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Campbell County Middle School

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1 Campbell County Middle School
Digital Citizenship Campbell County Middle School

2 Click the image below

3 Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship
Digital access Digital communication Digital commerce Digital etiquette Digital health and wellness Digital law Digital literacy Digital rights and responsibilities Digital security

4 Digital Access & Communication
Identify some examples of items and methods people use today to access information and communicate with one another. What are some situations where you might use your electronic device at school? When are you permitted to use your electronic devices at school?

5 Social Media Sites If someone you have as a “friend” on Facebook begins to harass you, how should you handle the situation. If someone tells you something or posts something on your Facebook page that you are unsure is true, should you repost or tell other friends?

6 (pop-ups, phishing) Click in the white space below for the video
Digital Commerce (pop-ups, phishing) Click in the white space below for the video

7 Digital Etiquette What is digital etiquette?
What are some ways in which you can demonstrate digital etiquette?

8 Digital Etiquette

9 Digital Etiquette True or False 1.) SENDING AN IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is an example of good digital etiquette. 2.) Having your cell phone ringer on vibrate during a meeting, dinner, or class is an example of good digital etiquette. 3.) Your friend is not responding to your text messages... and you just keep re-sending a bunch more. This is good digital etiquette.

10 Your teacher ed your class with a homework assignment, and you have a question about the assignment. An appropriate response would be to: a) Reply to your teacher asking "WHEN IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE?" b) "Reply to all" asking "When is this supposed to be done?" c) Reply to your teacher asking "When is this supposed to be done?" d) Reply to your teacher asking "when is this supposed 2b dun?"

11 Karen is at the movies with her friend and forgets to set her phone to vibrate instead of ring. During the movie, her cell phone begins to ring. Since Karen is expecting an important call from her parents, she should, A. Quickly and quietly, turn her phone off and finish watching the movie. B. Go ahead, take the call, and talk in a whisper. C. Answer the phone and talk in a regular voice, no one will care in the movie theater. D. Quickly and quietly, silence the ringer (or set it to vibrate), walk out to the lobby of the theater, and then return the call.

12 T or F Everything you find or read on the internet is true.
How might I determine if a website is reliable? T or F It is ok to use information that others have posted online for educational purposes.

13 Digital Health & Wellness
How much time do you spend on electronic devices? Are you getting enough physical activity?

14 Digital Law

15 Click in the black space below for the video.
Cyber-Bullying Click in the black space below for the video.

16 What is cyber-bullying?
How or what might someone use to cyber-bully another? T of F Cyber-bullying does not hurt anyone because it is only words typed to another using an electronic device.

17 You took a picture of a classmate falling down in gym class and then posted his name and picture to your Facebook. All of your friends added how funny the picture was. A. The posting of the name and picture was okay and no one should have issues. B. Posting the picture without the name would have been better. C. Taking a picture of a classmate at any time, is not OK. D. Before posting, one should consider what this will do to the person in the picture.

18 You may not take photos, videotape or record students or staff members in the classroom or otherwise during school hours without their consent and permission from school officials. Student Acceptable Use Policy Student Handbook, Page 22


20 Sexting What is sexting? Why is sexting not a good idea?

21 Digital Literacy How do I know if a website is credible?
Where did the information come from? Check the domain of the website. This can be done by looking at the last part of the URL. Extensions such as .edu, .gov. .org are usually associated with reliable information. First on the list isn't always the best. Doing a Google search will pull up the most popular websites first. It does not mean that it is the most accurate information. Look at the overall layout of the website. Is the spelling and grammar correct on the website? Is the website up-to-date? Dates can often be found near the bottom of the page. Is the author well known? Has the information been reviewed by an expert? Can you tell if the information is supported by evidence (does it include citations)? Can you verify any of the information in another source or from personal knowledge?

22 Digital Rights and Responsibilities
Know your rights Respect the rights of others Use electronic devices responsibly Follow the Student Acceptable Use and Bring Your Own Device Policies

23 Digital Security

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