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6th Annual Progress Conference ISCH Domain 31 May – 1 June 2012 ENS Lyon.

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1 6th Annual Progress Conference ISCH Domain 31 May – 1 June 2012 ENS Lyon

2 APC who and what 15 presentations on Actions by MC (Vice) Chairs to Domain Committee, Domain Controllers (Rita Zukauskine for IS1002 Modernet) Approximately 40 participants 4 panels: Political science and law (4) Health (2) Humanities (5) Media and technology (4) 8 Actions at beginning of 2nd year 7 actions at the end of 3rd year

3 Modernet, a network for development of new techniques for discovering trends in occupational and work-related diseases and tracing new and emerging risks IS1002 Start date: 09/11/2010 End date: 08/11/2014 Year: 2 Annet Lenderink Vice-Chair NCOD Coronel Institute - AMC Amsterdam Netherlands

4 4 Grant Holder: Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam Mrs. A.F.Lenderink Netherlands Action Parties

5 5 Action participants

6 6 Use of COST Instruments Activity (No.)Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4 MC/WG Meetings 2/2(2)/(2)/1 STSMs[2]1[1] Training Schools00 Workshops or Conferences 10 Joint Publications 01

7 7 Results vs. Objectives Goals/objectives ResultsChallenge Knowledge exchange between research centres at the forefront of research in OH risks; on methodology as well as exchanges about cases of (potential) new OD Achieved in WG meetings and presentation sessions and at the international congress on Tracing New Occupational Diseases and on the website Involve parties at the forefront of research in the field Execute short term scientific missions to learn from each participant’s strengths in research In the 1st year no STSMs, in the second year 1 granted. STSM coordinator appointed More STSMs needed Initiate and stimulate joint research projects Joint publication on work-related asthma (F and UK) Other joint research activities considered Innovate in the development of a comprehensive view on occupational health vigilance (Pilot) Studies on different aspects of OH vigilance: data quality, reporting, trends analysis, statistical methods, data mining techniques, case reports Focus and joint research

8 8 Significant Highlights in Science or Networking(1/2) International congress Tracing New Occupational Diseases on 7-8 April 2011 in Amsterdam under auspices of the Dutch group Organized together with ICOH SCOM > 100 participants, international experts in occupational diseases from all over the world 22 new and emerging OH-risks discussed Publication of proceedings and articles in peer reviewed journal SH@W Vol.3,No.1,Mar.2012

9 9 Significant Highlights in Science or Networking (2/2) Important publications on discovering trends include: Joint publication of the French and UK teams concerning new methodologies to highlight trends in occupational diseases Paris et al. (2012) Work-related asthma in France: recent trends for the period 2001-2009. Occup Environ Med. 2012 Mar 1. [Epub ahead of print] Publication showing how favourable downward trends in occupational disease incidence (e.g. asthma and dermatitis) can be demonstrated at a national level following statutory intervention (e.g. following EU directive on CrVI) or other control measures. Stocks et al. (2011) Has European Union legislation to reduce exposure to chromate in cement been effective in reducing the incidence of allergic contact dermatitis attributed to chromate in the UK? Occup Environ Med. 2012 Feb;69(20:150-2. Epub 2011 Aug.17

10 10 Challenges There were significant changes in the core group, since the Chair stepped down and had to be replaced also as WG-leader. We did not succeed in starting STSMs in the first year, although there were some workplace visits from researchers to other participating institutes. To stimulate STSMs in 2012, a STSM coordinator is appointed. For the upcoming year it is critical to collect information about the databases and surveillance systems available in each country as a prerequisite to establish guidelines for the best methodologies to involve more relevant parties, both within the participating countries as in other COST countries to stimulate a balanced contribution from the various participants to initiate surveillance schemes in the countries that do not have such systems, building them on the experiences of the other countries. to use the collaborating space of the Action’s website better

11 Lessons learned Focus is necessary Clear definition of aimed results after 4 years for both WGs and Action, e.g. tools, instruments, guidelines, policy advice etc. Active integration of working groups, e.g. meetings on special themes, joint work shops, joint conferences STSMs: integrate in work of WGs, frequent calls, try to encourage articles based on STSM experience Plan dissemination ahead, beyond website and scientific articles: official reports, book(s) Plan to write joint research proposals at an early stage Discuss whether the Action needs to be extended in the third year. Should be strongly motivated.

12 Thank you for your attention Questions?

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