more (Hochman, Hochman & Miller 2004). * Of 235 children entering foster care, within the first 4 months, 123 had a placement change and 33% of the 123 had 5.7 placement changes in 4 months (Barber & Delfabbra 2003). Unresolved loss/grief = barriers to permanency for youth. Unresolved loss/grief = barriers to healthy relationships over span of a lifetime.

3 Basic Overview of Kern County Model Collaborative effort between public and private entities Kern County = Aspiranet and Kern County CPS Pilot program identified 20 youth from FFA’s, WRAP and Group Homes Year long commitment from Social Workers Administrative Meetings Monthly Implementation Community Meetings Support Groups for peers and caregivers Trickle up and down of information, concerns, barriers, etc.

4 Flexibility Flexibility within the 3-5-7 Model regarding WHO completes the Lifebook (i.e. County Social Worker, Foster Family Agency Social Worker, Foster/Adoptive Parent, Mental Health Worker, etc).

5 Getting Started in Kern County Buy in! Known “buy in” from administrative leaders/”upper management” critical. Invited administrators from CPS, Aspiranet, WRAP, CPS/DHS and Kern County MH. Key players need to have decision making power, basic understanding of model and influence over staff. Initial meetings with administrators to share 3-5-7 program, ideas, concerns, input with pilot program parameters. Took meeting information to first Implementation Community Meeting to ask staff to provide us with youth who fit the parameters. Took this back to administrators for further input and to get approval with tools of measurement (i.e. how we determine progress or not).

6 Determining Population Interest list from 3-5-7 Training was a starting point for youth and staff. Provided basic list to administrators and discussed further. Parameters that were determined for youth in pilot program: Minimum of 3 years in our of home care Multiple placements/placement disruptions in last 6 months Significant loss: Biological parent/caretaker/sibling death Siblings adopted by other families Failed guardianship/adoption Abuse while in care Reunified and removed again Siblings separated (placed apart) Failed relative placement

7 Determining Measurements Valid & Invalid: ICD 10 – major depression inventory 10 questions, simple to complete, read and measure. Relationships Inventory – not valid but tool specific to our attempts to increase relational ability. Achenbach – much more complicated and requires teacher and caretaker involvement. Thought behind this was including school as partner also youth often have issues at school. Suggest using this on case by case basis. Placement changes – easiest and most basic means of measurement. Legal Status changes – Long Term Foster Care to Guardianship, etc. Frequency of measurement: Initial measurement “Exit” measurement

8 Roles Who does what and how do we decide? Flexible and county dependent Kern County – CPS/DHS worker initially responsible for coordinating “team” members Team members to decide along with input from child Child driven

9 Now What?  Follow-up  Meetings  Roll Out

10 Where Kern County Is Today  All youth have Lifebooks in progress  Beginning roll out process  Resuming meetings with administrators

11 Roll Out Process  Kern County FFA Consortium  Sign up sheet to provide FFA staff with training  Training will be throughout the year (one time per quarter)  DHS/CPS Unit Training  New staff as coming in will be introduced to 3-5-7 Model

12 Questions?

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