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March 24, 2015 Taking Action to Improve the Image of Portable Sanitation Resources, Experience, Important Services and water savings.

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1 March 24, 2015 Taking Action to Improve the Image of Portable Sanitation Resources, Experience, Important Services and water savings

2 Introductions and Background Director Nancy Gump-Melancon Andy Gump Inc. Santa Clarita, CA 91350 Associate/Supplier Director Mark Herring Heffernan Insurance Brokers Portland, Oregon 97239

3 Education Initiative (EI) The Portable Sanitation Association International Education Initiative (PSAI/EI) is a global community of sanitation professionals whose mission is to:  enhance the image of portable restrooms, related equipment and services within the United States and throughout the world, and  raise the general awareness of the value and benefits this industry brings to the human experience.

4 Ideas to Consider:  Enhance the image of portable restrooms, related equipment and services  Raise the general awareness of the value and benefits this industry brings to the human experience.

5 Hope through our vision  Exchange of ideas and resources  Raise the awareness of portable sanitation as an effective tool in dealing with the lack of toilets globally  Help combat environmental issues  Clean sanitary facilities around the world  Protect health while considering safety and dignity

6 Think and Change  Our image affects our businesses  If we change our image, we will change our business too  So, we started changing the image by creating a day for Portable Sanitation

7 August 15th

8 WPSD Objectives World Portable Sanitation Day (WPSD) is a project within the PSAI’s Education Initiative (EI), which focuses on highlighting the importance of sanitation in daily living, the lack of adequate sanitation in developing countries, and the valuable role portable sanitation can play in helping to address global issues.

9 It’s time we bring portable sanitation’s contributions to the forefront!

10 Creating Value Dignity Productivity Protecting the environment Preserving natural resources like water Lifesaving – critical for natural disasters





15 Education and awareness Did You Know? Every single day portable restrooms save over 125 million gallons of fresh water.

16 Companies Involved in WPSD Board Treasurer Karen Holm is the CEO of On Site Companies, which has been promoting WPSD recently through its blogs. On Earth Day, they published an article about the connection between portable restrooms and fresh water, and discussed the global impact and problems caused by the lack of adequate sanitation around the world. For WPSD, On Site published a blog that showed the WPSD logo, talked about the PSAI, and included links to WPSD information. Thank you, On Site! Saving water has taken a highly innovated turn at Crosier’s Sanitary Services Inc. in West Virginia by PSAI President Ron Crosier - President and General Manager. Using a system of moving bed bio reactor sand nano filtration, Crosier's efficiently treats their own waste water beyond typical publicly owned treatment works standards. This allows for the water to be reused in their portable restrooms, thus recycling the water and helping to further save the planet. Thank you, Crosier’s!

17 PSAI Past President Mike Rice’s company, A-Throne, in Long Beach, California is supporting WPSD by using the water-saving decals in all of their units. Water saving is particularly critical in the western United States, where water restrictions are in place due to a large drought. Thank you, A-Throne! Kasey Salvetti is the owner of Luxury Restroom Trailers by Privy Chambers and they have pulled out the stops to support WPSD! They sent out information about public health and environmental saving factors via an email blast to their clients and event coordinators, posted links and information to their Facebook page, and alerted local media to the August 15 date. Thank you, Luxury Restroom Trailers!

18 Dwayne Siegmann is a PSAI Board Member and WPSD supporter. Chem-Can has been using the water saving decals to educate the public about water savings. Operator Dickie Hale from Chem-Can is featured at the left showing what the decals look like when used on their portable restrooms. Thank you, Chem-Can! Northwest Cascade participated in a local event, The Milton Days, which is put on every year in the city of Milton drawing in about 13,000 people from the surrounding communities. Honey Bucket volunteer Quinn Ramsay interacts with some of people and handed out Honey Bucket stickers. They also sent out a press release on WPSD via PRWeb. Thank you, Northwest Cascade!

19 Steve Brinton is the head of Satellite’s Sales and Marketing and co-chair of the PSAI Education Initiative. The company website has extensive information about World Portable Sanitation Day (WPSD) and has posted numerous informative articles about how the portable restroom industry preserves the environment and improves people’s lives. READ THE “MAKING AN IMPACT” BLOG. Satellite also created a video for WPSD Companies Involved in WPSD Making an Impact - Satellite Industries August 15th is the first World Portable Sanitation Day (WPSD). It is a day to recognize the importance of the portable sanitation industry.


21 Ice cream truck in a local park, recyclable water bottles, employees with signs/materials and t-shirts




25 What do we gain from changing our image?

26 Profitability

27 Currently we are seen by many as a commodity, not a value-added service.

28 Change how you view your service and it will change how you sell your service.

29 The Importance Of Green Space Around New Homes “Homebuyers want to live in an area that has walking and bicycle paths. They are no longer interested in living near a golf course or a clubhouse. According to new home buying trends, they do not need private swimming pools or spas on their property. They are more interested in community landscaping of green spaces in the area. This is in keeping with the current emphasis on green home trends.”

30 Special event organizers can be sold on the green nature of portable restrooms.

31 Promoting the Environment & creating value


33 Every day, portable restrooms save 125 million gallons of fresh water! Other interesting water facts: 45 billion gallons of fresh water are saved annually through the use of portable restrooms. Only 3 percent of the Earth’s water is fresh; 97 percent is salt water.* Americans use more water each day by flushing the toilet than they do by showering or any other activity.** A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day.* Americans use about 100 gallons of water per day. Europeans use about 50 gallons of water per day. Residents of sub-Saharan Africa use only two to five gallons of water per day.* When you use a portable restroom, you are contributing to the preservation of our most important natural resource – fresh water. * Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency ** Source: Florida Water Environmental Association Willy Make It?Post on Facebook February 10 at 8:34am

34 Protecting our natural resources

35 Higher Perceived Value = Better Business Results Increase our value by educating customers, public and team members Customers will accept prices that reflect the cost of delivering value Margins will increase, giving operators more working capital Invest in further improving our image

36 Improving image Uniforms Truck graphics Clean trucks and yards Needed repairs Replace old restrooms New products More staff

37 Create positive sales and marketing tools

38 Articles


40 Booklet

41 Restroom decals

42 Future Projects Articles to generate awareness Member marketing materials Expand reach of companies involved in World Portable Sanitation Day WPSD T-shirts Humanitarian efforts

43 Questions and Answers THANK YOU!

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