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Letter Writing Prepared by Dennis Corash Prepared by Dennis Corash.

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1 Letter Writing Prepared by Dennis Corash Prepared by Dennis Corash

2 Three Types of Letters Friendly Letter Business Letter Simulated Letter

3 Friendly Letters Letter to a friend Pen Pal Letters E-mail message Courtesy Letter Letters to Authors or Illustrator

4 Friendly Letter Format

5 Teaching the Parts of a Friendly letter Text The date must begin with a capital letter and have a comma between the day and year. The greeting must begin with a capital letter and have a comma after the persons name. The body of the letter tells the news. The closing begins with a capital letter and ends with a comma. The signature is where the writer signs his name.

6 Sample mini Lesson Teach or review each of the parts of a Friendly letter. As the teacher names the parts of the letter, have the students highlight the parts on the board or they own copy of the letter. Have students circle the uppercase letters and commas. Remind students that all of the parts of the letter are necessary for a good friendly letter. October 1, 2008 Dear Billy, I really enjoyed watching you in the football game yesterday. I never thought you would catch that one pass. Michael threw it so long, how did you ever jump that high to catch it? I can’t wait until my broken arm is better so that I can play with all of you guy. Your Friend, Amyee adopted from

7 Active Practice Idea Assign each student a classmate to write a friendly letter Each student is given a file folder taped along the sides and is to decorate it as their mailbox. The teacher has decorated a box to resemble a US mail box for the students to deposit their letters to the classmate. The teacher reads and checks the letters for all the components and the “delivers” the letters to the appropriate student. Students enjoy receiving mail while the teacher gets the opportunity to check for understanding. Writing a friendly letter to a classmate can be assigned as a workstation or writing center activity. t adopted from

8 Pen Pal Letters Fun way to give students real life lessons in may subject areas. Teacher must decide if you want to use snail- mail or an electronic format. Be sure to teach safe practices. Post an announcement of an electronic bulletin board. Try International Pen Pal or E-Pals adopted from

9 Other Friendly Letters Emails Set up classes email within the school. Courtesy Letters Thank a guest speaker or a parent for doing something nice for the classroom or even the principal. Letters to Authors or Illustrators

10 Business Letters Ask for information about something you want to know more about. Relay a concern, suggestion, or complement about something you noticed. An avenue to transact business, ask about a product, or letters to the editor of the local paper.

11 Business Letter Format

12 Activity Ideas for Business Letters Students lobby for something that is important to them. lan.jsp?id=65 Students write their own opinion on a issue that is important to them. son_view.asp?id=1137

13 Simulated Letters Students assume the identity of a historical or literary figure... In your table groups, brainstorm at least 25 ideas that could be utilized to have students write a simulated letter. Share your best idea with the group.

14 Step by Step: Writing a letter On page 138 of the Tompkin’s book you will find a step by step guide for Writing a Letter. Choose a grade level for your table group, rewrite these steps in language appropriate for the grade level you have chosen. Brainstorm ideas on how you might create a lesson to teach the steps you choose.

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