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Eurofilms Extrusion Ltd Hortonpark Industrial Estate, Hortonwood 7,Telford, TF1 7XY, UK Tel : +44 (0) 1952 60 66 33 | Fax : +44 (0) 01952 60 66 35 | E.

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1 Eurofilms Extrusion Ltd Hortonpark Industrial Estate, Hortonwood 7,Telford, TF1 7XY, UK Tel : +44 (0) 1952 60 66 33 | Fax : +44 (0) 01952 60 66 35 | E : | W:

2 We are here Telford is the ideal base and offers excellent transport links for all UK and mainland European customers. Our modern bespoke 25,000 sq. mtr extrusion and warehouse facility in Telford (UK) operates 24 /7. We offer a seamless & integrated supply chain partner for all our customers. TELFORD

3 Eurofilms Extrusion Ltd, is the UK's largest independent manufacturer of pallet wrap stretch film and collation shrink film. Based in Telford, Shropshire (UK) the centre of the UK's plastic processing Industry, our purpose built state of the art facility contains the latest film extrusion lines and technologically advanced rewind systems. Our continuous investment in product development and ever expanding production capacity means that we are forefront of the latest film developments, ensuring our customers are always benefiting from packaging cost efficiencies. The largest manufacturer of Euro-Lite pre stretch film in Europe, our continuous investment policy signifies our commitment to supporting our very important customer base.

4 UK manufacturer

5 Warehouse/logistics

6 Our customers some of our many customers - we have over 1200 active customers within the UK and mainland Europe. And we continue to grow.

7 Customer satisfaction survey Requirements from a film supplier Perception of Eurofilms

8 Eurofilms performance

9 Export Territories Germany France Spain Netherlands Our commitment to growth has seen a rapid expansion into mainland European markets.

10 Our Products

11 Stretch film / Pallet wrap The UK’s no1 Independent Manufacturer of Stretch Film / Pallet Wrap CAST hand / machine BLOWN hand / machine PRE STRETCH hand / machine The largest manufacturer of Euro-Lite pre stretch film in Europe

12 Stretch film / Pallet wrap INDUSTRY TYPE Agricultural Automobile & parts Beverages Chemicals & toxins Construction & materials Food & drug retailers Food producers & manufacturers General retailers Household goods Merchant Other Packaging Paper, publishing & printing Supermarkets Transport & Distribution

13 Collation Shrink Film Our range of highly advanced shrink film products draw on the latest available polymer technology. Available in mono and COEX film types, we are able to offer some really “exceptional value engineered solutions” to maximise yields, and ultimately reduced costs while not comprising the final presentation of your goods.

14 Covers and sheets We also produce a wide range of pallet covers, and top/bottom sheets for protecting palletised loads. These products can be supplied clear or coloured, perforated on a roll, single, centre folded, gusseted or perforated. LDPE Base Sheet Singles + POR (perforated on the reel) LDPE Top Sheets Singles + POR (perforated on the reel) Gusseted Shrink Pallet Covers Singles + POR (perforated on the reel) Gusseted Non-Shrink Pallet Covers Singles + POR (perforated on the reel) Centrefold Shrink Pallet Covers Singles + POR (perforated on the reel) Centrefold Non-Shrink Pallet Covers Singles + POR (perforated on the reel)

15 Bags and Sacks Multiwall (or multi-wall) paper sacks or shipping sacks, are often used as shipping containers for bulk materials as fertilizer, animal feed, sand, dry chemicals, flour and cement. There are many different types of sack available. There are two basic design of bags: open mouth bags and valve bags. Open mouth bag is a tube of paper plies with only one bottom end sealed by the paper sack producer. The bag is filled though the open mouth and then closed by stitching, adhesive, or tape. Valve sacks have both bottom ends closed and are filled through a valve. Gusseted Bags are bags that have expandable sides or bottom, which permit more fill able space and when the bags are opened ideal for packing bulk items. LDPE Gusseted Bags Printed + Unprinted Multiwall Paper SacksOpen Mouth, Block Bottom, Valve

16 PE Form Fill Seal Auto Packing Film Co-extruded Form Fill Seal (FFS) PE films for a wide of products including packing food stuffs, compounds, polymers, granules & powders. Form Fill Seal (FFS) machines are packaging machines that form fill and seal a package on the same machine. The main types are vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machines. Length Per your requirements Width 40 – 120 cm Thickness 40 – 290 microns Printing Colours Up to 4 Colours Per your requirements Core Inner Diameter 76 – 152mm

17 Product developments

18 Is your company missing out on huge packaging & environmental cost savings? If you’re not using Eurolite Coreless to wrap your pallets - you should be... Join the many companies that have already switched to our Eurolite Coreless stretch film and are reaping the huge cost saving rewards. Key advantages of our CORELESS film option: Overall product weight reduction – health and safety “in use” benefits. Environmental advantages due to no cores being used. No additional storage costs for used cores. No disposal costs for used cores. Simple and easy to use with a reusable applicator. Lighter product to use resulting in quicker wrapping of pallets.

19 Our range of Euro-lite products now includes a new Euro-lite PLUS film. This film incorporates the latest resin technology, to offer a true one side cling, while maintaining the same characteristics and benefits of our tremendously successful Euro-lite hand and machine film. Hand Core & coreless Machine Core & coreless

20 We have recently introduced improved performance 10, 12 & 15 micron machine “high yield” cast stretch films, a new thinner Euro-lite 7 micron pre-stretch pallet wrap and a new Eshrink coex collation shrink product range.

21 Product development initiatives New product development initiatives : Gathering information

22 Value Engineered Service We are committed to ensuring our customers are fully satisfied with our products and service. We continually invest in our manufacturing base and review our customer requirements regularly. Our value engineered product solutions assist our customers in maximising their packaging spends. Our packaging audit service clearly identifies cost saving opportunities. Initiatives to meet health and safety requirements

23 European Legislation : EN12195-1 European Legislation on the movement of goods in transit is important to all our customers and anyone who is shipping pallets should take note. EN12195-1 - European Best Practice on Cargo Securing for Road Transport Compliance Optimise the stretch film in use for your products, pallet configuration and pallet wrapping equipment. Pallet wrapping training certificates to ensure operator standards. Define a process and procedure for best wrapping practice and issue bespoke guidelines. Offer site audit reports on our film suggestions with a comparison to current usage. Issue financial models showing the cost savings through value engineered solutions. Continuous product development and improvement Specialist field sales team with multi industry experience. ESTL certificate of shape stability

24 Corporate image

25 Marketing Activity Email Campaigns www.eurofilms.comYou Tube Channel

26 Accreditations Major achievement to gain BRC accreditation… It's our business so we take it seriously

27 Eurofilms TV offers an exclusive insight into our business.

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