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Grade 4 Life Science: Habitats and Communities Created by: Melissa Horvath.

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1 Grade 4 Life Science: Habitats and Communities Created by: Melissa Horvath

2 Units Components 13 Lessons Pre-Lesson videos Gain an understanding of habitats and communities Learn about the four components of habitats that are necessary for survival Learning outside of the classroom

3 Unit Components Assessment – ongoing and includes a variety of tools Safety – included in every lesson Clean up – a bucket for all science journals, have a designated spot “science area” in classroom

4 Outcomes HC4.1 Analyze the effects of human activities on habitats and communities. (Lessons 1 – 5, 13) HC4.2 Investigate the interdependence of plants and animals within specific habitats and communities. (Lesson 6 – 9, 13) HC4.3 Compare the structures and behaviours of animals and plants that allow them to exist in different habitats and communities. (Lessons 9 – 13)

5 Lesson 1: Habitat Lap Sit Outcome: HC4.1, Indicator: f Read The Magic School Bus Hops Home: A Book About Habitats Students will be introduced to four main components of a habitat Create a circle to represent the interdependence of components

6 Lesson 2: The Lorax Outcome: HC4.1, Indicators: c, f, h Show video of The Lorax Students complete and discuss guiding questions

7 Lesson 3: Awi Usdi, the Little Deer Outcome: HC4.1, Indicators: a, b, c Read Awi Usdi, the Little Deer as a class Have a discussion about the connection that First Nations traditionally have to the land Create own legends using guiding questions Share legends with other students

8 Lesson 4: What Did Your Lunch Cost Wildlife? (Part 1) Outcome: HC4.1, Indicator: c Examine the foods that students brought for lunch Create a chart or web that shows the process that the food went through to get to their lunches

9 Lesson 5: What Did Your Lunch Cost Wildlife? (Part 2) Outcomes: HC4.1, Indicators: c, d Examine food process charts that they created in previous lesson Discuss ways to lessen the effect on wildlife and the environment As a group, create a representation of how people can have less of an effect

10 Lesson 6: Connections Within the Environment Outcome: HC4.2, Indicators: a, b, c Walk around the playground or community and write about animals they see Discuss relationships between animals and environment Create a food web as a class

11 Lesson 7: Weird Friends Outcome: HC4.2, Indicator: f Read book Weird Friends Students follow along and fill in benefits of each relationship Discussion of mutualism

12 Lesson 8: Creating Habitats (Part 1) Outcome: HC4.2, Indicators: e, f, k Create a habitat using a variety of materials Write about their habitat using a guiding sheet Write about relationships that are present in the habitat

13 Lesson 9: Creating Habitats (Part 2) Outcomes: HC4.2, Indicators: f, l Complete habitat and written components Examine a classmate’s habitat Answer questions about their classmate’s habitat

14 Lesson 10: Special Adaptations Outcome: HC4.3, Indicators: a, b, c Go outside to examine different types of organisms Write and draw about components of habitat Identify special adaptations of an organism

15 Lesson 11: Identifying Adaptations Outcome: HC4.3, Indicators: d, g View a variety of organisms Attempt to identify their physical adaptations Play an interactive game that focuses on animal adaptations

16 Lesson 12: Creating Animals Outcome: HC4.1 Indicators: f Students given a description of a habitat Create a new type of animal that could survive in the habitat Must identify the adaptations that allow them to survive

17 Lesson 13: Exam Outcomes: HC4.1, HC4.2, HC4.3 Exam that encompasses the entire unit Allows students to apply what the know Short answer questions Similar questions to what students have answered in the unit

18 Thank-you! Questions or comments? We made it! Enjoy your summer!!

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