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By Jennifer Miranda Jacquelyne Antuche, Marisol Roman Medgar Evers.

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1 By Jennifer Miranda Jacquelyne Antuche, Marisol Roman Medgar Evers

2 Early Life  Medgar Evers was born on July 2,1925 Decatur, Mississippi he died on June 12 1963.  Dropped out of tenth grade in 1943.  Fought in WWII was honorably discharged in 1945 as a Sergeant

3 Early Life  Enrolled at Alcorn State University in 1948 majoring in business administration.  On December 14,1951 he married classmate Myrlie Beasley and had two children

4 Civil Rights  When Medgar Evers was rejected at the University of Mississippi Law School he became part of the NAACP.  He became a target to so many treats after he became a Civil Rights leader.

5 Civil Rights  Evers made public investigations on the cases on Emmett Till.  On May 28,1963 a Molotov cocktail was thrown in to his home.  In June he made a speech where outline the goals for the Jackson movement

6 Time line  1925Medgar Wiley Evers was born July 2.1935  He was in the army until 1945.  1962Medgar Evers had his friend admitted to the University of Mississippi with the help of the US government.  1963Medgar Evers was assassinated on June 12.

7 CIVIL RIGHTS  Medgar Evers was one of the first martyrs of the civil rights movements, whose death prompted President John F. Kennedy to ask Congress for a comprehensive civil rights bill, signed by President Johnson in 1964.  The bill, known as the civil rights act 1964, made illegal all discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, or national origin.

8 After death  On June 12, 1963, as he was returning home, Medgar Evers was killed by an assassin’s bullet.  Black and white leaders from around the nation came to Jackson for his funeral and then gathered at Arlington National Cemetery for his interment.

9 After death  Following his death, his brother, Charles, took over Medgar’s position as state field secretary for the NAACP.  Finally, in a third trial in 1994 (and thirty- one years after Evers’ murder), Beckwith was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

10 Finally  The legacy of Medgar Evers is everywhere present in the Mississippi of today. This peaceful man, who had constantly urged that “violence is not the way” but yet did every thing he could do.  When Medgar died in 1963, only 28,000 blacks were registered voters. By 1971, there were 250,000 and by 1982 over 500,000 voter ”.

11 Pictures Pictures

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13 The end

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