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Bucharest Workshop, November 2012

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2 Bucharest Workshop, 20-21 November 2012
RECRUITMENT POSSIBILITIES AT CERN Bucharest Workshop, November 2012 Ingrid Haug, HR Department, CERN

3 Agenda Overview STAFF employment Fellowship Programme
Student Programmes Summer Students Technical Students Doctoral Students Admin. Students Statistics for Romania

4 I. OVERVIEW Who works at CERN ? STAFF ~ 2300 Fellows ~ 500 Students
Recruited from our Member States, paid by CERN with limited duration or indefinite contracts. Fellows ~ 500 recent graduates in physics and engineering, normally staying two years. Students ~ 600 Come for a practical training assignment, write their Diploma or PhD thesis at CERN. Associates ~ 220 Scientific and Corresponding Associates: senior scientists coming on leave of absence. Project Associates: Physicists, engineers and technicians sent by their home institutes for periods of up to 3 years. USERs ~ Sent by their universities to „use“ the CERN facilities > 80 Nationalities und > 600 Univ. and Institutes. Who works at CERN ?

5 II. STAFF Employment JOBS at CERN
Opportunities for Engineers, Technicians, Administrative personnel ~200 positions/year EMPLOYED MEMBERS OF PERSONNEL RECRUITED FROM OUR 20 MEMBER STATES Eligibility : > from apprenticeship to PhD Selection : > vacancies published on the WEB Features : - Maximum 5 year contract - competitive salaries incl. social benefits - training possibilities (language courses, technical training) - help with integration: housing service, social service The scientific and technical STAFF design and build the laboratory’s technological infrastructure and ensure its operation. They also help to prepare, run and analyze the scientific experiments. Fields: Not only physicists, engineers, computer scientists but also technicians, technical engineers as well as administrators and assistants Activities: ranging through the phases of Research and Development, Design, Production, Operation and Maintenance

6 II. STAFF Employment Examples of professions at CERN
Electronics Engineer Information Officer Administrative Assistant Technical Engineer (Electronics) Computing Engineer Lawyer Firefighter Machine Operator Vacuum Technician Radioprotection Engineer Translator Physicist

II. STAFF Employment Careers website

8 II. STAFF Employment Application process
Acknowledgement of receipt Upload your CV and Diplomas Positions are published between 4 – 6 weeks

9 II. STAFF Employment Recruitment process
Long list Short list Select Hire There are several steps involved in the recruitment process, schematised above (typical timelines). From the end of publication date, the process can take up to 8 weeks before an interview is held, and after interview, a further 2-3 weeks before a final decision is made. Regarding applications to ‘skills always in demand’, these are posts open all year round for spontaneous applications by sector of activity. By applying here, you allow CERN to consider your application for any position it considers relevant with respect to your profile. However, it is not an application for a specific position, nor a guarantee that you will automatically be considered for posts suited to your profile. We therefore encourage you to file an application for specific job opportunities. Please ensure you update your profile with any relevant information regularly.

10 II. STAFF Employment Be at the forefront of technology and physics
What do I get? Be at the forefront of technology and physics Collaborate with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, without political or religious barriers Follow experts in their technical domain Be part of a dynamic environment with training opportunities Make valuable and long-lasting contacts from all over Europe Learn languages: CERN is a bi-lingual organization (English and French) Attractive remuneration package

11 III. Fellowship Programme
For recent graduates who would like to spend 2-3 years in a world renowned center of scientific excellence at the forefront of technology ~220 positions/year Fields Physics (incl. Theory and Particle Physics), engineering, computing Length Usually 2 years (max 3) Eligibility BSc, MSc or PhD (max 10yrs experience) Features Employment Contract Career Development Programme Project with a CERN supervisor Application & Selection 2 Committees : May & November “An ideal place to follow the most recent ideas in physics and start new collaborations” To mention: Marie Curie Fellowships: funded by the European Commission under the Framework programmes. Goal: training of scientisits.

12 III. Fellowship Programme
Application Eligibility Experience Discipline Nationality Candidate e-recruitment Completed application HR Depts Referees

13 III. Fellowship Programme
Selection Folders go to Departments via Representatives Requests submitted to Representatives Pre-meeting to resolve conflicts and ensure budget respected Selection Committee: Takes selection decisions Ensure fairness & transparency across departments Ensure excellence Raise & decide on Policy issues 1975 Fellows Selection Committee in Salle B

14 III. Fellowship Programme
By Discipline

15 III. Fellowship Programme
By discipline Free choice

16 Marie Curie Actions at CERN
Unparalleled funding and training – building on successes of CERN Fellow years & training opportunities in addition to central budget Funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programmes FP6 : CERN recruited 105 researchers FP7 : CERN will have recruited over 100 researchers from end-2008 to mid-2012 Projects currently in physics, engineering, hadron therapy Exciting training opportunities at CERN for researchers for 2 to 3 years Initial Training Networks → 3-year Fellow posts open now! Individual Fellowships → Post-Docs apply to European Commission with CERN supervisor – COFUND : funding for the CERN Fellowship Programme Advantages of Marie Curie Actions : excellent research & training conditions CERN Fellow employment contract

17 IV. Student Programmes Summer Students 2011

18 Summer Student Programme
Participate in the day to day life of a research team and follow lectures. ~200 positions/year Fields physics (incl. particle physics) =2/3 of students engineering, computing Length 8 to 13 weeks, during the summer Eligibility 3 years of full-time studies at university level Features high-quality lecture programme visits and workshops living allowance accommodation at the CERN hostel Application & Selection Deadline January. Web selection by the supervisors, Offers in March “Can’t imagine a better way to spend my summer” Over 6000 young scientists have benefitted to date...

19 Summer Student Programme
Selection Process Applications (Oct-Jan) Pre-Selection Consultation & Selection Contract Offers Arrival / Induction SSLP & Project Work Departure Lectures & Workshops Lectures 6 weeks 31 lecturers, leaders in their field 29 different subjects, 300 students Workshops 7 areas Very popular registration on web

20 Summer Student Programme
and…. Visits – of CERN facilities SM18 & ATLAS LINAC & Computing Centre Student Sessions in the Globe 30 presentations, full capacity. Videos on CDS Social Programme organized by students Dance classes (salsa, tango, valse, rock…) Parties Other activities (chess tournament, football tournament) Talent Show !

21 Technical Student Programme
For students looking for a practical training assignment or who would like to write their bachelor or masters thesis at CERN ~140 positions / year Fields Computing (50% of the students) Engineering physics (excl. theory and particle physics) Length 4 to 14 months for technical students Eligibility 18 months of technical undergraduate studies Features a technical project with a CERN supervisor a living allowance Application & Selection 2 Committees : April & November “It’s a great place to start a career, it’s a great place to learn new skills, make new friends…”

22 Doctoral Student Programme
For students who would like to spend 3 years at CERN to work on their thesis ~60 positions/year Fields physics (excl. theory and particle physics) engineering, computing Length 3 years Eligibility enrolled on a doctoral programme in a Member State university Features a PhD thesis project with a CERN supervisor & university supervisor a living allowance Application & Selection 2 Committees : April & November “Gave me the opportunity to meet important people, especially in the research fields”

23 Technical and Doctoral Student Programmes
Discipline: Technical Students

24 Admin. Student Programme
For students who would like to spend 2-12 months at CERN ~40 positions/year Fields Administrative fields: HR, Finance, Translation, Communication, Advanced secretarial work, legal, purchasing, logistics Length 2-12 months Eligibility 18 months of technical undergraduate studies Features a admin. project with a CERN supervisor a living allowance Application & Selection 2 Committees : April & November “An ideal place to get practical experience in your field, building invaluable knowledge”

25 V. STATISTICS for Romania
Fellows Staff Students Associates Users Headcount 12 10 7 11 127 % 2.4% 0.5% 4.6% Romania very well represented with excellent returns! October 2012 FELLOWS: 9 Computing 1 Applied Physics fellow 2 Administrative Fellows (1 in KT) STAFF: 6 Computing 1 Mechanics 1 wire bonding specialist 1 Applied Physics 1 Senior Chemist 4 new Romanian Staff hires in 2012! STUDENTS: 6 Computing students 1 Admin. student Summer Students 2012: 2 students but 6 with Romanian citizenship

26 Website Recruitment Traffic
Applications from Romania represent between 1% and 2% of applicants at CERN

27 Applicant Sources Majority of Applicants coming from
University of Bucharest Polytechnic University of Bucharest Often with 2nd degree from an MS Universities (NL, UK, FR, DE) Majority of Romanian users attached to : Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering ISS - Institute for Space Sciences As well as numerous affiliations with other universities

28 Find us ! Facebook Twitter Youtube

29 Equipping the next generation of scientists and engineers.
CERN OFFERS A multitude of first class training opportunities in a high-tech, multicultural environment Providing essential & world-class recognised capabilities for capacity building Equipping the next generation of scientists and engineers.


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