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WELCOME! Meet Mrs. McCray. Meet your Teacher! Daily Schedule 7:50-8:00Arrival & Bellwork 8:00-9:30Reading Block 9:35-10:15Specials 10:15-10:50Language.

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Presentation on theme: "WELCOME! Meet Mrs. McCray. Meet your Teacher! Daily Schedule 7:50-8:00Arrival & Bellwork 8:00-9:30Reading Block 9:35-10:15Specials 10:15-10:50Language."— Presentation transcript:

1 WELCOME! Meet Mrs. McCray


3 Meet your Teacher!

4 Daily Schedule 7:50-8:00Arrival & Bellwork 8:00-9:30Reading Block 9:35-10:15Specials 10:15-10:50Language Arts 10:55-11:25 (10:40-11:05, Wed.)Lunch 11:30-12:30Math 12:30-1:00BrainLab 1:00-1:45Science & Pack-up 1:45-2:10Class PE

5 Classroom Rules  Respect yourself and others  Be Prepared for class  Raise your hand to speak  Keep your hands, feet and all other objects to yourself  Follow directions the first time given

6 How do I know how I’m doing? Consequences  Verbal warning  Take away Dojo point  Note in planner/Cool Down Corner  Silent Lunch  Phone Call home  Parent conference  Office referral Rewards  Positive Dojo Points  Experience Coupons!  Parent Call Home!  Written note home  Class Reward  Extra “Free” Recess  Positive Referral to the office!


8 Walking to and from class! You can do it! Quiet MARSHMALLOW feet. Steady pace Hands to your sides Stay arms length apart from your classmate Face Forward Quiet lips

9 Restroom Procedures When…  you need to use the restroom hold up 2 fingers crossed.  Morning Break and Afternoon Breaks  2 Breaks between if needed  Sometimes there are emergencies and it is okay to go! When you got to go…YOU GOT TO GO!

10 GIVE ME FIVE  Silence (1)  Eyes (2)  Freeze (3)  Hands Free (4)  Listen (5)

11 Getting Started  Be greeted cheerfully!  Enter and sit quietly  Open your planner and write homework in it.  Leave on desk for Mrs. McCray to give you a check  Show me any notes ( I give DOJO points for being responsible and remembering to show me notes)  Follow steps for bell work on board.

12 MOVEMENT  Stay in your seats to avoid accidents.  Use our arrows to move around the room!  Kindly say excuse me if someone or your classmate is in the way.

13 ONE WAYS  Helps with center transitions!  Avoids getting hurt!  I want you to be safe!!! I care about you!

14 Heading for Work on loose paper Name Date Activity or page # Name and # Date

15 Work in the comp books  Turn to the NEXT clean page.  Consecutively number the pages  Put a heading on the page and date  Be neat and organized Rags to Riches LCM game

16 Science Comp Book

17 Group Work  Everyone READS the directions  Everyone take turns to participate in the activities and discussions.  Respect others’ opinions and inputs  Encourage each other  You will practice with a script!

18 Problem and Solution  Delano and Summer can not decide on what to name their project…. What can they do??

19 Problem and Solution  Mattingly, Mason and Lauren want to use the hand lens first to observe the object in the science lab… What can they do???

20 Pencil Needs Sharpening? Sharpening Rules You can only sharpen pencils in the morning. If your pencil breaks during a lesson and you don’t not have another hold it up while being careful of those around you. Example:


22 Grading Scale 90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69 D 59> F

23 HOMEWORK!  It is your responsibility to write your homework down in your planner daily.  Spelling Words will be on the teachers site  Homework for the week will be posted and subject to change based on class progress.

24 YOU ARE THE BEST  I know you are all VERY smart!  You can do ANYTHING if you try!  I CAN’T is short for… I Completely Admit I’m Not Trying!  WHY???? Because I TRULY believe in you!!!!

25 Parent Communication Parents will be called frequently for many Reasons. Job well done Academic progress Schedule conferences Behavior concerns * All communication with parents is documented

26 Dismissal  Dismissal starts at 2:15.  K-1 siblings, karate van, YMCA and walkers will be called on the phone  Car riders will wait with me until your ride arrives.

27 Character counts in our class!

28 Bully Free Zone… If you expect RESPECT… Be the first to show it…

29 Positivity is a Must!!! The only negative things allowed are numbers!!!

30 Don’t forget…. We are RESPECTFUL! We have positive ATTITUDE We are COOPERATIVE We are EXELLENCE

31 We will have a wonderful 2014-2015! I’m so glad you’re in my class!

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