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What does Russia have to do with the US?. How did Americans feel after the Cold War? Attitudes changed dramatically – Russia has shared valuable intelligence.

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1 What does Russia have to do with the US?

2 How did Americans feel after the Cold War? Attitudes changed dramatically – Russia has shared valuable intelligence info with the US Aided militarily in Afghanistan Offered to supply oil through Alaska to reduce oil dependence – Putin is a fan of the US – Russian’s feel a bit differently They aren’t happy at America’s dominance of international affairs

3 Currently unresolved issues Nuclear Threats Russia’s nuclear arsenal is the only force on earth (other than the US) capable of destroying humanity When the Soviet Union fell apart, they had about 27,000 nuclear warheads Two types Tactical nuclear weapons (short-range missiles) Strategic nuclear weapons (long-range missiles)

4 Currently unresolved issues Nuclear Threats US doesn’t worry so much about that these days Most fear that the extreme economic troubles Russia has been experiencing have weakened Moscow’s control over their nuclear weapons program Materials are scattered all over the country through Military installations Weapons laboratories Assembly factories Research institutes Nuclear power plans Naval fuel depots Nuclear waste storage facilities

5 Currently unresolved issues “I really can think of nothing more important than being able to proceed with the safe dismantlement of the Soviet arsenal, with nuclear safeguards to make certain that nuclear weapons facilities and the like are well secured….The other possibility, which is that you leave materials unsecured and you don’t take as full initiative as you can…, is simply not acceptable.” Secretary of State Condolezza Rice, January 18, 2005

6 Currently unresolved issues Per the CIA records Russia possesses 200 tons of plutonium 1200 tons of highly enriched uranium (you need < 10 pounds to make a small nuclear bomb) (even smaller would be sufficient to poison the water supply of a large city and kill thousands) 20% of the nuclear materials in Russia is locked ( by US standards) A few pounds of plutonium is worth millions of dollars

7 Currently unresolved issues “It’s possible to buy anything in our country, including nuclear weapons and samples.” ~ Igor Matveyenko, Russian physicist

8 Currently unresolved issues 29 nuclear power plants exist in Russia The world’s worst nuclear accident occurred when a nuclear power plant explosion at Chernobyl, Ukraine forced 130,000 people to evacuate their homes Chernobyl is slightly larger than Maryland Many of the scientists who once worked at the Soviet Union’s nuclear program now work for private companies These companies sell their services to industrialized countries Iran is a leading customer

9 Currently unresolved issues US officials claim Iran has used Russian technology to develop their own nuclear missiles To safeguard these weapons and stockpiles, the US has spent $150 million to establish and support the International Science & Technology Center This center provides jobs for unemployed scientists & engineers

10 Currently unresolved issues Russia depends on their nuclear arsenal due to their relatively small army They believe the arsenal will deter enemies National pride is also a large factor Some Russian legislators (Russian Duma) believe the US wants to take advantage of Russia’s military weakness and impose deep cuts in their nuclear strength

11 Currently unresolved issues Russia and US often find themselves on the same side of the proverbial fence Combating terrorism Controlling drug trafficking Russia’s size & location alone mean is has connections to the majority of the northern hemisphere Russia is one of the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council Along with China, France, UK and US Charged with maintaining international peace & security

12 Currently unresolved issues 1998 Russia became part of the G8 Group of the worlds top industrialized democracies NATO Russia does not NATO – Remember: originally created to block Soviet aggression in Europe – NATO has expanded its membership

13 Currently unresolved issues NATO Former Soviet Union holdings (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic) now belong as well as Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia US views NATO expansion as a way to extend the security system that has contributed to Western Europe’s peace & prosperity since WWII US has attempted to ease Russian concerns by forming NATO-Russia Council in 2002 – Established to give Moscow a voice in NATO decisions

14 What is the ‘near abroad’? The ‘near abroad’ is the Ukraine & the Caspian Sea Basin US supported Ukrainian efforts to break free from Moscow 2004, Ukraine elected Victor Yushchenko


16 What is the ‘near abroad’?

17 The Caspian Sea Energy, energy, energy!!! This region’s oil reserve are estimated to be surpassed only by the Persian Gulf and Siberia. US oild companies have struck deals for exploiting the oil and natural gas fields of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan ChevronTexaco (an American oil gain) has invested billions of dollars in Kazakhstan alone

18 What’s the big deal with Chechnya Russia described the ongoing Chechen war as a war against international Islamist terrorists US said it was an excessive use of military force Violation of human rights Rebels have used cruel & brutal attacks Since 9/11, US has been mum on this issue

19 Iraq Since the Persian Gulf War (1991) US & Russia have disagreed about Iraq Russia strongly opposed the US invasion in 2003 – Moscow favored a less confrontational approach utilizing UN sanctions – Iraq owed Moscow $10 billion in debt

20 US aid to Russia 1994 US gave Russia $1.6 billion 2004 US gave Russia $880 million Since 1991, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have loaned Russia $25 billion Russia now owes $115 million

21 US aid to Russia Critics question the wisdom of giving $$ to Russia They believe loans & aid have contributed to curruption Fueled the war in Chechnya Allowed officials to delay enacting painful, but necessary, economic measures

22 Russia & the global economic system US has emphasized the need for Russia in the global economic market Encouraged Russia to lower trade barriers However, trade between US & Russia has been meager – 2004 US imported $11.85 billion from Russia Exported $2.96 billion to Russia $2 trillion is the US trade for the entire year

23 Russia & the global economic system “Our country is still excluded from the setting of world trade rules. This leads to a stagnation of the Russian economy and a decline in competitiveness.” ~ President Vladimir Putin US has voiced concerns about areas where Russia can make money – Nuclear arms – Arms sales

24 Russia & the global economic system Russia is now China’s mean weapons supplier Russia has a contract with China for the sale of 2 advanced naval destroyers for 1.4 billion In 2004, Russian arms exports topped $5 billion, second only to the US

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