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Parkland High School Miss Susan Lobb French 2, 2 Honors and 4

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1 Parkland High School Miss Susan Lobb French 2, 2 Honors and 4
Welcome to Open House Parkland High School Miss Susan Lobb French 2, 2 Honors and 4

2 Welcome to Your Child’s French Class
I’m delighted YOU joined us this evening. YOU are the most influential factor in your child’s success in school. I am here to help your child succeed this year.

3 About Me Earned a BS from West Chester University and a Master in Ed in French from West Chester University 22 years of teaching experience at the high school level (second full year at Parkland) Lived and studied in Paris and Quebec. Travel to Europe frequently Enjoy organic gardening, experimenting with new recipes, traveling, and volunteer work with dog rescue groups.

4 What’s in This Year’s Course?
Develop and refine writing and oral skills Vocabulary and grammar enrichment Further develop critical reading skills Examples of these include:journal entries, film analysis, short stories analysis, discussions and presentations

5 Student Resources That Are Available
Textbook and workbook, Discovering French Blanc/Rouge Nouveau Supplemental materials: publisher’s online activities, various websites Additional reading materials:various French novels/short stories,

6 About My Teaching Style
Teacher and student-led discussions prompted by questioning Students learn to write by writing; I give ongoing feedback on progress Vocabulary activities, grammar enrichment through writing and oral drills, individual and group presentations Student focused activities

7 My Expectations for Homework
30 minutes a night to prepare correctly Planning of long-term assignments is critical Work to be completed on time for full credit. Homework will be checked daily. Homework is directly related to topic covered in class

8 Absence Policy for Homework
What your child should do after an absence: Inquire about distributed worksheets and missed homework assignments. Refer to Miss Lobb’s wiki for the HW calendar. Copy notes from a classmate. Arrange make up for missed assessments. Ask questions.

9 Grading Assessments Daily homework (5-50 points)
Daily Bellringer Activity (1 point a day) Quizzes (15-50 points) Lesson Test ( points) Every 7-14 days Individual and group projects (points vary) Daily participation grade(27 points every 4 weeks) Classwork and other activities

10 Official Reporting Dates
Report Cards: 11/18,2/11,4/20 and 6/15 Conference Dates: November

11 Ongoing Home-School Communication
Reach me By phone: D wing x (9th period prep) By To reach you, I will use My Wiki s Phone calls Note sent home

12 How to help me communicate
Share your home and work Identify the best phone contact number Monitor your child’s grades regularly Set up conferences with me, guidance counselors, and others Fill out the pre Open House survey (to inform me about your child’s strengths and weaknesses)

13 How You Can Be Involved Focus on helping your child learn at home (designate a quiet study area and set time restrictions) Become a team player and offer to review vocabulary words using flashcards Encourage your child to use the online review activities as an extension of the classroom learning. Participate in out of the classroom activities that involve French(museums, movies, etc) Encourage your child to participate in French Club activities Seek assistance from me or the guidance counselor when your child is having difficulty Show interest in your child’s successes and offer encouragement in times of failure

14 Additional Parent Resources
For more information about classroom, school and district policies, go to the Parkland High School website or Miss Lobb’s Wiki at Visit the Discovering French Blanc/Rouge Nouveau online book resources.

15 Questions? How does my child get involved in French Club? Meeting 9/27 7:10am room D201 (Mrs. Skumin) How can my child become eligible for the Societe Honoraire de Francais? Canada trip: Feb 9th to Quebec Winter Carnival open to 9th-12th graders.Meeting Sept 27th 7pm. Upcoming Europe trip to Italy and France: meeting Sept 21st (Fr3-AP)

16 Thanks and Keep Involved
Research shows that when all 3 partners (teachers, students, and parents) make a commitment to teaching and learning, student success is sure to follow. As one third of the partnership, I will do my part to make this a successful year for your child. Stay involved and committed to your child’s education. Thank you for coming this evening.

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