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Gilead Sciences, Inc. NASDAQ: GILD Vivek VinayakPatrick Leake.

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1 Gilead Sciences, Inc. NASDAQ: GILD Vivek VinayakPatrick Leake

2 Company Background Research-based pharmaceutical company Primary focus in HIV/AIDS, liver diseases, respiratory and cardiovascular, and cancer 16 products (6 HIV, 2 Liver, 3 Cardiovascular, 2 Respiratory, 3 Other)

3 Company Background $9.7bn revenue, ⅔ from HIV products $4.2bn EBITDA, 43% margin 17% revenue growth over past year Street estimates ~40% revenue growth 2014 due to release of products for HCV oral treatment

4 Investment Thesis Strong track record Several recent acquisitions will come into fruition o Pharmasset acquired in 2011 for $11bn Current leader in Hepatitis C drugs o Forefront of innovation Strong product pipeline focusing on HCV, HIV, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders

5 Catalysts U.S. launch of Sovaldi drug was a success o Approved on December 6, 2013 o December sales totaled $136mi o Sales estimated to top $2.4bn o Filing for approval in Europe before the end of the quarter Recently filed for approval of their once-daily fixed-dose drug for HCV treatment o Combination of ledipasvir (LDV) and sofosbuvir (SOF) o FDA has assigned LDV/SOF a “Breakthrough Therapy” designation o Sales expected to exceed $7bn/yr

6 Intrinsic Valuation - DCF


8 Sensitivity

9 Relative Valuation

10 Relative Valuation - Implied Price/Share

11 Investment Risks Primary competition from AbbVie (NYSE: ABBV) o Also working on fixed dose combination drug Approximately 45% of product sales occur outside the U.S. o Earnings can be negatively affected by currency fluctuations Healthcare reform (340B Drug Pricing Program) o Rebate amount owed to Medicaid increased by 8% o Required to provide a 50% discount on products sold to patients enrolled in Medicare Part D

12 Obligatory Bloomberg Plug For Thomas

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