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List as many Franchises/Ads that you can recall that I just showed you.

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1 List as many Franchises/Ads that you can recall that I just showed you.

2 White collar What are people who work “desk” type jobs referred to as?

3 Advertising, Marketing, Communications What part of the business sector expanded?

4 a company that offers similar services in many locations What is a franchise?

5 Labor-saving devices provided more leisure time for Americans Americans experienced shorter work weeks and more vacation time than ever before Leisure time activities became a multi-billion dollar industry Labor-saving devices added more spare time

6 In 1953 alone Americans spent $30 billion on leisure Bowling remains one of the top leisure activities in the U.S.


8 After the rationing of WWII, inexpensive and plentiful fuel and easy credit led many to buy cars By 1960, over 60 million Americans owned autos


10 In 1956 Congress passed the Federal Highway Act Construction of 40,000 miles of interstate highways. This was needed because the number of Americans who owned cars increased In times of crisis it would be necessary to transport missiles and military supplies quickly

11 The Interstate Highway system resulted in: More trucking Less railroad More suburbs, and commuting

12 Another effect of the highway system was that the scenery of America began to look the same Restaurants, motels, highway billboards, gas stations, etc. all began to look similar

13 In times of crisis it would be necessary to transport missiles and military supplies quickly What was the primary purpose of creating a U.S. Interstate Highway System, funded by the 1956 Federal Highway Act?

14 Popular Culture A new era of mass media led by television emerged in the 1950s In 1948, only 9% of homes had T.V In 1950, 55% of homes had T.V. By 1960, 90% of American homes had T.V.

15 The 1950s was known as the “Golden Age of Television” Comedies were the main attraction as Milton Berle, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were very popular Golden Age of TV

16 By 1957 there were 40 million television sets. In the late 1950s, the television news became an important source of information. Advertising and sporting events became more common TV Guide magazine quickly became the best selling magazine Frozen TV dinners were introduced in 1954 – these complete ready-to-heat meals on disposable aluminum trays made it easy for people to eat without missing their favorite shows TV Ads, TV Guides, & TV Dinners 45:00

17 Iconic Movie Stars



20 Promoted products, caught people up on news, showed the latest trends, defined gender roles and social norms How did television impact American society?

21 A group of mostly white artists, who called themselves the beats, highlighted the values gap that existed in the United States in the 1950s. In 1957 beat writer Jack Kerouac published On the Road. This book described freewheeling adventures with a car thief and a con artist. The book shocked readers but went on to become a classic in American literature. Artistic Movement


23 The word may have come from the group feeling beat down by American culture. Followers, called “beatniks”, tended to shun work and sought understanding through Zen Buddhism, music, and sometimes drugs Beatniks often performed poetry or music in coffeehouses or bars Beatniks /watch?v=Ba9yazkl0UE


25 Young Americans rebelled against the conformist ideals of adult society and looked to controversial styles in music and literature FREED Young Americans


27 In 1951 radio disc jockey Alan Freed gained permission from his manager to play African American rhythm and blues on the radio. – He called it “rock and roll” The listeners loved the new songs, and soon white artists were copying the sound FREED Music in the 1950s 1:26:00

28 In the early and mid-fifties, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and the Comets, and especially Elvis Presley brought rock and roll to the forefront Several cities banned rock ‘n’ roll. These varying opinions led to what became known as a generation gap, or cultural separation between children and parents. Rock n’ Roll

29 Presley’s rebellious style captured young audiences Girls screamed and fainted, and boys tried to imitate him King of Rock and Roll


31 Shun work, did drugs, against conformity How were Beatniks different from the norm?

32 Rhythm and blues Rock and Roll can be traced to What African American style of music?

33 Social Rebel- Greasers GREASERS- During the 1950s there was a rise in, juvenile delinquency— criminal behavior of youths. While most teens did not participate in any illegal activity, teens were stereotyped, especially if they had long hair and dressed in an alternative manner they were known as greasers


35 Choose the strongest GREASER in your group to arm wrestle. J/K you are going to play Rock-Paper- Scissors

36 Rise in KKK against African Americans due to the growing Civil Rights Movement (we’ll talk more about this in the Civil Rights Unit)

37 Greasers Who were seen as social rebels in the 1950s?

38 Last challenge to send us home. List as many examples of 50s CONFORMITY from our notes as you can and do the same for DISSENT

39 Business-White Collar Submissive Housewife Franchises Keeping up with the Jones Baby Boom Playboy Suburbs Civil Rights Beatniks Greaser Rock n Roll Birth Control

40 The postwar era witnessed tremendous economic growth and rising social contentment and conformity. Yet in the midst of such increasing abundance and comfortable domestic lives; some social critics expressed a growing sense of unease with American culture in the 1950s.

41 . Ticket out the Door: What did you like least about living in the 50s and What did you like best?

42 Directions: answer the questions below and draw a sketch for each of the categories on the back. CategoryQuestionAnswer White Collar Jobs White type of business jobs increased in the 1950s? Franchis es What is a franchise? Baby Boom List reasons why the birth rate dramatically increased after the war Leisure Why did American’s have more leisure time in the 1950s? Automob ile What was the purpose of the Federal Highway Act? How did the highway change America? Suburbs Why were suburbs formed? Standard of Living Describe the standard of living for Americans in the 50s. Advertisin g Describe the influence of Advertising during the 20s. CategoryQuestionAnswer Consume rism What were expensive items Americans were buying in the 50s? Women after the War After WWII how were women portrayed in the media ? Mass Media What new media technology swept the nation in the 1950s? Conformi ty Provide examples of conformity during the 1950s Advance s in Medicine Who was Dr Salk? Social Rebel Who were seen as the social rebels of the 1950s? New Music What was the new popular music of the 1950’s? Artistic moveme nt What was the artistic movement of the 1950s? 1950’s Pop Culture

43 Baby Boom Franc hises White Collar Jobs Lei sur e Auto mobil e Sub urb s Standard of Living Advances in Medicine Consu merism Women after the War Mass Media Confo rmity New Music Artistic Movement Social Rebel Modern Family 1950’s Culture

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