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Rate Day June 10, 2014. Consolidated Technology Services Established by SB 5931 2011 First Special Session, RCW 43.105.006 “To ensure maximum benefit.

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1 Rate Day June 10, 2014

2 Consolidated Technology Services Established by SB 5931 2011 First Special Session, RCW 43.105.006 “To ensure maximum benefit to the state, state agencies shall rely on the consolidated technology services agency for those services with a business case of broad use, uniformity, scalability, and price sensitivity to aggregation and volume.”

3 CTS is a Proprietary Agency  Non-appropriated  Fund 419-6  Mostly fee-for-service revenue: $95.9 Million annually  Allocated revenue supporting IT security and debt service on the state data center: $24.6 Million annually Revenue of $120.5 million annually Expenditures of $129.1 million annually 285 Budgeted FTE


5 Central Services Model CTS receives funding through the Model for four items: 1.Secure File Transfer allows for data to be transferred securely between any two online locations. The allocation is based on a base charge per agency of $250 per month plus $0.32 per FTE per month for agencies with 50 or more FTEs 2.Enterprise Security Services (Security Infrastructure) protect the state computer network from cyber threats like hackers and viruses. All agencies on the SGN and IGN are covered. The allocation is based on a $2,000 base fee for agencies with 50 or more FTEs plus a $10.53 per FTE fee

6 Central Services Model 3. Security Gateways allows agencies to make their State Governmental Network (SGN)/Intergovernmental Network (IGN) web services available to the internet in a secure and reliable manner. The base allocation for agencies with 50 or more FTEs is $1,500 plus $1.56 per FTE per month plus $145.34 per application per month. 4. Debt Service on the State Data Center. Thank you very much. CTS is not proposing a change to these in the 2015-17 Biennium.

7 New or Changed Rates Several CTS services have new, enhanced functionality and the rates are changing to reflect these improvements  Email Bundle Includes Email 2010 migration to 2013, secure services email and, Lync which supports instant messaging, web conferencing, video conferencing, application and desktop sharing, presence awareness and, mobility. Lync is integrated with Email. Increase of $0.90 per mailbox per month  Identity Management Increase of $0.xx per budgeted FTE per month to include Enterprise Active Directory, Active Directory Federated Services and, Forefront Identity Manager (necessary for automating Office 365 license authorization). FIM integrates with EAD and Exchange Server to provide identity synchronization, certificate management, user password resets and, user provisioning from a single interface.

8 New or Changed Rates  Telephony Decrease in per minute charges due to migration from SCAN to Switched Long Distance. The total cost of SCAN/Long Distance calls has decreased 32.8% across the state since FY 2012. Charges are no longer classed according to in-state or out-of-state but, are based on customers having a dedicated connection or a switched connection. – Dedicated connections are for customers that have at least 10,000 minutes of long distance calling per month. The customer pays for a dedicated circuit from the long distance carrier to their PBX or key system. – Switched connections are for customers with low to moderate long distance use. The customer pays for use of existing local trunks that connect their site to the public switched telephone network to access the long distance carrier.

9 State Data Center – RCW 43.41A.150 states (1) Except as provided by subsection (2) of this section, state agencies shall locate all existing and new servers in the state data center. (2) Agencies with a service requirement the requires servers to be located outside the state data center must receive a waiver from the office…(OCIO) (3) The office, in consultation with the office of financial management, shall continue to develop the business plan and migration schedule for moving all state agencies into the state data center.

10 State Data Center Two ways to be present in the SDC  Hosted Services-CTS provides platform and infrastructure: servers and networks for customers to run and maintain their own applications.  Colocation-CTS provides space, power, cooling, network connectivity, physical and network security for the server, storage, and networking equipment of CTS customers.

11 SDC Colocation Current Biennium (FY 13 – 15) - Thru June of 2015 CategoryService Description Current Customer Rate (Existing A la Carte Customers) New Customer Rate FacilitiesBase Full Enclosure (5KW)Current Rate $1000 per 42 RU enclosure per month @5KW $500 per 2.5KW increase up to a maximum of 12.5 KW Base Half Enclosure (2.5KW) – 24” Server enclosures only** Current rate $650 per 21 RU maximum per month @2.5KW Telecommunication Services 10Mb/100Mb/1Gb Connection$125 per port per month 10Gb Connection$1,000 per port per month Management Interface$25 per port per month SFP (2 SFPs per segment) Per Quote. Cost is variable depending on interface type 1-Time Installation Charge$200 per port Computer ServicesServer Monitoring$125 per server per month ** Available to customers whose IT equipment installation needs don’t require a full enclosure. Limit, one half enclosure per customer.

12 Potential Changes to Central Services Model CTS and OFM are in preliminary stages of conversation regarding how some services are delivered and invoiced. The most significant potential change involves the state networks.  ESSB 5891 required CTS to “review and assess the current state telecommunications and information services network model of the executive branch with the objective of agency network consolidation into CTS. This assessment must include a review of cost management…regulatory issues…and a migration strategy…”  Report was submitted to the legislature in January, 2014.  CTS will reach out to customers for collaboration.

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