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Web 2.0 Opportunities and challenges Phil Bradley

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1 Web 2.0 Opportunities and challenges Phil Bradley

2 Personal Experiences of Web 2.0 Who am I? –‘Freelance librarian’ AKA Internet Consultant –Trainer –Writer –Speaker –‘One man band’

3 I need… To keep up to date with news Explore new resources as they come out Communicate the best of these to a wider audience Store, use and make content available to clients and delegates on courses Promote what I do Stay at the forefront

4 My Start/Home page

5 Library Pageflakes


7 Home page - opportunities Quick and easy to create Share content with groups/world Content is on the web Multiple authors No technical knowledge is required

8 Home page - challenges Not ‘badged’ content Who is responsible for the upkeep? Investment of time and energy Promoting the existence of the page(s)

9 Checking my news feeds

10 Feed hub

11 RSS feeds - opportunities Almost instant information A lot of information Tailored to exactly what I want Always available

12 RSS feeds - challenges A lot of information – requirement to change reading/filtering habits Always available Always being updated

13 Checking

14 Libraries using delicious

15 Bookmarking - opportunities Current awareness Informing a community with one click No reinventing the wheel Add to webpages to increase currency

16 Bookmarking - challenges Serendipity No controlled vocabulary Install links on to browsers Limited to basic content (URL, tags etc)

17 Catching up with Twitter

18 Instant Messaging - opportunities Saves time Easy to use Current information Personal Nothing to install Outreach

19 Instant Messaging - challenges No record of discussion (usually) Concern over security Are you really there?

20 Reading the news

21 Updating my weblog

22 Other library weblogs

23 Blogging - opportunities Quick, easy, non-technical Wide audience Immediacy Archival aspect Promoting a ‘voice’ A good way to communicate

24 Blogging - challenges Difficult to control Concern over comments Immediacy Taking information out of some hands

25 Using wikis and collaborative sites

26 Library example

27 Wikis - opportunities Work ‘across borders’ No technical knowledge required Inclusive in nature Create and amend content quickly and easily

28 Wikis - challenges No badged or official content Danger of inappropriate editing Responsibility Authority Accuracy

29 Social Networking

30 Social Networking - opportunities Speed Informality Creation of groups/content is easy Not technical New applications Promotion of groups/organizations/individuals

31 Social networking - challenges Vampires! Drain on time and resources Limited control Little authority Informal

32 More opportunities Who needs technical support? Little cost involved Mistakes are not costly Greater control in the hands of the librarian Focus on the end user Activity, not tool oriented Different ways of working (eg. Filtering)

33 More challenges External hosting Connectivity problems Scary Changing the culture Anarchy Re-inventing the wheel Different ways of doing things (eg query answering)

34 What is the way forward? Ignore Web 2.0 Look at activities Look at resources Look at applications Take a blended approach Change the culture Take control!

35 Thank you! Email: Website: http://www.philb.com Weblog: Weblog: Twitter: Presentations

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