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“Targeting Adolescents in the Facebook Era” Kathryn Montgomery, PhD American University.

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1 “Targeting Adolescents in the Facebook Era” Kathryn Montgomery, PhD American University

2 Focus on Adolescents 1 out of 3 teens overweight or obese Teen years critical developmental period – lifelong eating behaviors established Biological and psychosocial vulnerabilities to advertising No policy or self- regulatory safeguards

3 Doritos Asylum 626

4 Elements of the Doritos Campaign Social media Entertainment – “gamification” Cross-platform Viral/Peer-to-peer Automated data capture Under the radar Measureable impact on sales

5 Three Trends in Contemporary Marketing to Teens Growth of social media marketing Advances in data collection, targeting, and measurement Emergence of mobile, location, and payment technologies

6 1. Social media marketing is a core strategy for reaching and engaging teens Facebook now one billion users worldwide Sea change in how people engage with brands, consume products & services Youth at epicenter 85% of online teens use social media

7 Research on Social Media & Teens Essential arena for personal and social development Tapping into adolescent needs “Networked Public Culture” “Social Capital” Influencing and altering behaviors “Self-socialization”

8 Social Media Marketing Woven into daily interactions and social relationships Orchestrating influence Fostering fans Activating “brand advocates” “customers creating customers” “Social Ads” turn routine actions into marketing messages

9 How Social Media Marketing Works

10 Oreo Moments Gallery

11 Between June & August – “likes,” “comments,” and “shares” increased 110% - New York Times

12 Social Media Impact Industry reports document greater numbers of consumers engaged with brands. Ogilvy and Chat Threads report (2011) – QSRs (including KFC, McDonald’s & Wendy’s): use of social media led to “significant sales” and boosted “brand perceptions.” Coca-Cola, Oreos, Skittles, Pringles, McDonald’s, and Dr. Pepper in the top 20 for their number of Facebook Fans.

13 Top Food & Soft Drink Brands on Facebook Number of fans Coca-Cola – 53,974,141 Oreo – 30,022,148 McDonald’s – 25,240,443 Skittles – 23,706,309 Pringles – 20,805,714 Subway – 17,863,110 Dr. Pepper – 13,224,185

14 2. Data collection, measurement, and targeting are woven into content and functionality of digital media. Era of “Big Data” Triggering and measuring actions in real time “Path-to-purchase” Levels of precision unprecedented Under the hood of the e- commerce engine

15 Marketing increasingly targeted at individuals, not demographic groups

16 Microtargeting Personalized messages Based on detailed profiles, behaviors Psychographic characteristics Online and offline data Targeting & retargeting Content changes instantly to respond to user actions


18 3. Mobile devices are at forefront of marketing Mobile use among teens (and children) soaring African American and Hispanic teens – greater use & engagement 24/7 accessibility Geolocation, geofencing, geomapping Coupons, social check-ins Point of influence linked with point of purchase

19 Coke Olympics Mobile Campaign

20 Free WiFi in a Vending Machine

21 Location Payment Systems


23 New Marketing Paradigm Marketing fully integrated into teens’ personal and social lives 360 degree cross-platform media and marketing “ecosystem” Disappearing distinctions between new media & “old media” Each marketing experience is individualized Closed loop between persuasion and purchase

24 Implications for Research Beyond effects – direct & indirect Revisit cognitive defense – incorporate adolescent development, risk-taking behavior Social relationships and interactions – nature of influence Understand individualized marketing and targeting process Brand identity in identity development process Qualitative methods – ethnography, “netnography” Adapt industry research, metrics, concepts to analysis of health consequences

25 Policy Opportunities & Strategies Growing debate about online privacy and digital marketing Teens are on the agenda FTC privacy framework – teens as “sensitive users” White House “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights” Multi-stakeholder process to develop industry codes of conduct Facebook and Google FTC settlements Complaints against problematic practices Influence self-regulatory regimes Do Not Track Kids Act – bipartisan House Privacy Caucus COPPA update – implications for teens (PII, mobile, etc.) Fair Marketing Principles for Teens


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