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MY Friend has Autism.

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1 MY Friend has Autism

2 One of my classmate’s has Autism

3 Which means I now know someone with a disability.

4 There are different kinds of disabilities.
Visually impaired Learning difficulty Mobility impaired Hearing impaired Key concept: people are all different Question: do they know someone with a disability?

5 My classmate with Autism has a different kind of disability.
He looks just like everyone else, he just does some things a little differently. Introduce Asperger’s Syndrome The main character is a friend Emphasise that someone with ASD looks like everyone else – they may behave differently

6 That is because His Autism affects…..
..the way he talks with others. ..the way he thinks and behaves. ..the way he interacts with other people. Introduce characteristics Not deep just outline areas of difficulty – Communication – sometimes finds it hard to understand what other people are saying – speak too fast or use words that are confusing Interaction – finds it hard to join in or share games / activities with others Thinking – likes to do they same thing over and over or becomes upset if he has to do something new

7 Examples ..the way he interacts with other people.
…may not join in our games or walks away from games sometimes only wants to talk about the things he is interested in. finds it difficult to make friends.

8 Examples ..the way he talks with others.
…. finds it difficult to understand what others are saying. ..maybe listening to someone but he doesn’t look at the person’s who is talking ..sometimes says things that seem odd.

9 Examples ..the way he thinks and behaves. ..likes to sit by himself
..does not like certain loud noises. ..only wants to do the same thing over and over.

10 Here is what I do to help him in our classroom and out on the playground.
#1. Every day I say “good morning” and “Good bye” when we leave. Sometimes he answers and sometimes he doesn’t …..but I always try….someday he will answer me I just know it!

11 #2. I don’t talk too fast and I give time for him to answer…if he doesn’t answer I try to show him what I want with a picture,waving my hand or pointing to what I mean.

12 #3. When it is time to come in from the playground I help him find the line. I take his hand and point to the line and say,”We’re going in now”.

13 #4. When we work together I make sure I say “good job” when he is working, and tell him it is “work time” when he forgets.

14 #5. Sometimes I can tell when he is getting upset, so When that happens I always tell my teacher so she can help him calm down.

15 Having and helping a friend with Autism is actually pretty normal.
we just does some things a little differently.

16 The End


18 Discussion questions Is a person with Autism someone to be afraid of?
Is Autism something we can catch like a cold? What are some ways you can help someone with Autism?

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