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Interactive Classroom Scrapbook Click to continue.

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1 Interactive Classroom Scrapbook Click to continue

2 Assignment The last project is to create an interactive Scrapbook (presentation) that contains pictures and text of your fellow classmates to remember them by.

3 Example Click here to see an examplehere

4 Instructions 1.Use Photo Booth to take 3-5 different recognizable pictures of yourself. 2.Import your pictures into iPhoto. After you are done taking pictures, select the pictures you want to share by “SHIFT” + clicking on each picture. Select the iPhoto icon towards the bottom of Photo Booth Click to see video

5 Video - Photo Booth

6 3.Share your iPhoto Library by going to “iPhoto” --> Preferences… 4.Within Preferences window click on the SHARING icon and then check: 1.“Look for Shared photos” 2.“Share my photos” 5.Close the window Click to see video iPhoto : Sharing pictures

7 Video - iPhoto: Sharing

8 Importing Classmates’ pictures 5. Import your classmate’s pictures from the shared section of iPhoto. 1.Find the picture you want to import 2.Click and drag the picture to the left panel until a blue outline surrounds the whole left panel and a green circle with a “+” (plus) sign is visible. 3.Release the mouse button 4.Rename the Album with the student’s name Click to see video

9 Video - iPhoto: Importing

10 Neo Office- Presentation 6.OPEN Neo Office, after you have imported ALL of your students’ pictures into iPhoto. 7.You will create 2 NeoOffice files: a)One with a Title Page and the class collage SAVE AS: “Collage” b)One that contains your picture and text SAVE AS: ” card” Click to see video

11 Video: Neo Office

12 Neo Office- Presentation 8.For the “Collage” file: 1.Insert all the pictures of your class onto the 2nd slide; make a collage 9.For the “ card” file: 1.On the 1st slide INSERT YOUR picture 2.Next to your picture type the following information: WHEN YOU STARETED 3 rd STREET MEMORABLE 3 rd St El STORY: HOBBIES: FUTURE DREAMS: And anything else you would like to add Click to see video

13 Video: Collage

14 Neo Office- Presentation 10.Once you have decorated your slide, inserted you picture and added text…Save it and put it in the designated folder. 11.Copy other students’ files to you computer 1.Place in “Document” folder 12.Open your “Collage” file. 13.Go to the Menu Bar --> Insert --> FILE 14.Choose your classmates’ file 15.Once you have inserted all of your classmates’ slides, SAVE it

15 Interactive buttons 10. Go to the second slide (the collage). 11.Add interactive behavior to your collage pictures so that when you click on a classmates picture, it will go to his/her card. a)Click on a picture b)Click on Interactive button on the bottom c)Choose the slide (card) that corralates to the chosen picture. Repeat until all pictures have been changed to a interactive button 12.SAVE YOUR WORK. 13.You are done. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Click to see video

16 Video: Interactive Pictures Interactive button tool

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