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For Gun Control Hong C. Lin Section: CIS55-605 November 15, 2006.

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2 For Gun Control Hong C. Lin Section: CIS55-605 November 15, 2006

3 Introduction The Second Amendment It says "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." What does this mean to you? How do you feel about gun control?

4 Federal Gun Law 1968Gun Control Act License requirements were expanded to include more dealers, and more detailed record keeping was expected of them; handgun sales over state lines were restricted; the list of persons dealers could not sell to grew to include those convicted of felonies (with some exceptions), those found mentally incompetent, drug users and more. 1990Crime Control Act Directed the attorney general to develop a strategy for establishing "drug-free school zones," including criminal penalties for possessing or discharging a firearm in a school zone. Outlawed the assembly of illegal semiautomatic rifles or shotguns from legally imported parts. 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act Commonly referred to as the "Assault Weapons Ban," this bill banned the manufacture, possession, and importation of new semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition feeding devices (or magazines) for civilian use.

5 Problems deal with gun Gun Suicide Accidental Death Homicide Legal Intervention Undetermined

6 Data Source: FBI’s annual uniform Crime Report

7 April 19, 2001 School Bus Driver Shoots Co-workers. (A school bus driver surrendered to a co-worker Monday after she pulled a gun and opened fire at a San Jose bus yard, killing one man and wounding three other employees, authorities said. ) March 8, 2001 Schoolgirl Shoots Classmate. (An eighth-grade girl was shot and wounded Wednesday by another girl at a Roman Catholic school, police say, just two days after another school shooting in California.) March 6, 2001 Two Killed in California School Shooting. (Two youths were killed and 13 people were wounded at a suburban San Diego County high school Monday when a "smiling" student apparently carried out a threat he had made earlier and opened fire.) Press Releases

8 Organization favoring gun control Anti-Gun Coalition of America. Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Americans for Gun Safety Foundation. Student Pledge Against Gun Violence.

9 Gun Politics in other countries The United Kingdom The United Kingdom has some of the strictest gun legislation in the world. There is practically no organised “right to keep and bear arms" lobby in the United Kingdom. Australia Both State and Federal Governments have enacted increasingly restrictive firearms legislation. China In China, citizen have no right to keep and bear arms.

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