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EDCO 267 – Spring 2015 Practicum in Lifespan and Career Development Shawn Ogimachi Please place “267” in the subject line of .

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1 EDCO 267 – Spring 2015 Practicum in Lifespan and Career Development Shawn Ogimachi Please place “267” in the subject line of email

2 Shawn Ogimachi 267 Instructor Career and Educational Counselor 831-423-7835 Home Office Hours - following class each Tuesday Please place “267” in the subject line of email

3 EDCO 267 – Spring 2012 Practicum in Lifespan and Career Development The mission of the Department of Counselor Education is to prepare guidance and counselor candidates who will enhance quality and excellence for all students and human beings in an increasingly diverse, technologically complex, and global community. Required Text: Sharf R. S, (any edition). Applying Career Development Theory to Counseling Brooks/Cole Publishing Company: Pacific Grove, CA

4 Introductions and Adding the Course Prerequisite : EdCo 266 Co requisite: Completion of the following Career Assessment Instruments: 2004 Strong Interest Inventory - SII Myers Briggs Type Indicator – MBTI Self Directed Search - SDS

5 COURSE EXPECTATIONS AND EVALUATION 1. Completion of SDS, 2004 Strong Interest Inventory, and MBTI. (10%) 2. Join and participate in a professional counseling association or write a paper on professional development. (10%) 3. Three career counseling case studies: Conduct two counseling interviews for three different clients and prepare case management reports for three of these clients. Utilize career development theories and approaches as a framework and other course content. (20%) 4. Lesson plan: Plan and develop career curriculum with instructional strategies. The plan will be on a career topic using national standards that address a student population. (15%) 5. Participation is required - Punctuality and participation in peer feedback and counseling process and observation. (25%) 6. Final Examination – (20%)

6 EDCO 267 PointsGrade 95 – 100A 90 – 94A- 87 – 89B+ 84 – 86B 80 – 83B- 77 – 79C+ 74 – 76C 70 – 73C- Below 70Not considered a passing grade

7 Introductions Choose a partner that you do not know Introduce yourself Ask that person these questions: Share a highlight from the break What high school attended? One suggested movie? Where do you currently work or intern? What do you hope to get out of this class? Be prepared to introduce your partner to the class

8 Goal To enable students to attain the basic competence in individual and group career counseling by utilization of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained from EdCo 218, 219 and 266 to conduct effective counseling interviews with clients and develop career oriented instruction and programs

9 “A” level students attend every class However, illness occurs and emergencies happen. If you must be absent because of illness, a death in the family, an ill child, official government appointments, or an accident, please call and email. Also, call a classmate to find out what you missed. You are expected to have made all work up by next class. Leaving class is considered an unexcused absence.

10 “A” level students are prepared for class and hand assignments in on time A level students are prepared for class, ready to learn, organized, make and keep agreements and complete their assignments on time. Assignments are due in class, hard copy Late assignments do not receive full credit

11 Practicum Counselors will be able to: Identify client’s presenting career issues Develop appropriate counseling objectives based on the developmental level of the client Use counseling techniques to move toward implementation of counseling objectives

12 Learner Outcomes ActivitiesEvaluation Identify and understand the career counseling process Read and view materials. Career Development National Standards, Trait Factor Theory Final exam question, Case Management Reports. Conceptualize how work has changed in American society Read and view lecture slides Discuss how career changes were made prior the information age Historical evolution of Human Societies Final Exam question Identify and utilize Career Development Theories Text, lecture, and discussion Holland, Frank Parsons, MBTI Lab Counseling, Case Management Reports, Lesson Plan, Final exam question

13 Analyze the difference between interests, skills, and values in career decision- making. Read and view materials. Participate in-class discussion, card sorts Find other examples (film or print) of media, which demonstrates some aspect of career development reflecting interests, values or skills. “Major vs. Career” exercise. Lab counseling, Case Management Reports Final exam question Selection, administration, and interpretation of Career Assessment Instruments Text and lecture, handouts Personal reflection, in class exercises Self Directed Search, MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory Lab counseling, Case Management Reports, Final exam question Demonstrate effective counseling micro- skills and incorporate career counseling process Review of Ivey’s Hierarchy, micro skills lecture slides and in class exercises Lab counseling, peer feedback, case management reports

14 Conduct online search of career information resources. Conduct online searches.Literature Review, LMIs Utilization of career, personality, and social development theories to help clients make career decisions Text readings, assessment instruments, class exercises, lab practice Lab counseling, peer feedback, case management reports, lesson plan

15 Homework Purchase and complete MBTI, 2004 Strong Interest Inventory and the Self Directed Search - SEND in the STRONG! Read the Introduction In Sharf and “Trait and Factor Theory”. Be prepared to discuss the Introduction next week Read and study the Green Sheet and Handbook

16 EDCO 267 – Spring 2015 Practicum in Lifespan and Career Development Shawn N. Ogimachi Ending Slide

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