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NPF Harassment Prevention and Resolution Policy and Guidelines Awareness Session.

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1 NPF Harassment Prevention and Resolution Policy and Guidelines Awareness Session

2 Objectives of the Policy To maintain a positive workplace To ensure all are treated with respect, fairness & dignity To inform all of their Roles, Rights and Responsibilities To provide guidance on acceptable conduct in the workplace To initiate prompt action to prevent and resolve harassment

3 NPF Harassment Prevention and Resolution Policy Applies To: The NPF Harassment Prevention and Resolution Policy applies to all NPF employees. The spirit and the principles of the Policy applies to all people entering the workplace. Complaints involving CAF Members or DND Employees be subject to the CAF/DND Harassment Prevention and Resolution Policy (DAOD 5012-0)

4 Focus on Resolution

5 Harassment is defined as: …any unwelcome and improper conduct by an individual that is directed at and offensive to another person or persons in the workplace and which the individual knew or ought reasonably to have known would cause offence or harm.

6 Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) Age Religion Sex (gender) Sexual Orientation Marital Status Family Status Race or Colour National or Ethnic Origin Physical or Mental Disability Criminal Offence for which a pardon has been granted NPF employees are also protected from harassment under the Canadian Human Rights Act. Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination listed in the CHRA:

7 Complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Commission Everyone subjected to harassment may submit a complain to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, however: “The CHRC has the discretion to not deal with a complaint unless the alleged victim has exhausted internal grievance or review procedures otherwise available to them”. S41(1)(a)

8 Types and Forms of Harassment Abuse of Authority Sexual Harassment Bullying Gossiping Isolation Workplace violence Stalking

9 Abuse of Authority IS the misuse of power or authority inherent in an individual’s position. IS NOT the proper application of counseling, performance assessment nor the legitimate exercise of authority or discipline.

10 Sexual Harassment can be but is not limited to: Advances or solicitations, implicit or explicit, for sexual favors as a condition of employment Reprisal for rejecting implicit or explicit advances Unwanted comments – positive or negative Unwanted physical touching Sexual comments or jokes in the office

11 Consensual Relationships Consensual relationships are not harassment, but… A power imbalance can result in consent being obtained under perception of duress. The onus rests with the party with the authority to prove the relationship was consensual and not unwelcome.

12 Impact on the workplace Unresolved harassment causes: a poisoned work environment Absenteeism & higher turnover increased mistakes & injuries lost productivity & down time higher operational costs costly litigation, damages & a poor public image

13 Impact on YOU! Unresolved harassment causes: Low morale & lower self-esteem Anxiety & performance issues Sadness, irritability & possibly depression Seeps into home life…

14 Employee Responsibilities All NPF employees have a responsibility to: Comply with the Policy and Guidelines Refrain from offensive conduct Correct or report harassment Take action if subjected to harassment Support others to do the same

15 Supervisors / Managers Responsibility Implement, monitor and apply the Policy and Guidelines in the workplace Not condone harassment Practice early intervention Advise the Conflict Management Office of any potential or actual complaints Maintain confidentiality

16 Resolution Options Step 1: Address the issue with the other person. Step 2: Go to your supervisor for help. Step 3: Submit a Harassment Complaint. At any step along the way you can contact the Conflict Management Office for help, support or informal conflict management services.

17 Conflict Management Office Informal Conflict Management Services include: Policy Advice Consultation Conflict Coaching Facilitation Mediation Group Work Toll Free: 1-800-506-6679

18 Informal Conflict Management Voluntary Neutral Work relationships preserved Resolves issues rather than placing blame Parties control the outcome Faster, cheaper, more effective & longer lasting

19 Submitting a Harassment Complaint A signed and dated complaint can be submitted to the supervisor/manager, the HRM or the Conflict Management Office. It will be reviewed against the following criteria: 12 months from the last incident Repeated incidences or a single sever event Meets the definition of harassment in the NPF Harassment Prevention and Resolution Policy

20 Harassment Complaint Process If the complaint is accepted: Both parties will be offered Informal conflict management. The Respondent will be given the opportunity to respond to the allegations. The Conflict Management Office will keep both parties informed. The Responsible Officer – the Division Head – will decide on all harassment complaints.

21 Rights and Responsibilities The rights and responsibilities of the Complainant and Respondent include: Rights - impartial review of all evidence, access to a complain assistant, a copy of the Responsible Officer’s decision Responsibilities – no retaliation, maintain confidentiality, consider informal conflict management CFMWS has zero tolerance for retaliation.

22 Benefits of Addressing Harassment?

23 Conclusion We all have the ability and responsibility to make our workplace positive and harassment free. Early intervention is the best solution. Stop bad behaviour in your own workplace. If you are being harassed, there are resources available to help.

24 Contact Nicole Smith Conflict Management Advisor (613) 996-6743 Kim Ann Chute Senior Advisor Conflict Management (613) 992-7667

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