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Ben and Me: An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin

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1 Ben and Me: An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin
By GT Coach Liana Gibson By His Good Mouse Amos Discovered, Edited, & Illustrated by Robert Lawson

2 Introduction Learn about Benjamin Franklin using the cluster map and website. Write a paragraph summary of your research. Read your summary to a classmate. Complete a crossword puzzle using a dictionary to learn new words. Choose 5 to write in your sentence.

3 Task You will use a reading journal to answer the questions & make observations as you read.

4 Read the Forward and Chapter 1
According to the foreword, who wrote this book? Describe this author. What is the setting of this story? (Setting = Time & Place)

5 Read Chapter 2 Summarize how Amos helped Ben with an invention in Chapters II and III. Why was this invention important to the people who lived in this time? Summarize the steps taken by Ben and Amos to create the stove. Based on what you read and your own Opinion, explain why Ben shared credit for the creation of the stove with Amos. Do you think this is only Amos’s point of view? Why or why not?

6 Read Chapter 3 and 4 Summarize the terms of the bargain Ben made with Amos. Why was Ben determined to keep his old fur cap, even when the Governor offered him an elegant replacement? What was Poor Richard’s Almanack?

7 Read Chapter 5 Why did the people of the town get so upset with Ben? Start the Wise and Witty Sayings activity (copies on the table by the door, complete throughout the book). Trying writing a few sayings of your own! How did Amos’s tampering with the Poor Richards Almanack get Ben into trouble? How did Ben calm the angry mob?

8 Chapters 6 and 7 Why did Amos change the wiring on Ben’s electrical apparatus before the demonstration? What was the result of these changes? Describe how Ben felt after his success with the Lightning Rod experiment.

9 Read Chapter 8 Summarize Ben’s experiment with the kite in two to three sentences. Why did Ben leave for England? What did Ben do to Amos that almost destroyed their friendship? Do you think there was any excuse for Ben’s behavior?

10 Read Chapter 9 Who was Red? Describe some of his radical activities and beliefs. According to Amos, how did the Declaration of Independence originate? Why do we celebrate the Fourth of July? Use evidence from the book

11 Read Chapter 10 Why was Amos impressed with George Washington?
Why did Washington want Ben to travel to Europe? Why did Amos encourage Ben to select France as his destination?

12 Read Chapter 11 How was Ben treated in France?
What was the result of Ben’s mission to obtain financial aid from France? Describe Sophia. What did Amos promise her?

13 Read Chapter 12 and 13 Why did Ben stay in France after the war ended?
Summarize Amos’ plan for rescuing Sophia’s children. Complete the vocabulary activity for chapter 13. Describe the Battle of Versailles. ( Where did the mice hide? How would you rate the slum mice, the sewer rats, and the peasant mice as soldiers? What did they do in battle?) How did Sophia feel at the end of the battle? How do you know? How did Ben feel? How did you know? (Use evidence from the text).

14 Read Chapter 14 Complete the analogies for chp. 14.
How did Amos and Ben change after arriving home? How do you know? How did Amos fulfill his promise to Sophia?

15 Read Chapter 15 How did Amos and his family surprise Ben on his birthday? What was Amos trying to tell Ben by giving him a new hat?

16 Activities to complete after reading
Complete the activity “Bringing a Character to Life” Write an acrostic poem about Ben Franklin. Construct a diorama of one of the main events of the book. Include a written description of the scene. Choose a scene from the book and rewrite it from Ben’s point of view. Evaluate the book by doing a book review and supporting your answers using the “Book Review Checklist” handout.

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