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Senior Speech Unit.

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1 Senior Speech Unit

2 Why? Because how you speak makes a difference in how people perceive you. Watch examples (youtube)

3 Youtube Clips
Ozzy- Speak clearly Practice your speech   GWB ated Try not to be nervous and don't ramble     Miss Teen Don't make-up words   GWB strategery

4 Types of Speeches Persuasive Most interesting thing Informational
How To/Demonstration Book reports Timeline Lectures Acceptance Most interesting thing Impromptu Farewell

5 Statistics Adults spend… 42% of their time listening 32% talking
15% reading 11% writing

6 College students in the classroom spend…
53% of their time listening to professors and classmates. Why?

7 Our ability to retain or remember what we hear is limited
Immediately after listening to a speech or teacher talk, we can only recall half of what was said

8 After several days, we only remember about 25% of what was said…if we are lucky
Most people will forget everything that was said (this is why you should take notes)

9 Concentration Span= A student’s age + one minute

10 So… Instead of listening most of the time, you will be taking an active role during this unit. How? By giving speeches

11 Summarize List three details about what we just covered

12 Great Male Public Speakers
John F. Kennedy Martin Luther King Bill Clinton

13 John F. Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

14 Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a dream…”

15 Famous Female Public Speakers
Hillary Clinton Susan B. Anthony Eleanor Roosevelt Maya Angelou


17 Why were they great? Enunciation _________________________ __
Motivated and Inspired people Captivated people ____________________

18 Parts of a Speech Introduction Body Conclusion
-Introduce your topic and state your purpose Body -The main part of your speech, details Conclusion -Re-cap your purpose

19 Speech Suggestions from a Professional
Put your notes on index cards and number them. Why? If you feel more comfortable using paper, write your speech in a notebook so if you drop it everything doesn’t fall out.

20 Leave space between your headings
Leave space between your headings. This helps you stay focused on the points in your speech. Consider using a highlighter for key points. Use only one side of the paper or card. Why?

21 How to Control Your Nerves
Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Focus on your message, not yourself Take several deep breaths before you start Realize that you are your own worst critic

22 Things to Remember Avoid slang, um, and uh
Try not to twirl your hair or dance with the podium No gum Don’t mumble Don’t read your speech to the podium Practice your speech more than once Speak loudly Stand up straight at the podium, no hands in your pockets

23 “Sompin” “Brang” “Dressin” “Yeah” “Gotta go” “Presentate” “Don’t got none of that” “Um” “Thingies” “Uh” “Like dis” “Gotta” “You gotta” “OK, that’s it” “Ain’t” “Right dere” “Tooken”

24 Speech Etiquette If a classmate is giving a speech and you are in the hall, wait outside the door until the speech is finished. Never yell things out to the person who is delivering a speech Do not talk to a friend while someone is delivering a speech Do not work on an assignment while someone is delivering a speech Enter the classroom dressed for your speech and ready to go.

25 Remember… If for any reason class is cancelled and you were scheduled for a speech that day, you will present the following day. If you are absent on your scheduled day, you must be ready on the day of your return.

26 On the Spot/Impromptu/Unprepared Speech
Examples: Tell us about your summer plans. If you were an animal what would you be and why? Tell us about your favorite holiday. How do you make a pizza?

27 Today each student will do an Impromptu Speech (Topics are in a hat) Focus on: 1. Introduction, Body and Conclusion 2. Eye contact 3. Voice 30 seconds

28 Farewell Speech Your last goodbye to high school.
Future plans, high school memories, special thanks, shout outs. Choose a group you are leaving, memories of the time spent with the group, thank you to the group. Complete the outline for this speech.

29 What do I wear for this speech?
Wear what you wore for your Graduation Project presentation: “Professional Attire: suits, dresses, skirts, ties, proper shoes, dress shirt, dress pants.” Remember: Your outfit must be complete when you enter the room. Please do not ask to go get changed before your speech.

30 Turn in your completed outline before you do your speech.
5 minutes Eye contact Posture Voice Dress

31 Gale Sayers Article Questions
1. When did Sayers deliver his most memorable speech? 2. How many times a year does Sayers deliver a speech? 3. His great football career is over. What is his current career? 4. While in college what did Sayers realize about being an athlete?

32 5. What happened during his first speech. 6
5. What happened during his first speech? 6. List three suggestions he gives to college students. 7. What does he look for in a speech when sitting in an audience? 8. Sayers was a member of which team?

33 Sarah Brady Article Questions
1. Who is Jim Brady? 2. What happened to him in 1981? 3. Why is Sarah Brady one of the one hundred most powerful women in Washington?

34 4. Who did Sarah address in support of the Brady Bill and why?
5. What was her most effective visual aid during her speech? 6. What was the ultimate purpose of her speech? 7. Her message was a message to ________.

35 Read Pages 10-15 in Basic Speech Experiences green book

36 Demonstration/How To Speeches
The speech should be at least 2- 3 minutes. Be sure to practice your speech. Follow the speech outline: Introduction, body and conclusion. Your visual aid is what you are showing us.

37 Demonstration/How To Speech
The purpose of this speech is to inform your audience and show them how to do something. Examples: Sign for the deaf, make a pizza, swing a golf club, make brownies, shoot a foul shot lay-up three pointer, install an electrical outlet, set a formal dinner table, change a tire, wrap a gift professionally, sew on a button, make origami, make a cake, cut hair, change a guitar string, tune a guitar, skateboard, fly fish, uni-cycle, put on make-up, grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and decorate a cake.

38 Demonstration Speeches
Do not plan on using anything from the Home Ec room If you need to take the class outside, use the gym, LGIA or auditorium, let me know two days in advance If you are cooking, be sure to bring plates, utensils and napkins Do not mix the batter in class…just show us what you would do to make the food Demonstration Speeches

39 Demonstration/How To Speech
Focus on: Organization Eye contact Voice 2-3 minutes

40 2. Move an audience to action
Persuasive Speeches There are two overall goals of persuasion: 1. To address attitudes 2. Move an audience to action What is a persuasive speech? A persuasive speech delivers messages to people in order to alter, strengthen, or maintain attitudes, beliefs, values, or behaviors.

41 Persuasive Aims When you want your audience to start doing something, your goal is to urge the audience to adopt a key idea or plan. Example-A spokesperson for the American Cancer Society would say... “I urge every woman over the age of 40 to get a regular checkup.” She is persuading women to do this.

42 More Persuasive Aims: If your audience is already doing the thing you want them to do, you urge continuance. “I urge all of you to continue to be smoke free for the rest of your life.”

43 More Persuasive Aims: You attempt to persuade your listeners to stop doing something. “I can tell by looking around the room that many people spend hours sitting in the sun. There is a direct connection between exposure to the sun and skin cancer.”

44 Even More Persuasive Aims:
You want to convince an audience not to start something. “We have found that exposure to asbestos can cause cancer. If you have flaking asbestos insulation in your home, don’t remove it yourself.”


46 Persuasive Speech Guidelines
Must be at least 2 minutes. Use at least one visual aid. Make eye contact Speak loudly Do not sway, dance, or pass out :) Do not say “like”, “um”, “you know”. Turn in your outline handout and cards after your speech.

47 Eye contact (speak to your audience…not the floor or podium)
Concentrate on... Eye contact (speak to your audience…not the floor or podium) Speaking loudly Relaxing in front of the class

48 Timeline Speech 1. First... Make a poster all about you Include 4-6 pictures on your timeline poster You can also cut pictures out of magazines that are all about you BE CREATIVE! This poster counts as one visual aid

49 Timeline Speech 2. Second… Prepare a speech all about you, using your poster 2-3 minute speech Give detail about things you include in your speech

50 Elementary school memories Favorite toy and why
You must include... Full name When and where born Brothers and sisters Elementary school memories Favorite toy and why Middle school memories (field trips, teachers, friends, sports) Where do you see yourself in one year, five years, and 20 years.

51 You may include in your speech...
Embarrassing moments Favorite holiday or holiday memory Hobbies Memorable success, award, or achievement Hair styles

52 At least three Visual Aides Timeline poster (counts as one)
Bring in... At least three Visual Aides Timeline poster (counts as one) Provide your own poster board Trophies, certificates, ribbons, toys, drivers permit, etc. Anything to show your audience.

53 Bad public speakers…youtube
Ozzy Osbourne GWB Note: Memorized tongue twister Memorized nursery rhyme Read a children’s story

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