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GÉANT – e-infrastructure for Horizon 2020 Dorte Olesen Chair of the NREN PC and GN3 Plus Assembly Future Internet Assembly Athens, 18 th March 2014.

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1 GÉANT – e-infrastructure for Horizon 2020 Dorte Olesen Chair of the NREN PC and GN3 Plus Assembly Future Internet Assembly Athens, 18 th March 2014

2 connect communicate collaborate

3 3 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate What is GÉANT? (more than just a network…) GÉANT is co-funded by Europe’s NRENs and the European Commission (EC) under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) Project Partners are 42 European NRENs, TERENA and DANTE Total European R&E network costs follow the 1/10/100 rule for the International (GÉANT)/National (NREN)/Campus costs Wide range of services (AAI,BoD,IPv6 etc) 25 European POPs 12,000 km of dark fibre on 18 routes 50,000 km network infrastructure on 44 routes Widely diversified footprint Serves 50 million users 10,000 institutions Across 43 European countries and beyond Ad 5: Generalforsamlingen besluttede enstemmigt at bemyndige ledelsen til at træffe beslutning om uddeling af ekstraordinært udbytte.

4 4 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Backbone Network Architecture (Major upgrade & rationalisation…) Fibre Leased Circuits “Routerless POPs”“Fully featured POPs” Off fibre net POPs IP/MPLS only POPs NREN POPs Circuits over GÉANT Leased circuits DWDM TDM (SDH) IP/MPLS (Routerless POPs) PT LU RU GR BETRIL EELVLT SKHRSIUKNLDEFRESDKCZATITHUCHROBGPL IE MTCYMKRSME Cutting a rather long story short… (achitectural studies, workshops, consensus building, procurement, rollout, convergence…) Fibre Leased Circuits NREN POPs DWDM Off fibre POPs Converged Packet Transport Platform Leased circuits On fibre POPs

5 5 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate GÉANT: Users GÉANT users include high profile projects such as the Large Hadron Collider, researchers tackling major societal challenges such as ageing and climate change, as well as arts and cultural projects However, the majority of our users probably don’t know they are using the network – they just enjoy seamless high-speed connectivity at their university or research lab

6 6 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate GÉANT Service Area Not just the GÉANT backbone – but an orchestrated delivery of services by all NRENs and Campuses to their users GÉANT services (IP,circuits,wave- lengths) eduCONF eduROAM eduPKI eduGAIN Multi domain services (BoD etc) eduPERT

7 7 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate At the heart of the Global R&E Village – connecting 65 countries outside of Europe

8 8 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate GÉANT community R&D strategy Deeply rooted in the universities and research centres of Europe, R&D is key to the entire GÉANT ecosystem GÉANT Insists on creating services which are at the forefront of technology and ahead of the market Has its R&D effort based in the NRENs and universities This has produced many services and projects that have been of a defining nature for the community and the industry: Higher bandwidths than commercially available Quality of Service based on over-provisioning eduroam, AAI-federations Optical wavelength networking and Open Exchanges Cross-border fibres …and many more

9 9 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Guinness World Record Amsterdam to Hamburg 8Tb/s in 19min with ONE engineer Production equipment Production link The Guinness World Record 8Tb/s = Average global internet traffic in 2005 &

10 10 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate An R&D example 2008-2010: The FEDERICA experience, led by GARR Madrid Red.ES Barcelona i2CAT Milan GARR Prague Cesnet Athens NTUA & GRNET Berlin DFN Poznan PSNC Budapest NIIFI JAN 2014 WWW.FP7-FEDERICA.EU The infrastructure is active and started as an EC co-funded project from 2008 to 2010. It created a Europe-wide, physical e-Infrastructure based on virtualization in all its components: network elements and computing elements. The service is to create virtual testbeds for Future Internet Research and Experimentation. Router/Switch Host for Virtual Machines Circuit at 1 Gbps

11 11 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate An infrastructure for exploiting virtualization for any ICT test, any user The virtual testbeds (or ‘slices’) can support research and experimentation in new ICT architectures and services on networks and distributed systems. Validation of Software Defined Networking and Network Funtion Virtualization technologies and architectures is easily implemented on slices. Reproducibility of the experiments is ensured by the substrate configuration capabilities. FEDERICA substrate (only CORE is shown) Global Internet A “topology” A “slice”aka Virtual testbed Routers “portal” VMs WWW.FP7-FEDERICA.EU

12 12 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate SDN/NFV as a prime example The Software Defined Networking (SDN) paradigm and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technologies are in the roadmap of GÉANT and NRENs R&D effort NFV has been used by various NRENs since some years to facilitate large scale networking The interest is on Operational cost reduction Faster service provisioning Compatibility/integration with clouds SDN/NFV technologies are already trialled by a broad project range (in Open Calls also) relying on GÉANT support and resources. The classic production environment and new technologies can coexist.

13 13 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate New GÉANT 2020 strategy Over the Horizon New GÉANT strategy on its way – first stage received very positively March 12 by the NREN Policy Committee Strong focus on SDN in combination with cloud services as an effective delivery mechanism for e-science services Delivering more services to Future Internet activities – extending and deepening collaboration in all FI areas More collaboration with industry – identifying opportunities and developing a partnership strategy with industry and SMEs

14 14 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate INNOVATION PROGRAMME JRA1: Network Architectures for Horizon 2020 JRA2: Technology Testing for Specific Service Applications JRA3: Identity & Trust Services for GÉANT Services SA6: Service Management and Operation NA1: Management NA2: Comms & Promotion NA3: Status & Trends NA4: Int & Business Dev SA1: Core Backbone Services SA2: Testbeds as a Service SA3: Network Service Delivery SA4: Network Support Services SA5: Application Services SA7: Support to Clouds GÉANT Open Calls

15 15 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate SDN/NFV services/projects SA3: Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD) and Multi-Domain VPN services - Strictly speaking not SDN in themselves, but they present APIs that enable applications to control configuration of network resources JRA2, Task 1: OpenFlow/SDN for Specialised Applications JRA2, Task 2: NaaS, Virtualisation and NSI Developments SA2: Testbeds as a Service (TaaS) -A comprehensive effort to support any new research in networking A number of SDN/NFV projects under the Open Calls umbrella

16 16 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate SDN research activities Gathering requirements and investigation of solutions to support SDN-enabled network services: Multi-domain SDN Monitoring in SDN-enabled infrastructures Cloud support Network security based on SDN capabilities Externalizing network functions, such as traffic engineering Evaluating and extending SDN software Network controllers Virtualization components (Flowspace Firewall) Network virtualization platforms

17 17 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate NFV-related research activities Offering Networks as a Service (NaaS) to the NREN community to overcome several limitations of the current management models: multi-tenancy, dynamicity, automation Use cases: Virtual CPE Network on Demand IP Network Overlay DC/NOC Management

18 18 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate GÉANT Open Call – what is it? Along with many EC-funded projects (e.g. those under FIRE or FI-PPP initiatives) GN3Plus project used “Open Call” process to realise some of the project objectives 50% of JRA budget allocated to Open Calls (3.3 MEUR EC budget) Open Call for new collaborators/partners carry out JRA activities in the project use GÉANT infrastructure – e.g. Dark Fibre testbed, SDN/OpenFlow testbed, Bandwidth on Demand new ideas and innovation flourish Any eligible legal entity could apply i.e. companies, Universities/Research Institutes and NRENs 18 month projects with budgets of €100k-350k

19 19 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Open Call Projects funded….. OPEN CALL PROJECTS Network Architecture and Optical Projects Applications & Tools Authentication SDN: Software Defined Networking

20 20 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate GÉANT Open Call Applications and Tools A range of activities designed to investigate how the GÉANT network can support advanced research activities and projects; ARES: Advanced Networking for the EU genomic research CEOVDS: Cross-site Evaluation of an OpenFlow-assisted Video-on-Demand Distribution Service eMusic: Using GÉANT dynamic circuits to support remote collaboration in musical education and eCulture NSI-CONTEST: Network Service Interface Conformance Test Suite  NFV  SDN

21 21 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate GÉANT Open Call Authentication Secure identity and authentication is essential to get maximum value from distributed systems. These projects help support secure end-to-end authentication of systems and people. CLASSe: Cloud-ABFAB Federation Services in eduroam GEANT-Trustbroker: New Federation Services and Protocols for Dynamically Building Trust in the R&E Community HEXAA: Higher Education External Attribute Authorities MEAL: Multidomain eduroam across LTE SENSE: Secure Enterprise Networks finally Simple and Easy WoT4LoA: Web of Trust based Level of Assurance enhancement

22 22 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate GÉANT Open Call Network Architecture and Optical Projects Looking forward towards future generations of networking technologies, these projects study future networking systems. COFFEE: Coherent Optical system Field-trial For spectral Efficiency Enhancement ICOF: International Clock Comparisons via Optical Fiber IRINA: Investigating RINA as the next generation GEANT and NREN network architecture MoMoT: Multi-Domain Optical Modelling Tool REACTION: Research and Experimental Assessment of Control plane archiTectures for In-Operation flexgrid Network re-optimization  SDN

23 23 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate GÉANT Open Call SDN- Software Defined Networking Software Defined Networking allows greater network flexibility and the potential for new networking paradigms to meet new networking demands. AUTOFLOW: Autonomic OpenFlow CoCo: On Demand Community Connection Service for eScience Collaboration DREAMER: Distributed REsilient sdn Architecture MEeting carrier grade Requirements DyNPaC: Dynamic Path Computation Framework MINERVA: Implementing network coding in transport networks to increase availability MOTE: Multi-Domain OpenFlow Topology Exchange  SDN

24 24 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate SDN/NFV – where are the users? The users are the NRENs themselves – not the end-users, who will barely see this, so much of the effort in this field is driven by the possibilities offered by the technology – not an immediate user demand This was also the case for Lambda networking and IPv6 in the early days of these services. Today, however, everyone recognizes the need for these services. Having said this, in reality many users are there already – from radio astronomy and other types of massive data transfer to simple connections to move data between endpoints otherwise not reachable because of firewalls etc (i.e. PACS systems at two hospitals) The combination of cloud services and SDN/NFV will be increasingly interesting, and GÉANT can expect to serve as a showcase for the rest of society, when cloud vendors with NREN customers start making use of the SDN/NFV services. Here SDN/NFV offers commercial developments.

25 25 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Summary: GÉANT SDN/NFV is The next technology wave to re-define basic networking services Important as a forefront technology A paradigm that may support a large wave of innovation in the use of networks A field where NREN and Dante Staff really can contribute A field where GÉANT and the NRENs are careful in preserving a neutral and transparent infrastructure to foster innovation A challenge to implement across multiple domains/operators. An area for R&D activities for years to come, and in the roadmap for GÉANT and the NRENs

26 26 Connect | Communicate | Collaborate | | Connect | Communicate | Collaborate Thank you! Questions?

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