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International Cyber Warfare and Security Conference

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1 International Cyber Warfare and Security Conference
Ankara, November 27th, 2014

2 Table of contents Finmeccanica overview Selex ES overview
Main Military References - NATO and National Cyber, the Fifth Military Domain Cyber Intelligence Solutions

3 FINMECCANICA TODAY Finmeccanica is a leader in the high technology sector and ranks among the top ten global players in Aerospace, Defence and Security. With about 67,000 employees worldwide, Finmeccanica generated in 2012 revenues of approximately EUR 17.2 billion. We operate in: HELICOPTERS AERONAUTICS SPACE DEFENCE AND SECURITY ELECTRONICS DEFENCE SYSTEMS TRANSPORTATION 3

4 €bil. 17.2 €bil. 16.7 New Orders 16,703 Revenues 17,218 Order Backlog
2012 GROUP RESULTS REVENUES 2012 €bil. 17.2 NEW ORDERS 2012 €bil. 16.7 RESULTS € MLN 2012 New Orders 16,703 Revenues 17,218 Order Backlog 44,908 4% 5% 6% 5% 7% 6% 10% 13% 17% 18% 24% 23% 32% 30% HELICOPTERS SPACE TRANSPORTATION DEFENCE AND SECURITY ELECTRONICS DEFENCE SYSTEMS ENERGY *On December 23rd 2013 Finmeccanica has closed the sale of its 39.55% stake in Ansaldo Energia share capital to Fondo Strategico Italiano. The remaining 15% stake will be sold between June and December At the same time FSI has acquired also the 45% stake held by First Reserve. AERONAUTICS 4

5 Selex ES - Key facts 17,000 people
Revenues in excess of 3.2 billion Euros More than 17.5% of investment in R&D 70% engineers and personnel with technical qualifications Worldwide industrial footprint Operating in Turkey since 1989 with its fully owned subsidiary Selex ES Elektronik Turkey, headquartered in Gölbaşı, Ankara,

6 Our Divisions Airborne and Space Systems Land and Naval Systems
Radar and Advanced Targeting Air Systems, Unmanned Systems and Simulators Electronic Warfare Avionics Space Systems Support and Service Solutions Land and Naval Systems Naval & Air Defence Systems Land & Battlefield Systems Optronics Systems Defence Communications Systems Support & Service Solutions Security and Smart Systems Homeland Security & Critical Infrastructures Cyber Security & Information Assurance Air & Vessel Traffic Management Systems Automation Systems ICT & Networking Smart Solutions

7 We are a systems integrator and manufacturer with a broad perspective of security requirements
OVERVIEW OUR TEAM INCLUDES: Strong Managed Security experience 500 Professional Staff 10+ SOC commissioned by Defense and CNI customers 2 (+1) Security Operation Centres Working across Europe, NATO Nations, Middle East and Asia 30+ years at the forefront of cryptology High Grade solutions Multinational, multi-platform Electronic Key Management Systems Galileo PRS Secure infrastructure and secure modules Delivering NCIRC in 55 locations in 26 countries

8 Managed Security Services
Our Offering Professional Services Cyber Security Solutions Intelligence Equipment and Technologies Managed Security Services Analyse & Plan Design Implement Manage Support Compliance Consulting Disaster Recovery Web intelligence – utilizzo di MSS - Managed Security Services Security Infrastructure Security Operation Center & CERT Device Monitoring Device Management Incident Handling Threat Management Malware Analysis Penetration Test Forensic Analysis

9 Cyber Security - Main Customers
Military (NATO and National) Central and Local Government National Security Agencies Law Enforcement Health Care Telecommunications Transportation & Utilities Large Enterprises Banks and Insurances



12 ANWI Active NetWork Infrastructure
Selex ES, main partner of Lockheed Martin, is responsible for: Security Accreditation Testing Management Consultancy services on Cross-Domain Gateways Secure Communication Services

13 Cyber Security for the Italian Defence
CERT for the Italian Army Planning and Implementation of an Integrated Security Monitoring System for the supervision of the Army Network through a Command Center. Italian Navy SOC Planning and Implementation of an Integrated Security Monitoring System for the supervision of the Navy Network. Operation Center for the Italian MoD Operation Service for the SOC and CERT Cyber Defence Capabilities Program for the Italian MoD Planning and Implementation of a Cyber Defence Capabilitiy (CDC) through a Data Fusion System (Data Integration & Correlation) and a Command Center.

14 Cyber Space - The Fifth Domain
Source: ADD 3-12 “ CYBERSPACE OPERATIONS” All missions (Air, Land, Maritime, Space, C4ISR) depend on the Cyber Domain The Cyber Domain can be contested and/or denied Complexity and Interdependency are growing © Copyright Selex ES S.p.A 2014 All rights reserved

15 Full spectrum dominance
No one of the four domains can be controlled if Cyberspace is not. Cyberspace pervades all the other military domains and must be considered the essential key to achieve the full spectrum dominance Land Sea Cyberspace © Copyright Selex ES S.p.A 2014 All rights reserved C4ISR Air Space

16 © Copyright Selex ES S.p.A 2014 All rights reserved
Intelligence Intelligence is the main capability necessary to control the Five military Domains. Strategic Intelligence Operational Intelligence Tactical Intelligence © Copyright Selex ES S.p.A 2014 All rights reserved Military intelligence diagram of defense positions during the Battle of Okinawa, 1945

17 Fifth Domain Intelligence = Cyber Intelligence
Tactical Intelligence Advanced detection Compliance Monitoring & reporting Operational Intelligence (SOC/CIRT)(*) Centralized management Response Coordination Analysis Continuity plan Recovery plan Service resiliency  Strategic Intelligence Social & political dynamics Security trends Predictive analysis Early warning Manage Incidents © Copyright Selex ES All rights reserved Prevent actions and physical threats (*) Security Operation Centre & Computer Incident Response Team

18 Cyber Warfare Physical Networks Logical Wireless e.g. Social Networks
Electromagnetic Spectrum Digital Data Force Protection Electronic Protection Data Influence Physical Activity Computer Activity Electromagnetic Spectrum Influence Activity Logical Wireless Infrastructure Cyber User/ Organization Asset / Organization Protection Intelligence e.g. Social Networks ANTICIPATE: Respond to attacks before they occur REACT: Investigate who did what to whom DEPLOY: Intelligence that deploys early warning systems DETECT: Observe attacks and intrusions DEFEND: Secure physical and logical assets © Copyright Selex ES S.p.A 2014 All rights reserved

19 Situational Awareness and Early Warning capabilities are a priority
1.400 It’s the average number of relevat attacks experienced by an organization within a week 35% Are the attacks that exploit code vulnerabilities 88% It’s the share of company’s software that presents vulnerabilities There is public information that is available on the internet …but a lot of it cannot be accessible through the traditional web search engines… …or we don’t even look for it, because we ignore that it even exists.

20 Cyber Intelligence - XASMOS
Selex ES XASMOS platform is based on a High Performance Computer, specialized in high speed processing of massive information on the internet. Defines problem oriented analysis to support the intelligence process Applies different mathematical algorithms and vertical applications to generate actionable intelligence Provides timely reports and suggests immediate actions for remediation Indexed Web Dark Web Deep Web

21 High Perfomance Computer
High-Performance Computing +310 TFlops High Perfomance Computer Italian Technolgy - Eurotech Aurora High level Integration Liquid cooled – unique technology “Free Cooling” technology with low power consumption Solid State Storage

22 Open Source Intelligence Services
Cyber Attack Identification & Prediction Identifies next target of Hackers, Hacktivist, etc. Identifies potential leaks/availability of information on the web Identifies attackers’ activities during the early stages prior to an attack; Early Warning and Vulnerability Identification Analyses the information within social networks and from millions of sources, identifying anomalies related to new vulnerabilities; Provides the Analyst Team with alerts on threats that the Security Vendor community does not yet manage. © Selex ES S.p.A. – All rights reserved

23 Predictive Analysis – a real example
Attack against an Italian Government Agency, by Anonymous, foreseen 48 hours before initiated Descrivere la soluzione integrata di prodotti/servizi dedicata alla previsione ed alla gestione degli scenari di minaccia: Metodologia e processo di analisi (modello AgId); Piattaforme tecnologiche di supporto (centro di calcolo e server on site per la valutazione degli scenari di minaccia); Esposizione degli output significativi prodotti nel corso del test “Lampedusa” svolto dal centro di calcolo; Descrizione del processo di gestione degli scenari di minaccia (Bollettino di alert e valutazioni di temibilità, analisi del rischio sistemico, implementazione delle misure compensative in funzione della finestra temporale di imminenza; auto correzione dei parametri valutativi e delle soglie di allarme). © Selex ES S.p.A. – All rights reserved

24 Thank you for your attention
Aldo Pietro Paggi Vice President International Technical Sales Support

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