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TrIn 3102: Consecutive Interpreting Week 5 2/15/06.

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1 TrIn 3102: Consecutive Interpreting Week 5 2/15/06

2 2 Week 5 Agenda: Lecture Assignments due to Instructor: 1. thought questions from readings 2. follow-up paper responding to Interpreting Situation #1 (include both responses: your initial response before your small- group discussion last week and your final written response for this week)—25 pts. 3.After your speech: submit your 2-3 page paper summarizing your 5-minute oral presentation A or B—100 pts. Goal: Provide students with an opportunity to present information about interpreting to a select audience. (1.5 hrs) Provide students with written feedback regarding their presentations. Lab goals: Evaluation of Childhood Screening role plays Note-taking practice Landlord-tenant issues Assignments for Week 6

3 3 Lecture: Presentation A Each student will give a 5-minute oral presentation in English regarding some aspect on interpreting such as the interpreter’s role, working with an interpreter and/or an interpreter’s code of ethics. Students will select a specific audience to address. Selected audiences could be teachers, health care providers, social service workers or employers. Students will also write a 2-3 page paper (double spaced) reflecting the content of the oral presentation.

4 4 Lecture: Presentation B Each student will interview a working interpreter. If possible, you will try to interview an interpreter who has a dual role. You will prepare questions for your interview, write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) summary of your interview including your questions and your own impressions. You will also present a 5- minute summary in English of your experience to the class.

5 5 Lecture: Grading Criteria for the oral 5 minute presentation (100 points) 20- Presentation provides accurate information 20- Presentation material is specific to the audience members’ needs and interests 10- A specific audience is identified 10- Oral presentation is within the approximate time limit of 5 minutes 20- Speaker uses a clear speaking voice with correct grammatical usage and vocabulary choices to convey the ideas and content 10- Presentation is well-organized and informative 10- Speaker uses notes if needed and does not read the presentation

6 6 Lab Activities: Students who have NOT completed videotaping last week: 1. Students will complete their videotaping of the role plays/dialogues using the improvised role plays regarding Early Childhood Screening. 2. Each student will view his/her video (in the role of interpreter) and select a 3-minute section to discuss. *** 3. See right side. 4. Note-taking practice Students who have completed videotaping last week: ***1. Before the lab group, show your 3 minute section to discuss a problem within the situation or to discuss your specific interpretation of the section. Use feedback questionnaire on next slide. 2. Practice in pairs: Divide the lease (pp. 40-41) in half with another student. Record a 2-minute sight translation of your half of the landlord/tenant lease. Compare and contrast your work with your partner. Each is to develop a list of ten (10) problem “lease” terms with possible translations. 3. Groups of 3: Tenant/landlord role play exercises (do p. 42 first, then pp. 44-47) as time allows.

7 7 Lab: Feedback on Role Plays Feedback can be focused on message accuracy and how the interpreter handled the situation. Items for discussion include the following: 1. How does the interpreter handle asking for clarification? 2. Are there other options for the interpreter to get clarification? 3. Has the interpreter stepped beyond what would be appropriate for the role? Why? What are other ways the situation could be handled? 4. How accurately is the message conveyed? Is the message content, affect (emotion) and style being conveyed? Give examples. 5. Is there a pattern that can be identified that is affecting the overall accuracy of the message?

8 8 Impromptu role plays (to be videotaped as practiced last week) Groups of 3 (psychologist, parent, interpreter) - choose from lab pp. 26-29. Each of you will role play a parent with a unique set of circumstances. You are being interviewed by your school district as part of their early childhood screening. The person interviewing you is filling out information sheets (pp. 31-33). Record with your videotape when you are the interpreter (not when you are the parent). Include introductions, please. Watch your tape. Select a 3-minute section you want reviewed by your lab class. Discuss your work using lab p. 30.

9 9 Review: Note-taking practice Classmate A will read aloud only one paragraph, one sentence at a time, from each article listed below while Classmate B takes notes. Classmate B interprets each sentence using the notes. Accidente de tráfico [Spanish to English] AND Auto Safety Tips [English to Spanish]. (lab pp. 142-143) Reverse the roles and repeat the exercise reading a different paragraph. Highlight or underline those words and phrases you feel could have been interpreted more clearly. Make a list of possible terms/vocabulary. You may opt to discuss terms and vocabulary with your classmate.

10 10 Assignment for Week 6 1. Bring audio equipment and videotape! 2. Lecture preparation: Read the González article, “Error types…….” 3. Lab Exercise #2 (20 points): Sight translation with vocabulary list a. Eight sets (Sight Text 11 from last 2 pages of handout week 3, pp. 17, 18, 22-23, 24, 25, 34-35, 84-85) of pages in English are assigned to practice sight translation at home. Next week a portion of one set will be selected for you to sight translate for your lab instructor. Please do not translate or write directly on these pages. b. Develop a vocabulary list of ten (10) “problem” words that are either in the sight translation texts or that might be related vocabulary. For your vocabulary list, write down an equivalent word or phrase in your other working language. After discussing your list, you will give it to your lab instructor next week.

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