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Creating Content and Language Objectives Mercedes Jr. High School 2009-2010.

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1 Creating Content and Language Objectives Mercedes Jr. High School 2009-2010

2 Content Objectives Criteria Clearly Defined √ Support content and learning standards √ Suites age and proficiency level √ One or two objectives per lesson

3 Clearly Displayed √ Student-friendly language √ Lesson-level objectives √ Brief and to the point

4 Reviewed with Students √Daily focus/emphasis on objective √ Stated orally and in writing √ Reflect on students’ accomplishment of objective


6 Language Objectives Criteria √Support students’ language development √ Stated clearly and simply √ Stated orally and in writing

7 Point to Ponder Acquiring a second language is a process- 1.Recognize similes in text 2.Discuss the functions of similes 3.Write three similes 4.Write a paragraph that describes a setting using similes

8 Integrating Language Objectives  Receptive and productive language skills  Listening and reading  Speaking and writing

9 In Reading... Developing vocabulary Meta-cognitive skills— *HOTS predicting, concluding, summarizing, comparing, or generalizing and evaluating

10 In Writing... The writing process- Brainstorm Outline Draft Revise Edit Complete a text




14 Verbs for Writing Content and Language Objectives Content  Identify  Solve  Investigate  Distinguish  Hypothesize  Create  Select  Draw conclusions about Language  Listen for  Retell  Define  Find the main idea  Compare  Summarize  Rehearse  Persuade  Write

15 Evaluate objectives: The objectives are Observable. Written and presented in language for students. Related to the key concept of the lesson. Promotes student academic language growth. Connects clearly with the lesson topic or activities. * A plan is established for assessing student progress on meeting the objectives.

16 Sample 1. Content objective: SW solve word problems using a two-step process. Language objective: SW write a word problem for a classmate to solve requiring a two-step process.

17 Sample 2. Content objective: SW identify specific landforms on a map of South America. Language objective: SW present an oral report about one landform and its influence on economic development.


19 Campus-wide Initiative Work with a colleague Ask for help Read pages 24 to 31 in the SIOP book Work smarter Thank you and have a great day!

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