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Home of the Demons School of Progress Principal: Tracey Nixon Assistant Principals: Kim Gibbs, Kelly Makepeace.

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1 Home of the Demons School of Progress Principal: Tracey Nixon Assistant Principals: Kim Gibbs, Kelly Makepeace

2  860 students 6 th Grade – 268 7 th Grade – 302 8 th Grade – 289  Race White – 341 Hispanic – 151 Pacific - 1 Black – 341 Multi – 24 Asian – 1 Alaskan -1  Free/Reduced Lunch – 73 % 66.0 – Free 07 - Reduced

3 All EOG and EOC Subjects 2014 Math (6, 7, 8), Read (6, 7, 8), Sci (8); Math1 Effectiveness Level School Exceeds Expected Growth 7 Teachers who students are making more progress than Standard for Academic Growth (the teacher’s index is 2 or greater) Meets Expected Growth 26 Teachers whose students are making progress similar to the Standard for Academic Growth (the teacher’s index is equal to greater than -2 but less than 2) Does Not Meet Expected Growth 7 Teachers who students are making substantially less than the Standard for Academic Growth (the teacher’s index is less than -2) Teaching Effectiveness

4 1. Teacher Retention – Retaining highly qualified candidates is becoming more and more difficult. At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, PS Jones lost twelve (12) classroom teachers.  1 retired  7 left Beaufort County Schools for other counties that paid more money  1 moved in to a Counselor’s position  1 transferred to an Elementary school within Beaufort County  1 is on FMLA  1 left teaching profession That’s a lot of positions to fill, and the teaching candidates are just not out there! We need more incentives to keep teachers employed within Beaufort County Schools. 2. Parental Involvement – It’s hard to keep parents involved at the middle school level. PSJ is constantly creating ways to communicate and seek support from our parents. We need our parents to join and assist us in their child’s education. 3. Concession Stand/ Outdoor Bathrooms – PSJ is an eight (8) year old facility. We do not have an outside concession stand or outdoor restrooms for our athletic fields. This creates two problems:  Building Safety – Visitor’s are allowed to enter our school building to use the restroom facilities with no supervision. This creates a situation where the building is open to anyone at any time. People can come and go without direct monitoring.  Personal Safety – The elderly or handicap have to walk quite a distance to use indoor facilities. We have had several incidences of people falling down while walking that long distance on uneven ground & gravel. 4. Technology Needs – Smartboard projectors, televisions and student computer needs are essential in the operation of our school. The cost to replace these items are astronomical. Classroom computers were recycled, leaving zero to one computers per classroom. Complete on-line testing will be upon us soon. We need updates, new equipment and more teacher training to operate these resources.

5  PSJ met overall growth as a school  PSJ EXCEEDED GROWTH in 6 TH & 7 TH Math  PSJ EXCEEDED GROWTH in 8 TH Science  PSJ EXCEEDED GROWTH on NC Final Exams – 7 th grade Science  PSJ earned second place in the Beaufort County Battle of the Books competition last school year.  Jesus Martinez awarded Victor E. Bell Scholarship - $20,000 for college  Guadalupe Hernandez awarded Middle School Enrichment Scholarship. Attended Quest Camp at UNC-Wilmington over summer (only 6 awarded in NC)  McKenna Taylor won Soil and Conservation Essay for Beaufort County.  PSJ FBLA earned: 2 nd place in state – Introduction to Business Communication Top Ten in State for Digital Literacy, Intro to Business Communications, Spreadsheets and Business Computer Technology

6  PBIS state recognition – Exemplary Award – PSJ was one of two schools receiving this award out of Region 1  Builders Club was started at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year as a partnership with the Washington Kiwanis Club. This organization all students to participate in community service while growing their leadership skills.  Forty five (45) 8 th grade students traveled to Washington, DC over Spring Break to tour the Nation’s Capital and learn about important historical events.  PSJ students organized a memorial service for a late classmate. Tree dedication, memorial marker and presentation of Art work to family.  PSJ raised more money than other Beaufort County School for Relay for Life, Also had largest staff participation and awarded first place for campsite.  School-wide mentoring program added. Every teacher has selected one student to work with throughout the school year (behavior & academics).


8  Lego Robotics – STEM. The LEGO group inspires future scientists and engineers. Students design, build and program autonomous robots.  Golden Leaf has awarded PSJ with an eSTEAM Satellite classroom. Five teachers will be trained to enrich our students in Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Art and Math. Seventy five (75) students will be participating in the grant funded project beginning August 2015.  PSJ plays in a new Pitt County Conference  PSJ adds cross country to its list of sporting events  PSJ has applied for grant for afterschool progress to begin in Feb. 2015.  One School, One Book – Raised $8,000.00 to buy every student the novel, Wonder. Book teaches character education about bullying, as well important literacy skills.  Teacher/ Student Mentor Program – EVERY teacher has selected one student to work with one-on-one in regards to behavior & academics.  Data Walls – Implemented to track student data, analyze testing results and drive instruction in Reading and Math.


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