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Communities ambitious for change Steve Wyler Locality.

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2 Communities ambitious for change Steve Wyler Locality

3 Locality aims to grow a movement of independent local community organisations. We believe that local citizens should be in control of their own communities. We believe in fairness. We believe everyone has something to contribute. We believe no-one should be left behind. Our aims

4 Our 650 members in the UK are a network of similar community groups: –settlements –development trusts –social action centres –community enterprises and others who share our aims. A nationwide network

5 Locality members Social enterprises – businesses trading for social purpose - not for private profit Community enterprises – social enterprises run by local people Community groups – independent local voluntary associations Development trusts – multi-purpose community enterprises run by local people Settlements – multi-purpose action-research centres originally set up by universities now run by local people Social action centres – multi- purpose community groups run by local people

6 Settlements and social action centres “Here to stay” Multi-purpose social action and research centres. Originally set up by universities in the 1880’s. Now run by local people. At the forefront of social change for more than 100 years.

7 Development trusts Ambitious and fast-growing. Multi-purpose community enterprises. Run by local people. A problem-solving can-do attitude.

8 Large and small, urban and rural, our members are independent, run by local people. They work in poor communities, in places where government agencies and private businesses have failed. Through our network we share skills: –To trade for community benefit – social enterprise –To bring land and buildings into community ownership –To help local citizens make change happen Our members

9 Communities in control activities include: … childcare, cafes and restaurants, managed workspace, start-up business support, affordable housing, delivery of public services, education and schools, community shops and pubs, festivals, training and employment, renewable energy, health centres, advice and legal help, community websites, transport, sports facilities, parks and gardens …

10 Toynbee Hall - Whitechapel

11 Hudswell Community Pub - Yorkshire

12 Bradford Trident

13 Ryde – Isle of Wight

14 Acumen – County Durham

15 Headingley - Leeds

16 Slaithwaite Community Shop

17 Lenton Centre - Nottingham

18 Maltby Development Trust - Yorkshire

19 Galeri - Caernafon

20 Westway Development Trust – Ladbroke Grove, London

21 Sunlight Development Trust - Gillingham

22 Coin Street Community Builders – London South Bank

23 Wolseley Community Economic Development Trust - Plymouth

24 Cambridge House Settlement - Camberwell

25 Goodwin Development Trust - Hull

26 Looking forwards Social action 5,000 community organisers Community-led planning

27 Looking forwards Community assets Transferring land and buildings to communities “Community right to buy”

28 Looking forwards Community enterprise Business capability Investment The Pool

29 Looking forwards Building a movement Within England, across UK, across other nations Knowledge and skills exchange Locality Convention Bristol 6-7 November 2012


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