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We Sell To The World. “GOOD PEOPLE, GREAT SCIENCE” Introducing The Hanson Group “Think of a Start-Up, Entrepreneurial, Technology Development Company.

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Presentation on theme: "We Sell To The World. “GOOD PEOPLE, GREAT SCIENCE” Introducing The Hanson Group “Think of a Start-Up, Entrepreneurial, Technology Development Company."— Presentation transcript:

1 We Sell To The World

2 “GOOD PEOPLE, GREAT SCIENCE” Introducing The Hanson Group “Think of a Start-Up, Entrepreneurial, Technology Development Company with all the people having 25+ years experience.”

3 Purpose Est. 1996 Established in 1996 to service the needs of customers including: Sourcing hard to find raw materials Managed technology development programs and technical collaborations Commercial joint development efforts for specific end-users The Hanson Group, LLC

4 Locations Our Locations Arizona Georgia Colorado The Hanson Group, LLC

5 Bag of Goodies The Hanson Group, LLC Hanson Group provides your company with a laboratory and proof of concept facility for Rapid Development of Thermoset Systems Hanson Group will act as your in-house Technology & Sourcing Resource Proof of Concept Laboratory Proof of Concept Laboratory In-House Physical Testing Capability In-House Physical Testing Capability Private Label and Licensing of Thermoset Products Private Label and Licensing of Thermoset Products Toll Manufacturing Toll Manufacturing

6 Expertise The Hanson Group, LLC “Team of Experts” 11 Senior Chemists 2 PhD Chemists 2 Chemical Engineers ”Over 500 years of combined technical experience.” Experts with many years experience focused in a core competence in thermoset chemistries, with an emphasis on formulated systems, resins, curatives and curing agents in Polyurethanes, Polyureas, Epoxies, Matrix Resins for Composites and Amines Chemistries – Thermoset Technologies.

7 Seasoned Experts Ciba-Geigy Plastics Ciba Vision UOP Corporation Dow Chemical Hexcel Corporation Acushnuet - Titleist Goodyear Aerospace Goodyear Chemicals Air Products Huntsman PPG Industries Schering Plough Landec Raychem Ferro Northrup Grumman Experience The Hanson Group, LLC Technology Development: Seasoned Experts Specializing in Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Polyureas & Composites that take on development projects for Fortune 100 companies for Fast Commercialization of Innovative Technologies.

8 Accomplishments The Hanson Group, LLC “Diversity from the experiences and backgrounds of our chemists helps us to be more creative and innovative.” - Lee Hanson Over 500 years combined Technical Experience Over 200 Patents Authored Over 150 Technical Papers More than 200 New Products have been developed and commercialized in the last 17 years Over 18 years of Serving the Thermoset Market

9 Who’s Who The Team Lee Hanson Erin Hanson Chuck Demarest Kyle Flanagan Jacques Gouws Penny Godwin Guy Stokes Ray Scott Dr. Sam (Xian-Yong) Wong Andrea Vaillancourt Jerimy McNeil Jason Wood Brent Cartledge Victor Poynton Caitlin Hanson Matt Simonds The Hanson Group, LLC “Our strategy for LEADERSHIP in science is to attract the best talent and provide them an environment in which to achieve.” – Guy Stokes, Vice-President Dr. Michael Quinn Shenshen Wu Tudor Samolia Wallace Joslyn Tudor Samoila Dr. Ray Stewart Dr. Eric Mintz

10 Joint Development Partner Quintus Corporation Visuron Technologies, Inc. The Hanson Group, LLC Aragon Elastomers

11 The Hanson GroupVisuronAragon ElastomersQuintus Corp. Center of Technology for Thermoset Technologies Custom UV Stabilization of Thermoplastic Polymers Private Labeling and Licensing Custom Technology Development and Sales of Custom Chemicals: Amines, Additives and Resins THE HANSON GROUP, LLC The Hanson Group, LLC

12 The Hanson GroupVisuronAragon ElastomersQuintus Corp. Formulated High Performance Thermoset Systems for Tank Linings, Oil & Gas Containment, Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Industrial Flooring, Water Treatment, Piping, etc. Hanson Group Subsidiaries

13 The Hanson GroupVisuronAragon ElastomersQuintus Corp. Cast Elastomers and Concrete Molding Materials: Climbing Wall Holds, Mining Parts, Wheels, Faux Wall Structures, Sporting Equipment, Farming Parts, Etc… Hanson Group Subsidiaries

14 The Hanson GroupVisuronAragon ElastomersQuintus Corp. Manufacturing of aerospace grade hardware Composite design and analysis CNC Machining Ballistics Lab Static Testing Joint Development Partner Quintus Corporation Hanson Group Subsidiaries


16 BUILDING BLOCKS FOR THERMOSETS Chain Extenders Custom Amines Additives Custom ISO Pre-Polymers The Hanson Group, LLC We source specialty chemicals and intermediates from around the world. If we can’t make it, then we find partners to assist us. Our raw materials base is extensive.

17 Transparent Armor for Military & Civil Applications High Slip Coating for Pipe Linings Aliphatic High Abrasion Resistant Coating for Wind Mill Blades Fabricated Polyurea/Geotextile Composite Liners Toughened Aliphatic Gel Coat Replacement Thermosets High Chemical Resistant Polyurea Coatings Infrastructure Polyureas for Piping and Civil Stabilization New Energy Management Sports Related Products Hurricane/Typhoon and Blast Panels Faux Brick and Rock Panels Custom Synthesis of Amines THE HANSON GROUP, LLC “Provider in Leading Edge Technologies” The Hanson Group, LLC


19 Our laboratory focuses on testing procedures to ensure accurate results. We can benefit your company by providing "third- party testing" or "tested by an independent laboratory" that guarantee your test results are objective and free from the influence, guidance or bias of any other third party. We maintain a rigid adherence to our customer’s business goals and objectives. Lab & Testing Facility Alpharetta, GA The Hanson Group Proof of Concept The Forefront of Discovery for Your Business

20 The Hanson Group Proof of Concept

21 Perform RESEARCH to prove the core ideas are feasible DESIGN a protocol to establish commercial viability SOLVE technical issues, and give manufacturing criteria Establish guidelines for BUDGET $ and a timetable to commercial launch The Hanson Group LLC will take your project or proposal and: The Hanson Group Proof of Concept

22 We facilitate the roll out of a technology or product into production, by alpha testing a limited scope of the market segment to test whether the system is working as it was designed while limiting business exposure and risk. The Hanson Group Proof of Concept Committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in research and discovery.




26 High Performance Polyurea, Polyurethane and Epoxy Coatings, Linings & Elastomers Visuron Technologies, Inc. Waterproofing Offshore Platforms Finish Industrial Pipelining Ship Hulls & Decking Toughened - High Chemical Resistance Linings Industrial & Commercial Flooring Solutions Gas/ Oil Containment Solutions Water Tank Storage Solutions GripSeal Hoover Dam Parking Deck

27 DIVISIONS OF VISURON TECHNOLOGIES: Visuron Technologies, Inc. Oil/Gas Industrial Systems Military

28 Visuron Technologies, Inc.



31 CAST ELASTOMERS Aragon Elastomers Polyurethane specialists with expert knowledge of chemistry, part design, and manufacturing Facility in Louisville, CO

32 Aragon Elastomers We can select the right urethane for your job, or create new formulations just for your specific application. We can help with economic design decisions to help make your part a reality. We employ a variety of manufacturing methods including: injection molding vacuum/pressure casting high-speed liquid dispensing hand casting


34 QUINTUS CORP. LAB & TESTING FACILITY Joint Development Partner – Quintus Corporation Manufacturing of Aerospace Grade Hardware Composite Design and Analysis CNC Machining Ballistics Lab Static Testing Facility in Camp Verde, AZ

35 QUINTIUM™ Transparent Armor Medical Devices Composite Instruments Seat Cushions Joint Development Partner – Quintus Corporation An Optically Clear, Machine Castable, Thermoset System


37 Uses & Benefits Polymer re-closes after ballistic penetration, resulting in: Unrivaled multi-hit performance Retention of physical seal (e.g. container applications) Joint Development Partner – Quintus Corporation


39 Chuck is a Polymer Scientist and Physicist. Over the last 46 years, Chuck has held positions of director, president, founder, vice president of research and development, treasurer, investor, and advisor to manufacturing companies, technology businesses, nonprofit and trade associations, and the U.S. government. In 46+ years of work with polyurethane foams and elastomers, Mr. Demarest has created over 2,000 polyurethane formulations for purposes as varied as artificial hands for amputees, skateboard wheels, shock absorbers for bicycle forks, and ski boots. Past President of the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association (PMA) Lee is a Chemical Engineer from The Georgia Institute of Technology. He spent his corporate career at Ciba-Geigy Corporation in various technical and business functions. Lee has been married for 30 years with five children. Lee started THG in 1996 and is very motivated to bring new technology to the marketplace while assisting customers with being market leaders. He was the former President of the Polyurea Development Association (PDA). Chuck Demarest Lee Hanson The Team

40 Kyle has a BS in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Houston Clear Lake. Kyle started with The Dow Chemical Co. where he spent 4 years with the Polyurethanes Research & Development program. In 2002 he was promoted to Technical Sales Rep for Dow Polyurethanes. His responsibilities included - flexible foams, hydrophilic foam, cast elastomers & spray elastomers. Kyle joined The Hanson Group in 2006 as a technical salesman with application experience. He works with our customers to specify the correct raw materials for their formulas along with assisting them with ramping up their applications in the field.Past President of the Polyurea Development Association (PDA) Ray has published over 30 technical Presentations on polymers, and awarded over 25 US Patents. Ray is a co-inventor of the Unilink, Clearlink & Polylink Diamine types of technology. Ray was President of the Commercial Development Association in 1993, and President of the Polyurea Development Association (PDA) in 2003-2004. Kyle FlanaganRay Scott The Team

41 Guy Stokes is VP of the Hanson Group. The majority of his career was with the Hexcel Corporation as Global Business Manager for Tooling Composites and Resins. Most recently Guy was VP and General Manager of the Landec Corporation in California responsible for Intelimer catalyst commercialization as well as R&D. He attended both the Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University and holds a B.S. Degree with dual majors in Chemistry and Business. He has spent over 35 years in the thermoset technology with emphasis on epoxy, polyurethanes and composites. Shenshen worked for Acushnet Company - Titleist Golf for 28 years and was holding the position of Project Manager of R&D when she retired from the company in 2005. Shenshen was the chief chemist who researched and developed the product line of polyurethane/polyurea golf ball covers for Titleist. Shenshen has over 100 patent applications that cover her research work at Titleist; of which 108 patents were issued. Upon her retirement, Shenshen began working for The Hanson Group as a technical consultant in the field of polyurethane/polyurea research. To date, two additional patents were issued. Guy StokesShenshen Wu The Team

42 Michael is a Polymer Scientist whose background includes organic and polymer synthesis and polymer characterization. His industrial experience includes medical devices, coating, formulating, design of experiments (DOE), analytical chemistry and process optimization. Michael worked for Ciba Vision as well as other optics companies. Michael has numerous patents (US and foreign) and technical papers which includes a book chapter in the ACS Symposium Series. Michael works in product development, contract research and Quality Control for THG. Sam is the Technical Director of The Hanson Group (THG). Over the last 6 years at THG, Sam has been an indispensable part of the technical team, bringing innovative polyurea & polyurethane products into new applications, actively involved in production, QC and sales support. Sam holds one U.S. patent and has 14 published scientific papers in coatings, polymers and photo-active compounds. Dr. Wang graduated with a B.S. degree in Polymer Chemistry from Wuhan University and received his M.S. in Polymer Chemistry from the Institute of Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. He obtained a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry & Photochemistry from Tulane University and completed his Postdoctoral Fellowship, in Polymeric Materials, at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Michael Quinn Ph.D Dr. Sam (Xian-Yong) Wang Ph.D The Team

43 Jacques was born in Pretoria, South Africa and arrived in the USA in 2004 with his family. Jacques graduated from The Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He joined The Hanson Group in 2014 as a Systems Engineer to oversee and optimize our manufacturing and warehousing operations, coordinate design and manufacturing requirements with clients on new product development deals, and develop and work on business opportunities to maximize the outreach of The Hanson Group’s capabilities. Before joining The Hanson Group, Jacques spent 5 years with Siemens focusing on the design and implementation of industrial automation systems. Wallace is a consultant to the Hanson Group with over thirty five years of experience in plastic additives for surface effects and reinforcement. Wallace has held the position of President with Amber Industrial, Taylor Chemical, Reactamine Technology, Engineered Polymers, Silbond Corporation, and currently Santek Silicones – all specialty silicone/silane and polymer systems manufacturers/distributors. BS Degree in Chemistry/Math and an MBA in Marketing Worked for over 20 years with Dow Corning In the Silicones additives market for over 30 years 6 patents Jacques GouwsWallace Joslyn The Team

44 Penny brings a wealth of business management knowledge and experience to The Hanson Group, LLC. She has responsibility for all Human Resources functions, benefits administration, and financial reporting. For 14 years prior to joining the Hanson team, Penny owned and operated two small businesses and managed more than 50 employees. Penny holds a B.S. in Information & Computer Science from Georgia Tech and previously worked as a Project Systems Analyst for Unisys Corporation and Turner Broadcasting System. Penny is a proud mom of 4 and lives in the Atlanta area. Tudor joined The Hanson Group in 2010 supporting our laboratory experimental work and overseeing our Safety and OSHA Compliance Program. He has a varied professional background in gas detection, formulation, QA/QC and bench chemistry; his experience includes tenure at European and American companies such as Draeger, Ciba and Clorox. Tudor holds a BS degree in Chemistry-Physics; a Masters in Industrial Management and also a Masters in Occupational Health, Safety and Labor Management; recently he received a Hazardous Materials Management Certificate by the US Dept. of Labor/OSHA from Georgia Tech. Penny GodwinTudor Samoila The Team

45 Jason Wood has been with the Hanson Group for over 4 years. In that time he has been cross trained and worked hands on in many key aspects of THG’s day to day operations. As a result Jason has gained an extensive knowledge of the operations, procedures and specific technologies that are related to the Hanson Group. He has currently taken on a new role which includes (but is not limited to) purchasing, logistics, system sales and customer service. Prior to working with THG Jason was an Operations Manager for a manufacturing company for the better part of a decade. With over 15 years experience in management, sales and customer service Jason has continually proven himself a valuable asset to the Hanson team. Andrea has been with The Hanson Group since 2001 and has known Lee for more than 28 years (Lee is married to her sister). Andrea has a B.S. Degree in Business from Georgia State University. Her responsibilities include too many to list; International and domestic customer account(s) management as well as regulatory shipping requirements and import/export laws. Accounts payable and receivable, Hanson inventory control and customer consignment inventory. Marketing materials such as brochures, presentations and THG website. Jason WoodAndrea Vaillancourt The Team

46 Dr. Stewart received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Minnesota. Worked as a scientist and project leader in conductive polymers at Raychem Corporation for 7 years and then founded the Landec Corporation. The corporation started with a new polymer materials concept and rapidly grew to a public company with annual sales of greater than $100MM. In 2000 Dr. Stewart founded Bay Materials, LLC as an independent materials consulting, product development and manufacturing company where he is currently a managing member. Dr. Stewart has over 20 US issued patents under his name. Lead scientist for composites technology backed by NASA and Lockheed-Martin at Clark Atlanta University. Several Post Doctorates from University of Massachusetts and Northwestern University. Well published with over 110 papers including many on nanocomposites matrix. Full capabilities of complete analytical laboratories including Mass Spec analysis. Dr. Ray Stewart Dr. Eric Mintz The Team

47 Erin married Lee in 1986 and graduated with a BS in Education and Mathematics from Georgia State. After teaching for a year, Erin and Lee decided to start their family and Erin became a stay at home mother to 5 children. She spent the next 24 years heavily involved in the schools, church and community as well as The Hanson Group. With only one child left at home, and a calling to make a difference in the lives of youth, Erin and Lee worked together to develop the Guardian Cap. Erin now works daily to pursue the mission of helping players through equipment innovation and also is Lee’s sounding board and partner. Caitlin graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Business. She spent a year doing International Marketing with SPANX by Sara Blakely and left to do Sponsorship Solutions for TNT and TBS with Turner Broadcasting. After 3 years, Caitlin finally decided to join the family business and join The Hanson Group and Guardian team utilizing her experience in marketing and advertising. Caitlin manages trade shows, the websites, marketing materials, and business development amongst other things. Erin HansonCaitlin Hanson The Team

48 Matt is a Georgia Tech graduate and former collegiate athlete born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Matt handles the day-to-day operation of the Guardian business and actively pursues ways to spread the innovative nature of the team to other industries and products that need advancements in material science. Brent Cartledge has been with The Hanson Group since April 2009. His background degree is in Biochemistry. Brent was hired as the Asst. Technical Director and has played a vital role in developing new formulas for our business. Besides holding that title, he has taken on newly created responsibilities such as Director of Production Control and Materials Manager. He oversees the day to day business from a production standpoint as well as laboratory responsibilities. Brent also works closely with the QA/QC director in making sure each material produced here is within specification. Matt SimondsBrent Cartledge The Team

49 Atlanta native, Jerimy is a Polyurea/ Plural component, equipment, and applications specialist. He has been involved in various applications and development projects for Polyureas and Polyurethanes since 1995. He is Factory Certified in service and troubleshooting for Graco, Glascraft, and Gusmer plural component dispensing equipment. Previous to joining The Hanson Group, Jerimy spent nine years doing research and development/ product testing for 3M, Atlanta, AAD, working with Polyureas for various specialty vehicle applications, as well as some work with automotive refinishing products. His role at The Hanson Group, is to supervise in- house Polyurea sprays, and work on various potential application development. Born in Dublin Ireland, Victor studied auto electrical and mechanical engineering at Bolton ST; Collage Dublin Ireland from 1968-1974. Victor has spent his years in the Dublin Fire Brigade and traveling the world. Victor arrived in the USA in 1999 and hasn’t left. He joined The Hanson Group in 2012 as Plant Manager. Jerimy McNeilVictor Poynton The Team



52 The Hanson Group Successes GOLF BALLS

53 The Hanson Group Successes MILITARY



56 The Hanson Group Successes SPRAY ELASTOMERS

57 THG creates opportunities and designs solutions THG has exposure technically around the globe THG has many technical experts with application experience THG has a number of specialty technology solutions OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH & SUCCESS The Hanson Group Summary SUMMARY

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