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Event Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 Location: Lake Tahoe Community College Project Coordinator: Lisa Huard

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1 Event Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 Location: Lake Tahoe Community College Project Coordinator: Lisa Huard

2 The Drug Store Project : A Community Drug Prevention Effort What is it? A day-long event in which students are taken through a journey of vignettes on the consequences incurred if they choose to use drugs or participate in any destructive behavior. Who is involved? 40+ Organizations (Agencies, Service Clubs, Businesses, Volunteers 160 volunteer individuals 350 sixth-grade youth of STMS, ZC, St. Theresa, and Diamond Valley What is the message to our Youth? Choices, what are yours?

3 Students arrive at LTCC. California National Guard and group volunteers set the tone and review the expectations for the day. Groups rotate to all vignettes systematically throughout the day. Each vignette is 11 minutes in length.

4 Provided by Partnership of Community Resources Students are provided with an overview of the drugs identified as “Gateway Drugs” (tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana). The emphasis of this vignette is to provide all students with the foundation of information needed to understand the physical, social, and psychological effects of drug use.

5 Provided by BNE and SLEDNET. Students begin with a presentation by law enforcement about illegal drugs in our community. After the presentation students are given the opportunity to walk by a drug display. While observing the different displays of drugs, a pre- selected student takes a bag of “dope” and places it in their pocket. A law enforcement officer witnesses the act and places the student under arrest for possession of illegal drugs.

6 Provided by EDC and DC Probation Students watch as a probation officer fingerprints, photographs, and books their fellow classmate. The probation officer then places the designated student into a jail cell. Juvenile hall officers then present to the audience what it is like to reside in juvenile hall.

7 Provided by the EDC Superior Court, EDC District Attorney, EDC Public Defender The student appears in court with a public defender before a judge and a prosecutor. The judge explains how the legal system deals with those found guilty of possession of drugs and places the minor on probation and mandates the student into drug counseling.

8 Provided by TYFS Substance Abuse Prevention Counselors from local agencies administer a mock chemical assessment while his/her fellow classmates are observing. The audience then receives a presentation with information on chemical addiction and the risks involved when they make their choice of whether to use or not.

9 Provided by AK Entertainment, STHS Friday Night Live, SLTFD, and LVFPD The student chooses to continue to use drugs and attends a party. While at the party, the student collapses on the floor from an apparent drug overdose. Police Officers and EMTs arrive on the scene, perform CPR, and transport the student to the emergency room.

10 Provided by Barton Health Once the student enters the emergency room, actual physicians and nurses attempt to revive the victim without success and the victim dies. Actors play “grieving parents” and are called into the emergency room where the doctor informs the parents that their son / daughter just died.

11 Provided by Sierra Community Church and McFarlane Mortuary A mock funeral is conducted by a minister and mortuary personnel. The “grieving parents” are asked to share the memories they had of their deceased child. Students are then given the opportunity to observe their friend one last time. As they pass by and look inside the coffin, students expect to see their classmate, but instead they see themselves in a mirror. The sobering reminder is to not let this happen to you or those you love.

12 Provided by Molly Cocking This is a powerful, moving story told by one of the young ladies who grew up in our community and is now giving back. Molly is a young woman who in her high school years nearly died from alcohol poisoning. The story she shares of “that moment”, the effect on her, her friends, and most of all her family, is honest and forthright. Molly changed her life, changed her direction, and is now a role model for our youth.

13 Provided by SLTPD and Vitality Lake Tahoe Students are given the opportunity to share and discuss their experiences with a law enforcement officer and mental health professional.

14  Support vignettes are provided by Barton Health, Lake Valley Fire Protection District, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department, South Lake Tahoe Fire Department, and the South Lake Tahoe Police Department.  Harrah’s generously supports lunch and snacks for all 500 participants and we will again have the assistance of their Harrah’s Hero volunteers.  Students participate in a pre and post-event survey for data gathering purposes and program improvement.  Parents and volunteers participate in a post-event survey to help us for program improvement.  Professional counselors participate in our event and can be of help to any child or adult if necessary.  TYFS and EDCMH Counselor visits every classroom as a follow up to the event.

15  Continued financial support for the program.  Volunteers.

16 AK Entertainment, Attorney General’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, Barton Health, California Conservation Corps, California Highway Patrol, California National Guard, DC Probation, DC Sheriff, EDC District Attorney, EDC Mental Health, EDC Public Defender, EDC Probation, EDC Sheriff, EDC Superior Court, Embassy Suites Resort, Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, Kiwanis, Lake Tahoe Community College, LTUSD, Lake Valley Protection District, McFarlane Mortuary, Optimist, Partnership of Community Resources, Pro Leisure, Rotary, St. Theresa School, Sierra Community Church, STHS Friday Night Live, STMS Leadership, SLT Fire Department, SLT Police Association, SLT Police Department, Soroptimist, Tahoe Douglas Fire District, Tahoe Youth & Family Services, And Vitality Lake Tahoe.

17  More information can also be seen at on the Special Events page.

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