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Intel in School Education

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1 Intel in School Education
Anshul Sonak Mandeep Bhandari

2 successful IT in Education Program
Intel Education in India Accessibility Connectivity Capacity Building Content Platforms Connectivity 21st Century Skills e-learning Affordable, Energy Efficient Computing models Purpose-Built Access Model Ownership & funding models Wired Wireless WiMAX Telco Bundles Public Private Partnership programs Intel Teach: 1m teachers, student teachers & teacher educators Capacity building for district, state officials Skoool platform Local subject content ecosystem providers Build on teacher owned content Intel offers solutions and support on these four pillars that are fundamental for any successful IT in Education Program

3 We are your partner in addressing some of your ground challenges
IT Infrastructure & Connectivity deployment Energy Efficiency Regional Language Content & Software Give actual India examples of how we do it directly/indirectly Policy Planning & Execution Teacher Professional Development

4 eLearning Roadmap for Secondary Schools
Classroom eLearning Complete digital curriculum integration Learning Value PC Labs Student-centered learning Some digital curriculum integration Basic ICT Project-based learning Focus on learning PCs Most people, thorough instruction Group collaboration More people, deeper instruction Successful education strategies include an increasing use of these key ingredients working together As the number of computers per student increases, computers become mobile (laptops, tablets, handhelds) and connectivity increases, one shifts from basic ICT and PC lab environments to true eLearning environments Let’s focus on 1:1 eLearning and classroom eLearning – these are the optimal eLearning environments where you can really begin to develop 21st century skills [transition] The 1:1 eLearning model – where each teacher and student has a dedicated laptop computer – is seen by many as the ideal way to integrate technology in the curriculum and maximize its benefits. Lab instructor only Broad, fast coverage (WiFi, WiMAX) Digital Content Wireless in classroom Improved Learning Methods Wired, lab only Professional Development Dialup Computers-on-wheels or shared desktops, Teacher PC Programs Netbooks (1:1) with Teacher PC Programs Connectivity Minimal ~25:1 Technology Access 4

5 Template to plan your eLearning Architecture
Policy, Planning & Funding Usage Assessment Pedagogy School Organization Teachers, Student, Administrator & Parents Professional Development & User Support Curriculum (core and supplemental) Content Community Generated & Administration Project-Based WWW/Internet, Student thinking tool OS & Productivity Apps (Office, browser, , IM, etc.) Infrastructure Software Managed Learning Env (Intranet, LMS, CMS, etc.) Client & Server Management (antivirus, security, backup/restore, cache, firewall, etc.) Student & Teacher Platforms (desktops, laptops) School WLAN/LAN (router, AP) Connectivity (national, WWW) Server(s) Peripherals (whiteboard, video camera, etc.) Infrastructure Hardware Robert Fogel Facilities Electrical Power (grid , UPS, diesel , solar, wind, UPS) Storage/Security/Charging Building Structure

6 Intel Processors Power a Range of Devices!
Want a richer, fuller experience? Want the “best internet experience in your pocket”? Want a simple and affordable devices for Internet usage models? Get a Notebook or Desktop Get a Mobile Internet Device Get a Netbook or nettop 6 6

7 WHAT ARE WE DOING Optimized for affordability Small Power efficient
Smart Affordable Uncompromised Affordability barrier WHAT ARE WE DOING 22mm 22mm 22mm Optimized for affordability Small Power efficient Uncompromised Internet 7

8 Nettops & Netbooks – Affordable Platforms for Education
Nettops, based on the Intel® Atom™ processor, is a an innovative device offering basic PC functionality. These purpose-built devices deliver an affordable basic computing experience and easy access to the Internet Netbook Platforms enable a simple and affordable platform for Internet centric usage models Classmate PC Category is a sub-set of the Basic Notebook Platforms that is focused on Education Usage Model Kid/Classroom Friendly ID Custom Education SW Rugged Design Water Resistant KB

9 Some innovative eLearning working models
Computer on Wheels CMPC Storage and Charging Rack Wireless Access Point Classmate PC Charging Storage Solutions We would want to show you these models actually Classmate PC lab

10 Building Broadband Infrastructure
<= Q2’09 Q3’09 Q4’09 Q1’10 Q2’10 2H’10 ADSL An ideal opportunity for providing connectivity to secondary schools. CDMA /EVDO 3G Roll-out BSNL/MTNL BSNL WiMax Roll-out* (Urban – Kerala & Punjab) Spectrum Auction ** WiMax – 3G Spectrum Awards Wi-Max / 3G Commercial Launch Pan India Availability *Based on BSNL Inputs **Based on Govt. Inputs WiMax 250K Users Rural Phase I WiMax 800K Users Rural Phase II Rural Connectivity for Education – BSNL USO Project Customer Background: 29K DSLAMs eligible for INR 4.5K subsidy for 31 connections / DSLAM BSNL Ship, Install, Maintain for 60 months (PC Price – 4500) + BB Subs. over 60 months USO 4500 INR OEM PC Pass through USO Pass through 10

11 Building Content: skoool™ Program
Instructional: Allows teachers to effectively impart basic concepts (Knowledge Acquisition) Multi-modal (text, audio & visual): Complements various teaching and learning styles – visual, aural, read / write (Knowledge Acquisition) Interactive: Enables teachers to create real-world application of taught concepts (Knowledge Deepening) Open-Ended Tools: Allows students to explore and expand on learned concepts and teachers to track progress (Knowledge Deepening & Creation) What is Brought to audience by a strong team of committed partners: AIB, Irish Times, Intel Brand, Presence and Strategic Fit of all three partners First-of-its-kind e-Learning resource for Irish education Free online interactive learning courses, assessments & revision sheets Exam Centre covering 10 major subjects at Junior and Leaving Cert Uniquely tailored to the Irish curriculum Complementing the work done in school Target audience Students: 12-18yrs Teachers Parents Collaborative: Allows students and teachers to collaborate within the class, school, community, real-world, and experts worldwide (Knowledge Deepening, Creation & Sharing)

12 Teacher Professional Development : Intel Teach
Intel® Teach Program ICT Teachers Skills for Success Course Training on a student curriculum that develops digital literacy, problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills Essentials Course (F2F for In-service and Pre-service) Training on how to integrate technology into existing classroom curricula to promote student- centered learning Getting Started Course Introduction to classroom software productivity tools and student- centered approaches to learning Thinking with Technology Course Training on effective technology integration skills using online thinking tools to enhance students’ higher-order thinking skills Advanced Online Course (Hybrid F2F and online) Training that enables teachers to build communities to advance their integration of technology and 21st century learning Essentials Online Course (Hybrid F2F & online for In- service and Pre- service) Classroom Teachers School Leaders Leadership Forum Interactive, face-to-face forum focused on leadership in promoting, supporting, and implementing effective technology integration in schools The new, extended Intel Teach Program portfolio meets the varied needs of countries from around the world. Whether a country has excellent or limited internet connectivity, the enhanced Intel Teach Program portfolio has offerings designed to enable teachers to introduce, expand, and support 21st century learning and effective technology integration with project-based learning approaches in the classroom to promote higher-order thinking and reasoning in the classroom. The Intel Teach Program portfolio includes both face-to-face training and online resources and tools that consist of: Skills for Success This training is designed to allow information and communication technology (ICT) teachers to deliver an engaging student curriculum that develops students’ 21st century skills in a computer lab setting. Through this hands-on training, teachers learn to deliver a prepared curriculum incorporating student-centered activities and projects exploring practical technology tools. These projects utilize technology tools to address issues and challenges relevant to the local community and workforce. Getting Started This course introduces software productivity tools and student-centered learning approaches to teachers with little or no technology experience. Teachers develop an awareness of practical applications for collaborative learning. This introduction to 21st century learning features hands-on learning which includes cycles of creating, sharing, and reflecting in order to prepare teachers for the Essentials course Essentials Course Intended for both in-service and pre-service teachers with intermediate skills in computer applications and basic knowledge in project-based learning, the Essentials Course is the flagship, face-to-face offering of the Intel Teach Program. The offering provides teachers with a foundation of skills to fully integrate technology into existing classroom curricula and promote student-centered learning. Teachers learn strategies to develop a unit plan that supports a project approach to learning where students create materials using productivity tools and online resources. In addition, teachers learn to integrate multiple types of assessment that help students demonstrate their 21st century skills. Essentials Online Course This flexible hybrid training model of the flagship course offers similar course length, teaching, and learning outcomes. During the online portion of the course, teachers work whenever and wherever it is convenient, providing opportunity for individual reflection and in-depth understanding of course content and development of unit materials. Thinking with Technology Course Teachers with ready access to technology and project-based learning techniques develop strategies to target and assess higher-order thinking skills. Modular training utilizing online tools, such as Visual Ranking, Seeing Reason, and Showing Evidence, enhances a teacher’s ability to effectively integrate technology. The course uses a set of free materials and online resources available on the Intel Education Web site. Advanced Online Course Training that enables teachers to build communities to advance their integration of technology and 21st century learning. Teachers learn strategies for using technology to promote collaboration and improve learning based on students different learning styles Leadership Forum Course Intended for school leaders, this interactive, face-to-face offering focuses on promoting, supporting, and implementing effective technology integration in schools. The forum, designed for a critical component of education improvement, gives participants the skills to advocate for the routine and seamless use of technology resources and technology-based practices in their schools. Intel® Education Help Guide: During many of the trainings, teachers will soon have access to a Help Guide that will be available on CD-ROM and online. This reference guide provides visual, easy-to-use steps that will help both educators and students to quickly learn how to do technical tasks on the computer, from the most basic to advanced. Enhancement & Refresher Materials Online Tools and Resources Help Guide, Assessing Projects, Designing Effective Projects, and Thinking Tools Public Private Partnership model for states, education bodies & universities Aligned to National Curriculum Framework Research and Evaluation driven

13 Technology Ownership Programs for Teachers
Move from Accessibility to Ownership – in order to manage the resistance! Potential Benefits Support Learning & Integration of ICT in Classroom Improve Access to Information & Education Resources Facilitate Preparation of Course Material & Lessons Improve Instruction & Teaching Methods Support Career Development & Retention Increase Skills & Confidence in Using ICTs Improve Job Flexibility, Mobility, & Work-Life Balance Enhance Career Opportunities & Professional Dev Improve Education Administration & Operation Cataloging, Retrieval, & Transfer of Information Recording, Storage, & Communication of Plans & Reports Communication w/teachers, students, parents, administration “Computers are not magic… Teachers are”... Dr Craig Barrett, Ex Chairman of Intel & Chairman UN-GAID “The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers” Intel Confidential

14 Intel-Powered Classmate PC
Education Partnership as a Trigger for Economic Development – Portugal Magellan Initiative Example Local Production Content Communities Services/Support Subsidy Intel-Powered Classmate PC Training Software ICT Capability Transfer Ecosystem Hardware Brand Training Economic Diplomacy Infrastructure Classmate PC Vision Classmate PC in Portugal

15 you want to see in the world “ - Mahatma Gandhi
“You must be the change you want to see in the world “ - Mahatma Gandhi 15

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