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Ethics of Eating. What do I hope to accomplish today Information that I leaned at the workshop I apologize you are getting the info through my filter.

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1 Ethics of Eating

2 What do I hope to accomplish today Information that I leaned at the workshop I apologize you are getting the info through my filter and bias. May each of you reflect on how you eat and buy food and think more about how you use food.

3 My Elevator Talk

4 I am a person of the city I once hated the smell of manure Over the years I have smelled that smell even at worship

5 My first three congregations Jevnaker and Mandt, rural Montevideo, Mn. Garfield, rural Madison,Mn. Emmanuel, Seymour, Wi.

6 I do not pretend to be an expert on the issues of farming, food or eating, But… I love to eat food and I have health issues. And I love to eat, but I want everyone to be able to have enough food to eat, because food is a matter of justice and God calls us to do justice.

7 ELCA Hunger Appeal ELCA congregations raise $20 million a year

8 ELCA Hunger Appeal Goals Relief - meeting immediate needs

9 Education Increasing awareness of root causes of hunger and poverty

10 Advocacy Mobilizing at a government and business level

11 Development Long term sustainable development. “You don’t teach people to fish, you show them the pole that is already in their hands.”

12 The Conference Intense Extremely full – Long days – Travel, lectures, discussions Highlights through my filter -

13 Theological Rational – why were we there? “We are people who gather around the table – we should know how our eating impacts the world.” Samuel Torvin, Daily Bread, Holy Meal Christians should be at the forefront of how to eat right.

14 We as Christians (Lutherans) have been at the forefront of helping people (LSS) – that is who we are in Christ. We say as much at our baptisms and at confirmation.

15 How we eat matters – impact on the hungry around the world How I eat can bring about justice – the burden is a big thing and it is complicated How I eat effects my health.

16 We have become accustomed to cheap food. For suburban children food comes from the grocery store and it is abundant. What else do they and we need to know about food?

17 Darkside of Cheap Food More costly than what the costs show Justice Issues – Migrant workers abused – Minimum wage – People put off land in Mexico – migrant issues in U.S. – Confined animals in feeding lots

18 Dark side continued… Health – Tainted eggs – 38 million recently recalled – Obesity “super=size it” – Type 2 diabetes – Poor get hardest hit by chronic diseases

19 Dark side… Environment – cheap oil is cheap 1 calorie of food takes 6 calories energy to produce 1/5 of oil use is by farm, pesticides, gas for machinery. 1500 miles is average distance food travels

20 Why do we need to think about food? Who is it that benefits from a given policy or practice? Bible tells us that God has a preferential option for the poor – if God does – than we as God’s people are called to think and do on behalf of justice.

21 Lifestyle Changes We care for the poor and hungry by how we eat. LocalLowerLess

22 Minnesota Food Association Glen Hill is director Train immigrant farmers on sustainable, organic farming and practical business practices – Hispanic, Hmong, Somali, Karen, Laotian, Burmese, Bhutanese, Kenyan, Cambodia See website for all they are doing

23 Common Harvest Farm Dan Guenther and Margaret Pennings, farmer/owners 40 acre farm grows more than 40 vegetables and herbs Deliver around 200 CSA boxes in a 19 or 20 week season to members at a cost of $250.

24 CSA Box/Bag Community Sustainable Agriculture

25 Jack Nelson Pallmeyer Legacy of colonization – who owns the land. Treatment of farm workers Use/Abuse of antibiotics Existence of 1 billion hungry people Food for livestock versus food for people Fuel versus food – 37 food riots around the world in last year

26 Agricultural subsidies Benefits and limitations of food aid Hedge funds grabbing huge tracts of land Impact of Trade Agreements – – 2-3 million farmers were pushed off land in Mexico after NAFTA in 1990’s

27 Water issues – Who controls it – Who gets it? – Salinization GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism) and other high tech solutions

28 Palm Oil – In Malaysia and Indonesia slashing of rain forests for fuel. Balance between humans and other species How do we have a farm system that gives healthy prices to farmers?

29 How do we eat healthy in light of these issues?

30 From a Christian view: Injustice is counter to the love of God Our task as Christians is to embody justice – In our lives – Vocational choices – Ways we related to systems of society – The dignity of the human person is central to Christian theology

31 Bob Francis, Director of Domestic Policy for the ELCA Some thoughts: Advocacy is Christian Discipleship Political is not Partisan There are ethical implications to Farm Policy – any government policy Discussion on the Farm Bill in front of Congress

32 Dr. Bud Markart, Professor of Horticulture, U of M “Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you are a 1,000 miles from a corn field.” DD Eisenhower

33 An Organic Farm A site specific growing system Integrating – Cultural – Biological - controlling pests – Mechanical practices

34 Fostering – cycling resources promoting ecological balance conserving biodiversity

35 Soil is alive (organic matter) Dirt is dead – only a holder of plants/nutrients

36 Norman Borlaug – his heart was in the right place – increase in the yield of wheat – the Green Revolution. Long term consequences of short term benefits GMO’s – 2 nd green revolution – what are long term consequences? We do not know yet.

37 Land O Lakes CSR – “Corporate Social Responsibility” – is a buzz word for the past few years. No profit motive – Leadership thought global CSR was right thing to do

38 Community Design Center East 7 th Street in St Paul 41 year old non profit that works with youth in gardening, cooking and nutrition 30 CSA members – $110 bag of vegetables for 8 weeks Over 42 youth in program, 115 applied - 7 gardens in neighborhood

39 First Lutheran Church in Swede Hollow Relationship with Community Design Center Kris Bertleson, pastor – Community outreach in food/meals and other support – “We all do better when we all do better”

40 St. Olaf Lutheran Church 27 th and Emerson – Minneapolis Moved by global warming and peak oil prices to work to re-localize food systems – Extensive gardens on lawn and parking lot Starting a food coop Talked about re-building resilience

41 Pastor Steve Loman of St Olaf Lutheran Church A Scandinavian saying “It is enough”.

42 Native American Gardening – Off of I -94 and Cedar Bought 400 yards of contaminated land (arsenic and lead) from Minneapolis for $1 Heard stories of gardening and hope

43 Advocacy Minnesota Coalition for Public Policy Pastor Mark Peters –” three things to do”

44 Three things Learn about hunger and poverty Volunteer and donate Advocate – live with and stand beside someone who is hungry/poor

45 “Democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others.” Winston Churchill

46 Bread for the World A citizen group that lobbies our elected officials in Congress on Hunger issues both domestic and world –wide.

47 Minnesota Without Poverty Nancy Maeker – director, ELCA pastor Family of 4 – poverty line is $22,000 – too low

48 3 person panel discussion All agreed that advocacy to government officials was important and life changing

49 What do I hope to do? 7 th Grade Retreat in January – -Feed My Starving Children – “La Conexion” in Phillips Neighborhood, Minneapolis –making a meal and learning

50 A garden at St James?

51 Connect in some ways with First Lutheran in St Paul with food/serving

52 Take a group of Youth to Minneapolis and do some work with the Native Americans and their gardens next spring.

53 Hold an all day World Hunger workshop using resources from the ELCA at St James. Watch a movie on food issues with members of St James and discuss it.

54 Continue to reassess and change my eating and buying practices. My Sabbatical leave next summer will revolve around food issues with the theme “we are what we eat.”

55 Remind myself that God loves all people and change starts with me. Forgive myself and others when I/we are not perfect


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