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Abdul Rahim Horizon 2020 for Businesses Barcelona, 31 st October 2014.

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1 Abdul Rahim Horizon 2020 for Businesses Barcelona, 31 st October 2014

2 Vision2020: Agenda Vision2020: Concept and Objectives Vision2020 in Numbers Why join? RTOs and Lobbying Expert Support Cluster Activity Horizon 2020 for SMEs Case Studies

3 Vision2020: Concept platform for collaboration and networking mapped onto the priority areas of Horizon 2020 links RTOs with SMEs and Experts clusters of excellence brings in Experts

4 Vision2020: Objectives Each member institution nominates champions Each cluster responds as a group to the Horizon 2020 agenda Each cluster of excellence creates a critical mass for lobbying, collaboration

5 Vision2020 in Numbers Launched April 2013 151 members Over 100 SMEs 36 RTOs 13 Experts, Corporate and Associate Partners

6 Vision2020 in Numbers 29 countries represented 320 Google Plus community participants 470 Twitter followers 470 newsletter subscribers

7 RTOs and Lobbying Two position papers prepared by the Health Cluster Positive response from the EC Lobbying and networking activity in NMP, ICT and Energy

8 Expert Support

9 Cluster Activity Policy Hub ICT Energy Climate Society Bio- economy Transport Health Materials Nanotech Each SME and RTO member chooses a cluster Thematic collaboration and discussions

10 Cluster Activity ICT 116 Representatives (including 45 SMEs) led by KU Leuven Health Materials Nanotech 102 Representatives (16 SMEs) Led by LEITAT 109 Representatives (31 SMEs) Led by UCL Energy 65 Representatives(16 SMEs) Led by Cardiff University

11 Horizon 2020 for SMEs – Phase 1 Beneficiaries UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark leading

12 Horizon 2020 for SMEs: Phase 2 Applicants Spain, Italy, UK, Germany at the forefront again

13 SME Instrument: 1,900 New Applications Italy, Spain, UK, Germany – most applications June 2014 Sept 2014

14 Feedback Thank you for the outstanding service you offer us through the V2020 network! We have used the platform on a number of occasions now to identify partners for our H2020 consortia. On each occasion we have found these searches to reach a specialised targeted community, which makes it very effective for us. We believe that a focussed network is an effective network. Keep up the good work! Oonagh Mc Nerney, IRIS

15 Case Studies Denmark Portugal Spain Belgium UK

16 Vision2020: Contact Email: Twitter: @V2020net Newsletter: Website & Membership:

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