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Oracle HR Implementation Best Practices English Room August 15, 2008 NCOAUG Training Day Drury Lane – Hilton Suites Oakbrook Terrace, IL.

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1 Oracle HR Implementation Best Practices English Room August 15, 2008 NCOAUG Training Day Drury Lane – Hilton Suites Oakbrook Terrace, IL

2 2 Mario C. Ellis Director Compensation & HR Systems University of Chicago Medical Center Functional Project Manager for the Oracle HRMS application at the University of Chicago Medical Center. 20+ years experience, has re-engineered legacy business processes from mainframe technology to client/server relational systems

3 3 Challenge to implement Oracle HR application Limited budget and resources Lack of a dedicated Project Manager Mandate from senior management Implement a fully functioning application Manager self-service Compensation Workbench. No customizations Coming from a customized legacy system Intensive paper driven processes Limited consulting resources Overview

4 4 Background Decisions Made Overall Objectives Challenge Lessons Learned Summary Questions Agenda/Contents

5 5 At the forefront of medicine for more than 75 years--delivering extraordinary care to patients from all parts of the world. 2 nd largest medical center in Chicago. U.S.News & World Report named UCMC to the prestigious Honor Roll of America's Best Hospitals-- the top 18 hospitals in the nation. University of Chicago Medical Center

6 6 Oracle eBusiness Suite 11.5.10 Core HR Manager Self-Service Employee Self-Service Compensation Workbench Performance Management Supply Chain iExpense iProcurment Learning Management Oracle Applications Implemented

7 7 Background

8 8 The initial project began as a full install of the Oracle Supply Chain, Finance and Human Resources modules in 2001. The initial project identified over 400 gaps for all applications, resulting in high cost estimates, expanded scope and delay in implementation. Background

9 9 UCMC reassessed the project to reduce the scope and stay within budget. As a result Scope reduced to implement Supply Chain Scope reduced to implement limited HR and Finance to support Supply Chain Supply Chain phase went live in June 2003, on-time and budget. HR, Payroll and G.L. modules were to be scheduled for future implementation. Background

10 10 The success of the initial project resulted in cost savings for materials management - however limited project budget remained – approximately $1 Million Background

11 11 Concerns from initial project Management was not convinced that the remaining Oracle applications were necessary The HR department lacked the talent and expertise to provide key sponsorship and decision making for the project Background

12 12 UCMC was still faced with the following challenges The hospitals has more than 6,000+ employees, with staff as the largest expense Difficult to obtain accurate and timely employee information Lack of reporting tools hinders the ability for management reporting Disparate systems do not allow for workflow or integration of data Inability to efficiently support accreditation/compliance reviews Changes in employee information was time consuming and paper intensive Background

13 13 Heavy reliance on Third Party Vendors to provide needed business functionality The hospital had a need for a “true” HRIS application Information maintained in multiple spread sheets, Access Databases, and “shadow systems” that were not integrated No one source of “truth” for reporting Legacy system was a “payroll” system and did not allow for the necessary storing and reporting of needed HR related data Background

14 14 Decisions Made

15 15 Decisions Made A new VP of Human Resources was hired, who also hired more experienced staff A fit gap analysis was conducted in June 2005 Validated need to implement Oracle HR (payroll would be a separate project) Helped to structure the scope, project team, project methodology and deliverables based on internal resources and remaining project budget Project approved in fall of 2005 and work began June of 2006

16 16 Overall Objectives

17 17 Overall Objectives Implement Core HR functionality Integrate with Oracle Learning Management, Supply Chain and Legacy Financial applications Restructure work elements – Job, Positions, Grades and Benefit Groups Improve automation of Union Contracts including Grade Step progression

18 18 Overall Objectives Introduce a phased rollout of Self Service applications for managers Institute Merit Award Distribution through Oracle Compensation Workbench Institute a Directors Incentive Plan Distribution through Oracle Compensation Workbench

19 19 Challenge

20 20 Challenge Meet the Overall Objectives with: Limited IT and HR staff resources, especially with extensive Oracle experience No dedicated Project Manager Need to upgrade platform of HR applications while other Oracle applications (excluding OLM) remained on current platform Budget remained at approximately $1 million

21 21 Expected State after Implementation General Ledger - Accounting Structure Foundation Fixed Assets Human Resources - Employee & Hierarchy for Approval Routing Purchasing iProcurement Inventory Mobile SC Accounts Payable EDI iExpense P-Cards Agency iSupplier Learning Management Compensation Workbench Cash Management Kronos Payroll iRecruitment HR Self Service Capital Budget Balanced Scorecard BIS/Customer Access Discover (Roll-Out at Module Level Available) Budgeting In ProductionTo be ImplementedUCMC LicensesAdditional Products

22 22 Lessons Learned

23 23 Lessons Learned Must Have Senior Management Commitment: Developed Steering Committee that provided overall project governance, budget oversight and were actively involved in project planning Senior Management committed to making quick decisions Senior Management was committed to allowing funding to be spent creatively to meet project objectives

24 24 Lessons Learned Must Have Dedicated and “Skilled” Project Team: Team members must be flexible enough to wear more than one hat effectively  No dedicated PM resulted in shared responsibility between UCMC IT, HR and acquired consulting services Subject Matter Experts are Key  Departments filled analyst roles as needed  Results in strong ownership of final solution

25 25 Lessons Learned Must Have Dedicated and “Skilled” Project Team: Ensure team is fully integrated  Improves final product  Avoids silos  Enhances communication Team members must be able to think outside the box BUT within the application to make choices without customizations

26 26 Lessons Learned Must Have Dedicated and “Skilled” Project Team: Team members must be provided sufficient training (preferably in-house) during key phases of the project Use consultants wisely  UCMC engaged 3 consulting firms based on need and budget – Oracle being the prime  Consultants were used in initial phases then disengaged before final phases  Important that knowledge is transferred to staff

27 27 Lessons Learned

28 28 Lessons Learned Must Have A Strong and Proven Project Methodology: UCMC utilized a unique project structure allowing for three successive projects to run at once  Platform Upgrade  Integration into Oracle Learning Management  HR Implementation

29 29 Lessons Learned n UCMC followed basic System Lifecycle Development methodology in addition to Oracle AIM for Business Flows (Healthcare) and AIM Phases, Definition and Elaboration

30 30 Lessons Learned

31 31 Lessons Learned Must Manage SCOPE: Focus on core issues deferring “wish list items” Senior Management must make the hard decisions to change and be able to say “NO” Do Not concede to the 20% of the 80/20 rule Understand the scale of 1-10 philosophy  A “5” is always better than a “2”  No need to always shoot for a “10”

32 32 Lessons Learned Must Manage SCOPE: Get key decision makers involved in requirements gathering Validate requirements  Trust but VERIFY Key message to stakeholders “Vanilla” is good

33 33 Lessons Learned Allow application “best practices” to govern business process Strapping new technology onto current processes will negate the value of the technology !!!

34 34 Lessons Learned Must Manage SCOPE: No customizations - We like the word “Extensions” Customizations

35 35 Lessons Learned Must Manage SCOPE: Oracle Developed a “RICE” list (Reports, Interfaces, Conversion and Extension)  Used to identify and manage requirements  Clearly defines what type of requirement  If an item was defined as a gap it was removed and considered out of scope

36 36 Lessons Learned Must Follow Project Plan: UCMC used a phased approach  Core foundation applications rolled out first followed by specialty applications such as Compensation Workbench and Self Service  Recommended for in-house implementations that are low on resources and can be spread over an extended time  Regular meetings with entire team is critical  Communicate potential risks EARLY

37 37 Lessons Learned Must Follow Project Plan: Set overall project timeline at the beginning of the project Use project plan versioning as each phase progresses Track project deliverables in one week cycles with team reviews on a regular schedule

38 38 Lessons Learned Test Often: Since UCMC used Oracles Accelerator methodology  Testing was a natural progression of the process  Conference Room Pilots were used to validate results of testing

39 39 Lessons Learned Test Often: UCMC utilized HR constituents as part of the testing and CRP sessions (Very Important)  Able to manage expectations company wide  Minimizes the “squeaky wheel”  Acquire buy-in before roll out  This became the official HR core “user group” to be used for subsequent HR implementations and pilots

40 40 Lessons Learned Test Often: Do Not overlook parallel testing to validate:  Migration of configurations and code  Time required for cutover  Execution of conversions and interfaces  User interaction in real-life situations  System performance  Comparison of results with production  Uncovers issues with system, training or communications

41 41 Lessons Learned Follow a formal Change Management Process : Follow change control process for changes to scope, overall timeline or budget Follow a formal Risk Management Project review Process Building in reviews of large deliverables as they are worked on will confirm approach across the entire team and measure progress

42 42 Lessons Learned Communicate, Communicate, Communicate Bring project team together on a regular basis Hold multiple design sessions with key stakeholders in attendance Distribute meeting minutes for full team review not just to those in attendance Develop a communication plan for internal project members, management and external users

43 43 Lessons Learned Timing is Everything If this would have remained a part of original 2003 implementation it would have failed  Lack of HR expertise  More customizations  Would have been considered a lower priority than supply chain The success was due to HR being the only application implemented in 2007 within Oracle eBusiness Suite

44 44 Summary

45 45 Summary Implementation was on time and under budget 20% was returned to project contingency Core HR live in March 2007 with limited Manager Self- Service Compensation Workbench live in June 2007 The components that were rolled out to UCMC employees was received favorably Over 6000 users impacted Over 110 departments impacted

46 46 Summary Core implementation created a solid foundation and methodology for further implementations Online Performance Management (2008) Increased Manager Self-Service (2008) Employee Self Service (2008) Payroll (2009) General Ledger (2009) The implementation fostered a strong and successful working relationship between UCMC HR and IT

47 47 Questions?

48 48 Mario Ellis Director, Compensation & HR Systems University of Chicago Medical Center E-mail: Contacts

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