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Digital rewards and recognition of achievements Open Badges 12/03/2015.

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1 Digital rewards and recognition of achievements Open Badges 12/03/2015

2 Mission To enable people in higher education, further education and skills in the UK to perform at the forefront of international practice by exploiting fully the possibilities of modern digital empowerment, content and connectivity Our vision & mission 2 Vision To make the UK the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world

3 Digital Citizens 3

4 A digital accreditation infrastructure 4

5 Information infused digital images » Information infused digital images Image by Kyle Bowen 5

6 Digital credentials earners can display » Digital credentials earners can display online On: Professional profiles, e.g. LinkedIn / Blogs / Personal websites / Social media / e-Portfolios... 6

7 Jisc RSC Scotland Open Badge Series 7

8 Digital Practitioner Badges 8

9 Borders College 9 Using Open Badges to: » Motivate learners and improve retention through stepped achievements » Encourage staff CPD » Enhance employability through recognising soft / additional skills » Improve digital literacies with Moodle Open Badges Improving motivation / enhancing employability

10 Scottish Qualifications Authority 10 » Informal learning to formal certification » Single competencies and outcomes » Recognition for chunks of learning … smaller than would normally be recognised in national certification and national credit rating systems » Accreditation of prior learning » Issuing with the SQA Academy Investigating Open Badges

11 Open Badges » Provide evidence of employability skills not picked up in formal qualifications » Showcase CPD which can be added to professional profile sites such as LinkedIn » Employers can search online for the right mix of skills for specific roles » Potential for employers to endorse your badges or for you to endorse their badges 11

12 Further information 12 » Mozilla Open Badges » » Blog Post: So What are Open Badges? » » Jisc Open Badges Design Toolkit » » Jisc RSC Scotland Open Badges » » Open Badges case studies »

13 Find out more… Celeste McLaughlin Subject specialist (teaching, learning and assessment) Scotland Jisc Scotland Argyll Court Castle Business Park Stirling FK9 4TY M 07443 984200 Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 13

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