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2 1978 25th Reunion Classmate Photos

3 Mechanical Engineering
Bob Brown Mechanical Engineering CEO, Goss International Corporation 1978 Wife Gail, Daughter, Bob, Son,

4 Frank Leahy Math Principal Engineer at Terra/Lycos in San Francisco
Frank, Rachael Gaunt, and Nathaniel Track Days at WPI Sebastian Francis Leahy, Born 3/25/2003

5 Electrical Engineering
Doreen Woodman Taylor Electrical Engineering Six Sigma Black Belt Senior Quality Consultant Philips Medical Systems, MA 1978- Rick Poole and Doreen Woodman Taylor

6 Electrical Engineering
Doreen Woodman Taylor Electrical Engineering Husband John, son John, daughter Sarah and Doreen

7 Sandra Wyman, P.E. Chemical Engineering
Stealth – Top Cat A Cancer Survivor now 16 years old Ambrose Berry and Sandra Wyman Sienna – New Cat on the Block The Huntress Our Adopted and Rehabbed Strays Smoke – The Court Jester Headed for Heaven, Sept 2000 Smudge – The Armored Plated Marshmallow Departed May 2005 Sphinx AKA Buddha Poot – Reached Nirvana August 2007

8 Ray Dunn, M.D. Chemistry Chief, Plastic Surgery UMass Medical Center
Division of Plastic Surgery 2003, The Dunn Triplets: Meaghan (front), Katie, Sarah, 11.5 years old Wife: Beth

9 Erik Hedberg, BS, Biomedical Engineering, WPI
Masters, Electrical Engineering, Duke University Engineer/Manager, IBM 1978 Rowing Buddies: Russ Warnock (’78), George Wespi (’79), Erik Hedberg Sons: David and Brenden Photos courtesy of: Erik Hedberg

10 Jerry Marcotte Civil Engineering Senior Transportation Engineer
Headquarters Construction Stormwater Coordinator US EPA, Sacramento, CA Then and Now

11 Mechanical Engineering MBA, RPI
John (Blue) Hannon Mechanical Engineering MBA, RPI 1978 2003 Research Associate, E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. Wife Kathy, Sons Steve (19) and Scott (16)

12 Ian Cannon Chemical Engineering Systems Development, Boeing Co. 1979
June Rockwell International Assignment….Maui, Hawaii Friend Randy now in Maui 1998 – as Ralph Rottengrape Murder mystery dinner party 1984 Ian, son Taylor, Wife Linda 1998- Linda and Ian 2002 White Trash Party; Son Andy (16), Wife Linda, Son Taylor (19), Ian

13 Kevin Northridge, Civil Engineering
1980 Two daughters, Jennifer (20) and Jessica (11) King Charles Cavalier Spaniel - Daisy 2003 Director, Urbitran Associates Montville, NJ Kevin Northbridge, Patty Tracy Walton, Bill Walton, Mark Cioffi

14 Steve Tourigny, Mechanical Engineering
Steve, daughters Lauren (19) , Brennagh (16), wife Kathleen VP, Operations, Ebara Technologies, Inc. Sacramento, CA 2002 Family vacation in Maui, Hawaii 2002 Senior Hockey League Silver Cup Champs, Goalie 1978

15 Gary “SAFA” Sowryda, Mechanical Engineering
Owner, Oil and Gas Company Houston, Texas August, 2003 Sons (left to right): Christopher, 21, Alex, 12, Jonathon “JB”, 19, wife Susan

16 Atul Kirloskar Rooftop Bar-B-Q
Atul Kirloskar now runs The Kirloskar Group, one of India's largest industrial conglomerates Rooftop Bar-B-Q Photo courtesy of: Stan Kuczarski

17 Student Life on the Hill

18 SPREE DAY 1977 Photo submitted by; John Downes, Chem Eng

19 SPREE DAY 1977 Photo submitted by; John Downes, Chem Eng

20 SPREE DAY IN THE PUB Professor Bob Wagner, Chemical Engineering, in Goat’s Head Pub with friends

21 MORGAN HALL – 3RD FLOOR Scott Farrell E. Craig Luce Kevin Northridge
Jon Lawrence Lee Wells Gary Sylvestre Don Abells Gary Sowyrda Jeff Wilcox Kent Baschwitz (RA) Ron Fish Brad Mills Doug Parsons Bill Kelm Steve Tourigny PHOTO BY: TONY WEINER, 1979, SUBMITTED BY: RON FISH, 1978


23 25 Years Later…..Campus Changes

24 Institute Road Mall Fountain

25 New Campus Center

26 New Bartlett Center - Admissions Office
Bartlett Center is the first WPI building to be registered with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGB), a national organization that certifies buildings that are green, are sustainable, and protect the environment.

27 New Gateway Park Bioengineering Center

28 Check out the grass roof!
New Student Housing FIJI Check out the grass roof! The LEEDs certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building and an adjacent 189-space parking garage are scheduled to open in the fall of 2008

29 25th Reunion - Fund Raising

30 Alumni Donor Brick Sidewalk on the Quad

31 Frank Leahy and Sandra Wyman With Class Check for Alumni Fund
42% Contribution Rate for Class of 1978! Bob Brown headed fundraising efforts

32 25th Reunion - The Reception at Bernie Brown’s

33 Here We Are! Front Row, Seated, L to R: Patty Tracy Walton, Steve Superson, Cyndy Gryniuk Hofer, Winsor Naugler, III, Sandra Wyman, Frank Leahy, Steven Wolfe Standing, L to R: Stephen Pace, Pat Nicholson, John Vestri, Jr., Paul Angelico, Russ Warnock, W. Charles McGovern, Dave Wilson, John Downes, Rick Poole, Jon Brucks, Bob Brown, Tom Medrek, Bill Walton, Rich Bielen, John Contestabile (front), Ray Dunn (back), Steve Kuczarski, Tony Fernandes, Erik Hedberg, David Hawley, Doug Thompson, Kevin Northridge, Mark Cioffi, Steven Wolfe (blue sweater)  Attended, but not in picture: Jon Lawrence, Mike Gantick, Jeff Fraulino, John Johnson, John Salvatore

34 Gail Brown (Bernie’s wife), Frank Leahy, wife Rachel Gaunt

35 Kathy Medrek Bitzy Wilson Mark Cioffi Gail Brown Barbara Poole

36 Russ Warnock Tom Medrek Dave Wilson Bill Walton Patty Tracy Walton

37 Mark Cioffi Patty Tracy Walton Cyndy Gryniuk Hofer Martha and David Hawley

38 Bob Brown Erik Hedberg Tony Fernandes Bill Trask Rick Poole

39 Steve Kuczarski Carole Kuczarski Rich Bielen

40 Cyndy Gryniuk Hofer Dave and Martha Hawley Dave Wilson Rick Poole

41 John Contestabile Patty Tracy Walton Tom Medrek

42 Landy Johnson Rich Bielen John Downes Betsy Like David Hawley

43 Landy Johnson Gail Brown Steve Wolfe Ambrose Berry Kevin Northridge

44 Slide Show Steve Wolfe Rich Bielen Frank Leahy Martha and David Hawley Tony Fernandes

45 25th Reunion - The Banquet at Alden Hall

46 Look Where? Bill Walton John Contestabile Mark Cioffi KevinNorthridge Steve Superson Photo courtesy of: Mark Cioffi

47 The Bribe Cyndy Gryniuk Hofer Patty Tracy Walton
Photo courtesy of: Mark Cioffi

48 Our Reception Hosts Steve Wolfe (seated) Gail and Bernie Brown Rick Poole Doug Thompson (seated)

49 Our Leader Class President Rick Poole and wife Barbara

50 Souper Two Steve and Sharon Superson Photo courtesy of: Mark Cioffi

51 Side Bar Kevin Northridge Patty Tracy Walton
Photo courtesy of: Mark Cioffi

52 Schmoozing Mark Cioffi Jon Lawrence (back)
Bill & Patty Walton John Vestri Steve Pace Tony Fernandes Dave and Bitzy Wilson Gail Brown (seated) Ray Dunn (standing)

53 The FIJI Contingent Paul and Donna Angelico Tom and Kathy Medrek Beth and Ray Dunn Jon and Judy Brucks

54 The Independent Contingent
Rich Bielen Carole and Steve Kuczarski Christine and Pat Nicholson Betsy Like and W. Charles McGovern Winner of The Reunion Quiz!

55 The Cioffi Contingent Back: Mark and Mary Ann Cioffi,Bill and Patty Tracy Walton, Cyndy Gryniuk Hofer Front: Kevin Northridge, Steve and Sharon Superson Photo courtesy of: Mark Cioffi

56 Just One More Bill Walton Steve and Sharon Superson
Photo courtesy of: Mark Cioffi

57 All Smiles All Smiles Kevin Northridge Patty Tracy and Bill Walton Steve Superson Photo courtesy of: Mark Cioffi

58 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Mark Cioffi Kevin Northridge Bill Walton Steve Superson Photo courtesy of: Mark Cioffi

59 Stay Tuned For Future Additions! Contributions Welcomed!
Contact Your Volunteer Archivist: Sandra Wyman


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